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November 1st, 2004, 07:50 PM
I'm new with NetRemote, so please forgive me if this question has popped up before. I did a search of the forums, and couldn't find anything that matched.

I'm running NetRemote Pro ( (and actually paid for it) driving girder which is driving a USB-UIRT. I created a ccf using Tonto and have that running, controlling everything just fine. I'm using an HP IPAQ 4700 as my remote, and that interface is working fine as well.

So, I noticed that my network traffic is "going crazy", even when I'm not actively using the remote. This is occurring with the IPAQ sitting in the docking station charging with the WiFi on, but not actively doing anything. If I turn off the IPAQ, the network activity stops. If I leave the IPAQ on, and stop the NetRemote program on the IPAQ, the network activity stops. I'm pretty darn sure that it is NetRemote on the IPAQ generating the traffic.

I looked at the network traffic, and I can see that it is definitely going back and forth between between the IPAQ and the machine running Girder. It looks like the traffic is between port 1096 on the Girder machine and 5900 on the IPAQ. I thought that was weird, as I thought that Girder was supposed to be running on port 1024. It looks like most of the packet lengths are abou 60, with some in the 200s.

Any ideas where the network traffic is coming from?



November 1st, 2004, 07:52 PM
eeek - sorry for the noise. Posted to the wrong forum.

-total newbie