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Welcome to Girder, the award winning Windows automation utility from Promixis. As the most powerful and feature rich utility in its class, Girder offers limitless possibilities. From home theater automation, PC-based media players, business applications and IT functions, to home automation, Girder can do it all. Plus Girder's online library contains hundreds of Plugins, pre-configured Actions, and support for leading third party hardware devices and software applications.


Girder is used in a wide range of applications by a wide range of customers amongst others Girder is used by Intel, Sony, Microsoft, NBC, DOD, Netflix, Echostar, Bose and many more.


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Control your PC using Remote Control Devices

Combined with a PIR-1 from Promixis you can control your PC from almost any remote in your house!

Control your PC from a Web browser

Girder's built-in web server allows you to access to the power of Girder remotely, even from across the globe with a web browser.

Automate your home

Girder has support for several home automation technologies right at your finger tips. No need for expensive hardware to run it. Girder can do it all. Combined with a PIR-1, PIR-4 or a PIO-1 you can control about any consumer electronics.

Simplify business & IT Task Automation

Automate repetitive or scheduled tasks using Girder. Contact Promixis for attractive volume pricing on departmental and multi-seat licenses.


Use Girder in healthcare to provide accessibility where no other application or technology can provide for a price that is unbeatable.

Girder Grows with You

The more you use Girder, the more possibilities you will see. Using our extensive plug-in library, you will be able to control more every day. That is because the plug-in list expands constantly as we, along with the large Girder community, build new features and controls. Just download a new plug-in and you will be off and running with new Girder capabilities.