Changes from Girder 5

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Girder 6 is a rebuild from ground up. As such it's not compatible with the Girder 5 structure. In fact it's a major overhaul of the Girder architecture. This has allowed Girder to run as a service, be ported to many different Operating Systems, including Android, Mac, Linux and BlackBerry (iOS soon). Not all ports are publicly available but can be obtained upon special request.


GML differences

The GML tree looks very similar between Girder 5 and 6. In fact a lot of the actions are indeed the same. Some things have changed however. Any of the actions that deal with interacting with other Windows are now asynchronous. For example the Wait for Window action no longer blocks the Girder execution. You can safely use larger timeouts here. This however means that if your existing GML relies upon that wait to be synchronous things might not work as they did before.


Some actions are no longer available. If you encounter an action that is missing and you really need it, contact support.

Device Manager

The device manager code has been completely overhauled to be more like the PEAC device manager. Old code will not work.

Transport classes

The transport classes have been overhauled to be compatible with the PEAC classes. The code is similar in structure but you'll need to do a little work.


Girder 5 had the "DUI" (Dynamic User Interface) facilities to provide scripts with a way to create user interfaces. While it worked well enough for simple things it quickly broke down with more complex things. Girder 6 brings a new script plugin. This plugin allows you to write plugins for Girder 6 without a compiler! Just lua code for the backend (this is the part that interacts with the hardware) and javascript code for the front-end.


The webserver code has been redone to allow for websockets to be created. Compatibility functions exists in the namespace.


Sadly, none of the old plugins are supported by Girder 6.

Volume Controls

The volume actions have been changed to deal with the new Audio Subsystem of Windows and be more flexible in general.


Girder has the NetRemote replacement built-in. This no longer loads CCF files however.