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Thread: Video, remote keypad control.urgent help needed

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    peanut Guest

    Default Video, remote keypad control.urgent help needed

    Urgent help needed for project. willing to pay for solution.

    I need to play 6 short (1 minute) video clips in win media using 6 remote push button switches ie small keypad

    The PC I will use will need to boot up and load winmedia, or similar , automatically from power on without any operation input.It will be hidden remotely from the monitor and keypad.

    I intend to use a cut down version of Win95/9 with Win Media Player but I am open to suggestions if it would be achievable with alternative software.

    Users will be able to select one of 6 media files using a console keypad When the clip has finished users will be able to select another video clip at random.

    Can this be done with Girder? and can anyone out there who is really competant write the program and help with the other hardware and software?

    My deadline is 16th September to supply my client.
    If you think you can do this for me please email me with questions, detailed proposal and your price.
    many thanks to all respondees
    Peanut :roll:

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    Default Performing this task

    What you're asking is pretty simple so you should be able to do it yourself. Assuming you have no hardware then you need to get your keypage and a Receiver. There is a guy on the forums here who sells a UIIRT for pretty cheap, or you can pick up a generic one (I have a Packard Bell Fast Media remote control and while it has it's obvious disadvantages it was only 2 dollars). Then you need to get Girder. The programming is fairly easy and straightforward. Each of your buttons would issue a different command, which would then load each file appropriately. You can do this using Command Lines (i.e. Girder can automatically execute a program so you would run c:\winmedia.exe myfile.avi" and myfile.avi would then load up and play. Another alternative, since you might end up with many copies of winmedia running depending on what program you're using, is using messages/commands. Try to find an SDK for WinMedia and look up it's command lists. It should have an appropriate command to play the file that you need. I know this is completely incomplete, but I am writing a paper or I'd look up the info you need. But you should be able to do this, yourself, really simply using Girder.

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    peanut Guest


    Thanks for your prompt response Lukatmyshu
    The problem is I have neither the ability to do the job myself nor the time to learn. This must be up and running in 3 weeks time
    I am looking for an experienced girder user to do this for me for a price.No point in trying to learn myself if someone can do it in a fraction of the time and cost

    This is a commercial project so I expect to pay a reasonable rate.
    thanks once again

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    And Girder is FREE for PERSONAL USE. You need to contact RonB if you plan to use Girder for commercial gain.
    Mark F

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    peanut Guest


    Thanks mark I will

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