Commercial Automation

Our software has been employed behind the scenes at a large group of commercial and government settings. A sampling of what our software has provided.

  • Lighting control (Insteon, X10)
  • Custom Security System at a government social security office
  • Board room powerpoint control
  • Power usage monitoring
  • Projector monitoring
  • IR control of equipment.
  • control of custom-built set top box in a fire department
  • military applications
  • department of defense applications



Competitrack relies on Promixis Girder for managing its remote advertising monitoring facilities. Using the remote access capability of Girder, staff in New York are able to check on the accurate tuning of TV receivers connected in cities throughout the country and fully operate these receivers with the click of a few buttons. Girder is also used to change channels on these receivers according to a preset schedule so we are able to sample channels and monitor segments on demand.

"For 20 years Competitrack has been committed to acquiring new and innovative technologies that give our customers the competitive edge in ad monitoring," said Hans Vredeling, Senior Vice President Broadcast Monitoring Services. "The Girder solution integrated very well with our existing cutting edge technologies, while also extending our next day coverage in remote regions of the U.S."

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

This particular testimonial started 9-10 years ago due to cutbacks in personnel at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The team had to figure out ways to do more with less people. One of our forum members was on the team and used Girder for automation of ground procedural tasks in preparation for spacecraft command and control or UARS. This particular satellite was brought in for re-entry in 2011 and that project came to an end.


Girder + PIR-4's are used by Toshiba to control their huge TV screens at the Staples Center in LA!


Girder + PIR-1 and PIR-4's are used by NBC to control various tasks in their recording studios!