I want to control Girder on PC2 by another Girder on PC1. Connect from Girder on PC1 to PC2 works. But whatever I try, the captured "IR code" on PC2 after "Learn event" is always "TCPIP_connect". I don't get the string that I entered in the "setting" of the given command on PC1.
Thus whatever command I give on PC1 that have different settings, always "TCPIP_connect" is put through.

My next try on PC1 was the usage of tcpclient: I tried different strings in command, but I only see on PC2 the string "TCPIP_connect".

I suspect that I am misunderstanding a great deal of the concept of the TCP Plugin. E.g. should "command" in tcpclient be the name in the tree (what's initially "new")

I've installed the latest versions of Girder and the TCP Plugin (older versions make no difference).