View Full Version : Sony PS3 bluetooth remote

November 21st, 2007, 09:07 AM

Is it possible to get Sony PS3 remote working with girder and how ?

I pair it succesfully (by the way, on remote start+enter to activate discoverable mode, no code) with my PC (widcomm stack)

But no event. As far I understand this remote is an HID device and keyboard (keyboard.dll v4.0) plugins should handle the event but nothing. I try with HID plugin (girhid.dll v1.0) without success.

This remote is show as "HID compliant game controller" in windows device manager, Human Interface device group and as "Sony Computer Entairtainment incDB Remote Control (Serial=00 ... !can't read more!" in girder HID plugin

so HID plugin see it but don't send event.

As far I understand in Edit OnRead the default script should transmit all event ? I check the box "enabled" but still nothing.

Nota: it's work with "EventGhost" and HID driver

thank for any help.