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Thread: EventBlocker description?

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    Is there any brief explanation of the EventBlocker plugin anywhere? I could have sworn I read a post somewhere on AVS where this plugin was developed for people with IR keyboards, who want to catch keystrokes and respond to them, but don't want those keystrokes to be sent to any app. I can't find that post anymore, and the Help for Girder does not list this plugin.

    Oh, now I remember, I think there was some dummy app which got the focus, and it either caught or passed-through the keystrokes? Is that what the 'Executable Name' is in the Settings for EventBlocker?

    Any description would be greatly appreciated, and maybe it should be added to the Girder help file as well.



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    Hi Mike,

    I didn't add this because it would only confuse most people even more and I'm not happy with the plugin. I think there are some(a lot) posts about it on the "Egroups", the former Girder archive.

    Girder Egroup

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    Thanks! Specifically, here's the link to where you explain how to use it:

    Although I believe in 3.0.19, you don't have to put the path of the executable, even under WinME - see -
    * Eventblocker now also only uses the filename without the
    path. So cinemaster should now work for Laurent.

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