Un-Targeted Mouse Actions

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This group contains all the actions that are needed to control the mouse cursor from events in Girder. For example in combination with a PIR-1 you could control your computers mouse using a Remote control.

Movement Actions

This include Move Up, Down, Left Right, the diagonal movements. There are 4 options to these.

Speedup Delay

This determines how long Girder waits before starting to use the "Large Step" movement increments.

Small Step

This is the amount in pixels that the mouse moves during the beginning of movement.

Large Step

This is the amount in pixels the mouse moves when the action continues to be triggered for longer than the "speed up delay".


Since Girder's front-end and back-end are separate processes and multiple front-end can connect to one back-end it might be necessary to specify the use session to which these actions are sent. Typically this list is pre-filled with the currently attached front-end sessions.

Click Actions

The click actions include Left, Middle, Right click and double click. The only parameter for these is the session parameter which is described above.

Direct positioning

The last action here is the direct positioning. This allows you to position the mouse on the screen using X and Y coordinates in pixels.