Actions and Events

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A big part of Girder's power comes from the Action and Event model of configuration. Actions are things Girder can do. For example it can send an IR code, close a relay, or press a button on an application on your computer. These actions could turn a TV on/off ( IR codes ), open a door ( automatic door opener ) or control your PowerPoint presentation.


Events are things that can make an action trigger. For example: The doorbell rings (this is an event) or a motion detector, detects motion. Other events include events fired by the scheduler at certain times.


By themselves actions and events are pretty useless, but place them together and we have an incredibly flexible way of configuring automation. Take the motion sensor for example. Maybe you have a room that has a TV in it that you want to have come on automatically when you walk in.


Inside Girder you'll see an event arrive in the Logger Window. You can previously created an action that sends the power on signal to the TV. Now all you need to do is drag the event from the logger onto the newly created IR action! This teaches Girder that when the motion sensor is triggered it should send out the IR codes.