IR Emitters

These IR emitters allow you to control consumer electronics by plugging the emitters into the Promixis PIR-1 or PIR-4 and sticking the emitters to the equipment you are controlling. The emitters come with a 7 foot cable.

IRE-940 (invisible) $4.99 Buy Now
IRE-880 (invisible) $9.99 Buy Now

Extension Cables

Sometimes your equipment is futher than 7 feet away, in that case you can use these cables to bridge the gap from your IR hardware like a PIR-1 or PIR-4 to your stick on emitters. The cables are available in 12, 25 and 50 feet.

IRX-12 (12ft) $3.99 Buy Now
IRX-25 (25ft) $6.99 Buy Now

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