Promixis Automation Software

Promixis automation software lends itself extremely well to home automation. Even on a budget you can retrofit your own home to have features on par with the $10,000.00 solutions out there for a fraction of the cost

Not only that but you can fully manage and customize the system to your own desires, all tools needed for this are included with our software.

Some examples of tasks we take care of

  • Lighting Control
  • Security System
  • Sprinklers
  • Audio and Video library control
  • Multiroom audio control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Infra-Red Control of appliances

Because of the flexibility of our software it can be adapted to virtually any situation requiring automation. Most tasks can be accomplished by simple drag-and-drop actions providing a low-barrier entry into the complex world of automation. Need more power than drag-and-drop can give? No problem. Our products come complete with an industry standard scripting language, with broad support for third-party libraries like MySQL, Graphics, WebCams and more.