Simple Timer

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The Simple Timer action allows you to trigger nodes at a specific interval. If you need to have actions occur at specific times please use the Scheduler.



NOTE: The actions "Start" and "Stop" operate on the built in timers. The actions themselves are not the timer. So merely having them on the main tree does not activate the timers. You must trigger the actions for the timer to start or stop.





Simple Timer


Girder can use many timer at the same time. Give each timer a unique id. This can be a number or any string you like. In the screenshot above the timer id is "MyTimerId". The timeout is specified in milliseconds. This is one thousands of a second. So for a 5 second timeout enter 5000. Like above. The next 3 options determine which actions are triggered.


On Start is the action that is triggered when this timer is started.

On Timeout is the action that is triggered when this timer's time runs out

On Cancel is when this timer is stopped by the Stop Timer action.