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Girder includes support for both generating Speech as well as control of device manager control through speech. To use this functionality enable the Speech plugin on the settings dialog.

Speech output

To make Girder talk use the Speech/Text to Speech action.

Speech commands

Girder can respond to voice commands to control the level of controls defined in your Device Manager. To enable this feature make sure you have checked "Enable Voice Recognition" on the Speech plugin settings page. Then you'll need to tell Girder which of your devices can be controlled by speech. This is done by opening the Device Manager, finding the control you wish to use voice commands on and pressing the "Edit/Voice Settings..." button.


This will bring up a dialog that accepts a name and has a checkbox. Put the name you wish to speak for this control in there and check the box. By default Girder comes with an English grammar but you can modify this to your liking.



Girder defines a limited grammar to allow for good recognition. The default grammar has the following structure.


For buttons and toggles the commands are open, turn on, click, call, or close, turn off followed by the name of the control (optional you can say please at the end.). Say you set a control's voice command name to "hallway light". You could now speak to Girder the following command: "turn on hallway light please"!


Range controls are set using the command dim followed by the name of the control, then the percentage you'd like to set to 0 percent, 10 percent etc..


Controls that have a list of options are controlled by the command set followed by the control name followed by the name of the option you'd like to set. For example "set thermostat mode cool"


You can customize these things by copying the file "vr.xml" from the application directory to the Girder settings directory and modifying things.


NOTE: This feature is still under development and feedback is welcome.