IR Codes in an action

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Concepts: IR Codes, Actions and Events


First let's add a PIR action to Girder's action tree. In the available actions open the PIR folder and double click on PIR-1 send. From the PIR-1 drop down list select the PIR-1 you wish to use as output.



PIR-1 Send Action



Then click on "Learn". This should show a dialog as follows:



PIR-1 Learn Dialog


Press on learn and hold a remote by the PIR-1. Now press a button of your choice on the remote.



PIR-1 Learn Dialog with Learned code.

The Dialog should now look like this. Press OK.



PIR-1 Action with CCF Code


As you can see the CCF code has now appeared in the action. Note that I had to set the Repeats to 1 or higher for this particular code to work. If nothing shows up try that too. Now press "Apply and Test" to see if your learned code works!