Girder Command Line Options

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Girder uses command line options to determine how it will start up. The accepted options are:


tray, gui, inproc, host, password, port and secure.


Runs Girder in the tray on startup.


girder.exe --tray


The gui parameter will open a QML gui on startup. Combin e this with the tray parameter to have Girder start hidden with a gui of choice displayed.


girder.exe --gui=c:\test.qml


Inproc starts the Girder backend inside the front-end process. This is the way Girder 5 used to run. This allows Girder to run using only one process.


girder.exe --inproc


Sets the password to connect to the backend communications.


girder.exe --password=secret


Tells Girder to secure it's communications with SSL.


girder.exe --secure