The only thing I'm missing, and I'm being a *real* bitch here, is the option of uploading files. Is it not available in phpBB 2.0.0, or did you choose to disable it out of fear of people sending in malicious files?
You could possibly limit the uploaded files to only .GMLs, but people can still probably create destructive .GML files.

The thing is, just the other day I wanted to start a new thread, reffering everyone to a new .GML file. I didn't want to send you [Ron] the .GML file for you to upload into one of Girder's pages because it's not intended to be there, just something DVDSpy related. And because of the lack of an upload file feature, I had to find some other free-webspace slack-job like Geocities :-? :x :-? to do that.