View Full Version : Key repeat slow and only 2 times

September 12th, 2006, 06:32 PM
I'm trying to make Girder to generate an event continuously while I hold a key on my remote (rewind/fast forward in MyTheatre app), but had no luck so far.
After turning on "Generate Repeat/Release" and "Override Device Typematic Settings" in the Event Mapping Editor, the only thing I get is two blinks in girder (2 in 1 sec), and that's it.
Adjusting the "Repeat Frequency Limit" doesn't help, but my USB-UIRT receiver blinks continuosly while I hold the button (~5-10 times a second).
When I hold a keyboard key MyTheatre responds properly.

My set-up: MX-700 Universal remote, USB-UIRT, Girder, XP Pro on Athlon 64 x2

The questions:
1) How can I make Girder repeat an event (keyboard) until I release the button on the remote?
2) Can Girder be configured to repeat the event with faster frequency?

Please help!