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    at this time many device appear after pda like smart phone or mobile phone.
    promixis let us control home automation using acces to girder using html control in a web browser instead netremote ! Does it mean netremote ll be dissapear in the future if many device have a html renderer ( mean opera )? .
    Think there also another alternative like flash and silverligth and java gui !
    people have to be aware of wich technology choice have been made by home automation software and the way tool let us do something very easely. Easely could by achieve by well documention and tool and by use new paradigm to interact with environnement ( voice is one of them and implemented in most phone !!!).

    reinvent the wheel like use it own implementation rule of http server don't seem to be the good way to follow ( all automation tool go there) .
    lua have it own web server implementation ...... Does use this lua implementation is sweet than the limited version of IIS on window OS . xp pro version include IIS 5.1 and vista include IIS 7.1 version. Read vista Home Premium requires a manual install of IIS and vista Business, Ultimate or Enterprise workstation have by default Web, FTP and Front Page Extensions . Read that Windows Vista actually include IIS because it’s required for some of the functionality of the Windows Communication Framework (WCF), but Windows Vista Home and Windows Vista Professional have many common IIS features removed. internet is use nowoday for voip over gprs connection instead gsm ......

    IIS and xp vista version
    install IIS on vista
    itune accessible from http using wpf/silverligth API

    best regard's
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