I just updated the xPLGirder plugin (created by Harleydude) with a number of message handlers that deal with RFXLAN messages.

So now finally there is some thorough support for RFXCOM devices in Girder. The RFXCOM guys developed a new firmware for their LAN device that communicates through xPL. Which made the interface so much easier.

Through the xPLGirder plugin there now is the full potential of using all RF equipment supported; oregon sensors, one-wire, X10, X10 security, loads of HomeEasy and compatible stuff, etc.

See this thread for xPLGirder (and some RFXLAN) stuff

For the USB versions there is also support for the transmitter RFXMITTER see this thread

Native RFXCOM support in Girder is also available, but rather limited, see the component manager.