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Thread: ACPI in Win2K

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    Here is a link that has some good infor on Keyboard scan codes.
    The SLEEP key is 05Fh (it's on the list near the bottom)


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    Ron, I think your discussion boards are having an issue... That last message didn't seem to come in.

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    Any luck on adding the sleep key to the keyboard action list?

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    If by function, you mean API function, I didn't use any. Before I found Girder, I was using the Keyspan Remote. The software it came with allowed the user to send the actual keycode (i.e. Hex value) of a key. That is how I got it to work in the past.

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    I specifically disabled ACPI on my Win2k machine because Win2k has the affinity to share as many IRQ's as it can on IRQ 9...and the kitchen sink. Before I disabled ACPI, Win2k has shared 8 devices on IRQ 9!!!

    There was a significant improvement in both performance and reliability in all my devices that were shared on 9.

    ...just my 2 cents worth...

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    Well, I'm one of those "nuts" who is using a PC with a 36" monitor for his main TV... I don't want to have to wait for 2 min while my TV boots up. I have run into some other issues with STANDBY, though, and have now decided to use Hibernate instead (only 1 min wait to "boot"). Anyone have an easy way for me to control this via Girder?

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