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Thread: Universal remotes and TV cards

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    Default Universal remotes and TV cards


    I've been looking for information about this but can't seem to find it anywhere or if I can it seems vague and confsing. I think this is probably because it depends on your set up.

    I was thinking of buying a TV card with an ir reciever built in. I know it is possible to control certain models with a plug in (I was probably going to go for a Hauppauge or something). The thing is I wanted to use this with a universal remote. Would it be possible to use a universal remote for this set up. If it is could I only use the frequencys (are the frequencys in ir?) from the tv cars remote to control the computer or would I be able to use other frequencys. This would obviously extend the number of buttons I could use fi it could.

    If this is not possible, can other ir receivers work with universal remotes? Thanks.


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    Default I should think so

    I should think so as my friends remote (for his hauppage card) is picked up on my ira-2 reciever.

    Also, I use a 8 in 1 remote with my ira-2 (, so that's no problem.

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