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Thread: Native Android control client

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    If snap-to-grid is implemented, I hope that we will be able to choose the resolution of the grid.
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    Hi Luke,

    Is there an easy way to browse or import images in bulk that reside on the server\buttons directory? I can see you can add individually via URL, but obviously rather painful to add each image individually. I also see an 'Imported' option under the select image area - if this is the best way to do it, how do I go about importing images?



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    Something a little weird going on here Luke with on device parameter editing. I'm just messing around with a basic button. The button has a 'default' state that has a custom image, send even into Girder and then changes button state to 'CoffeeMachineOn' (a custom state I created for button). The 'CoffeeMachineOn' state has all the same parameters except a different image, different send even into Girder and a change button state back to 'default'. For some strange reason this is the code it generates in XML. On press in the 'CoffeeMachineOn' state (i.e. to turn the coffee machine off) it sends two commands in quick succession into Girder rather than just the one to turn the coffee machine off. Only one event shows in the on device editor and all looks OK there. Make sense?

              <Button id="red" margins="15,15,15,15" alignParentVCenter="true" alignRightOf="btngrp_timewidget" allowSkinning="true" states="CoffeeMachineOn">
                <Parameter name="labelcolor" state="coffeemachineon">ffffffff</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelsize" state="coffeemachineon" action="display,release">23</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelsize" state="coffeemachineon" action="touch">33</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelxoffset" state="coffeemachineon">-6</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelyoffset" state="coffeemachineon">-8</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelshadowradius" state="coffeemachineon">3</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelshadowxoffset" state="coffeemachineon">3</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelshadowyoffset" state="coffeemachineon">3</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelshadowcolor" state="coffeemachineon">ff000000</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="buttontintcolor" state="coffeemachineon" action="touch">FFFF3737</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="buttontintcolor" state="coffeemachineon" action="display,release">FFFFFFFF</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelstyle" state="coffeemachineon">bold</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labeltypeface" state="coffeemachineon">agency</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="vibratelength" state="coffeemachineon">50</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="playsound" state="coffeemachineon">pop</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="serviceusername" state="coffeemachineon" action="touch,heldstart,heldrepeat" />
                <Parameter name="servicepassword" state="coffeemachineon" action="touch,heldstart,heldrepeat" />
                <Parameter name="animation" state="coffeemachineon" action="display" />
                <Parameter name="imageurl" state="coffeemachineon">/buttons/export-109.png</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="serviceparams" state="coffeemachineon">device=4008,event=CoffeeMachineOnOff</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelcolor" state="CoffeeMachineOn">ffffffff</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelsize" state="CoffeeMachineOn" action="display,release">23</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelsize" state="CoffeeMachineOn" action="touch">33</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelxoffset" state="CoffeeMachineOn">-6</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelyoffset" state="CoffeeMachineOn">-8</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelshadowradius" state="CoffeeMachineOn">3</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelshadowxoffset" state="CoffeeMachineOn">3</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelshadowyoffset" state="CoffeeMachineOn">3</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelshadowcolor" state="CoffeeMachineOn">ff000000</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="buttontintcolor" state="CoffeeMachineOn" action="touch">FFFF3737</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="buttontintcolor" state="CoffeeMachineOn" action="display,release">FFFFFFFF</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labelstyle" state="CoffeeMachineOn">bold</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="labeltypeface" state="CoffeeMachineOn">agency</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="vibratelength" state="CoffeeMachineOn">50</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="playsound" state="CoffeeMachineOn">pop</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="serviceusername" state="CoffeeMachineOn" action="touch,heldstart,heldrepeat" />
                <Parameter name="servicepassword" state="CoffeeMachineOn" action="touch,heldstart,heldrepeat" />
                <Parameter name="animation" state="CoffeeMachineOn" action="display" />
                <Parameter name="imageurl" state="CoffeeMachineOn">/buttons/export-108.png</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="serviceparams" state="CoffeeMachineOn">device=4008,event=CoffeeMachineOff</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="changestate" state="CoffeeMachineOn">default</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="imageurl">/buttons/export-109.png</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="serviceparams">device=4008,event=CoffeeMachineOn</Parameter>
                <Parameter name="changestate">CoffeeMachineOn</Parameter>

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    I've been very absent from the forum but only cause Andre is working great for me and just haven't been doing much in the config. Future support for full TCP/IP communications may change that though. This will bring support for Globalcache and many other TCP/IP based tools. I hoping to get Andre to control Droidmote Server so it can be a remote to my Android tablets and GoogleTV too.

    Here are some screenshots that I am well over due to post. I have a tablet sized layout too that better utilizes the larger screen with some widgets too but it's not ready to be posted. Used a couple different live wallpapers for the screenshots. Obviously still shots don't do it justice. I really like the live wallpaper support!!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2012-05-30-11-59-12.jpg 
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ID:	6450Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2012-05-30-12-03-55.jpg 
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ID:	6455Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2012-05-30-11-59-51.jpg 
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ID:	6452Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2012-05-30-12-00-58.jpg 
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ID:	6453Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2012-05-30-12-01-39.jpg 
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ID:	6454

    At a glace it may seem like a very basic config but it's far from that. The input, output, and zone buttons all communication with girder so if you pick a zone it will change to the last input and output devices for that zone. When you pick a input device it will automatically change the output device to the last one to minimize touches.

    BTW: The wifi looking button in my Android navigation bar calls opens Andre so I always have immediate access to Andre from any app!

    Hope you like....
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    Quote Originally Posted by quixote View Post
    If snap-to-grid is implemented, I hope that we will be able to choose the resolution of the grid.
    Absolutely, I think the grid would be pointless without user-selectable spacing. Given that the grid would most likely just be a 'helper' that auto-sets absolute margins on Entities, you'd be able to adjust it any way you like, however once an entity is placed, it's position is fixed; e.g. if you place an item and then change the grid, the item won't relocate to snap to the new grid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yamy125 View Post
    Is there an easy way to browse or import images in bulk that reside on the server\buttons directory? I can see you can add individually via URL, but obviously rather painful to add each image individually. I also see an 'Imported' option under the select image area - if this is the best way to do it, how do I go about importing images?
    You can actually just dump images into the folder yourself, on the SD card: sdcard/Andre/images/local/

    If you're in the Image picker, you can select 'Local' from the drop-down and then tap Menu to get an 'import image' option, but that's still one at a time. I should see if I can enable multi-select (though it just launches the system image gallery so I don't know if I've got that kind of control).

    The 'Web' selection in the drop-down is meant to be exclusively for loading images from a server specifically, there's no real way to import multiple files. If you don't need to be loading images from the server, it's best to use the 'Local' storage option anyway since you'll always have the images on the device.

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    Thanks Luke. Seems it'll be easiest just to transfer them all to local device folder.

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    Just got at Samsung Galaxy S3, I get a lot of errors when I try to reload the layout. "Unexpected end of file ...", always different files from time to time.

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    Default Website still having problems...

    Finally decided to try Andre Pro, but I can't get the support files from your website. Looks like they made a mess with that exploit. Any way to get a base copy of the support files so I can start working with this great tool?


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    I have been experimenting with Unified Remote ( It allows for custom remote controls and also allows you to design custom remotes. If anyone can get it to communicate with Girder that would be great!

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