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    i am not completely new to girder and programming, but i just can't figure out how to use and to get the variables required for sendmessage.
    in old threads everyone refers to the variables as if they just know them or simply say use "WP_GET_WHATEVER".
    to start simple for an example: i want to get the caption of a button of a regular other program into a girder variable.
    now, where do i find the wparam, lparam. what is the message number? is this supposed to be a number or the "WP_GET_WHATEVER". do i need to find out a handle number, how ?
    I can't use the girder target finder, as the application never asks the button to state its caption.
    might there be a faq, help, or something for sendmessage ?

    help me, getting crazy bout this. :lol:

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    Hi Jimmy,

    The way we sometimes find a message number is by an educated guess about. To find the right message and numbers you'll need the Win32 API help. Its available on the web many times. ( can't find one right now :-?, I'll search a little more later ). It also comes with MSVC++ and many other packages.

    Say you want to know if a checkbutton is checked. After some searching in the Win32 SDK you'll find that you need BM_GETCHECK. Looking at WinUser.h you'll find that this is 0x00F0 (240 decimal). Both wParam and lParam must be 0 according to my SDK.

    The best way to find what message number to use is this, find CreateWindow in the Win32 SDK help file, scroll down. There you'll find a list with possible controls that you can create with CreateWindow. We are not interested in creating but how to control say a button, so click on "buttons". You are now in the part of the helpfile that talks about messages to buttons and stuff. This is a gold mine of information.

    Hope this helps.
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    hey, know i know what i have to look for. thanks a lot !


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