Control mouse from remote

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This tutorial we're going to see how to make Girder control the mouse on your screen by using a standard remote you have around the house.


Requirements: PIR-1


Make sure you have a GML open that we can use, if not add a GML by clicking "File->New".


Let's create a new group to hold the various action together. Let's call it "Mouse Control". Creating groups is always a good policy as it will keep the GML nice and ordered. Once you have 100 actions, you'll thank me if you grouped things.


Next step is to add our first mouse action. Let's start with "Mouse Up". Click on the "Mouse Control" group to make sure it's highlighted. Then go to the "Available Action" tree open the "Mouse" folder and double click on "Move Up". You should see a new action appear in the "Mouse Control" group. Double click on the newly created "Move Up" action in the Action Tree. The defaults are mostly good. Just set the session to "*" for now (or pick a session of your choice).


Next we'll need to hook the button on the remote to the "Move Up" action. The easiest way to do this is by clicking the desired button on the remote while pointing at the PIR-1. Click on the "Events" button in the left hand side bar. The PIR-1 plugin should be listed, if you open the PIR-1 plugin folder you should see the IR events. Pick the event you just pressed. ( or use the logger view and drag and drop ). Drag and drop this event onto the "Move Up" action.


This is all that is needed to control mouse move up! Test it out by pressing the button on your remote again.