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  1. Can girder react based upon serial com port data coming in?
  2. UIRT working fine (Wish I knew how to delete posts)
  3. Still possible to order UIRT2 kit?
  4. Want to get a UIRT in Australia
  5. executing a program from explorer
  6. suspend switch
  7. Denon Remotes
  8. FS: UIRT2 version B
  10. Different captured IR code, same buttons on remote control
  11. Can a UIRT2 control a sky digibox (a UK question)
  12. How build LCD connected to first pin UIRT?
  13. Genius Video Wonder Pro II v2
  14. looking for infrared receiver
  15. UIRT2a firmware problems
  16. Which part to replace TSAL6200 IR led ?
  17. Is Luc around?
  18. please help with power on
  19. Same IR Code on diferent buttons
  20. IrMate 410U
  21. UIRT doesnt receive any codes
  22. 20Mhz PIC and 10Mhz Crystal?
  23. ps2 UIRT
  24. USB-UIRT use with ScientificAtlanta 2100 digital cable box?
  25. Trouble Learning inside UIRT driver
  26. IR Blaster Options...
  27. UIRT2b stops receiving after a while under Win XP sp1 eng.
  28. Need help: Can program but no response from UIRT2
  29. UIRT2 Programming problems.
  30. Connecting UIRT2 to amplifier via IR ports?
  31. UIRT SETUP ????
  32. UIRT on PIC16F628
  33. Zoom player and Girder
  34. IRMATE 410 W please help
  35. RC5 code
  36. Software Part
  37. Harvesting Power (5V) for UIRT1 from PS2
  38. Sample Firmware Code
  39. USB-UIRT Schematics
  40. Encoding the Signals
  41. Transmitter Part - Formware
  42. Steps for Encoding and Decoding
  43. Shall I use RC5 coding scheme?
  44. Using RC5 code
  45. PIC16F84 alternatives for UIRT2
  46. WOL header part number
  47. scheme of IR-sensor for Aver TVcapture 98
  48. Using a serial UIRT2 from Luc with newest features?
  49. A solution for IRDA?
  50. Problem with Igor Plug.... different codes on same button!!!
  51. Internal IR Device
  52. UIRT2 with USB to RS-232 converter cable
  53. Single USB-UIRT code for Girder for Sony Receiver
  54. Simulating a held down button with USB-UIRT
  55. UIRT + Girder + Universal Remote MX-800 = Arrrgghh!
  56. Luc's UIRT2-Tutorial - Zener 5V6 Diode
  57. need suggestions in my setup
  58. choice of an economical solution for receiver and emetteur
  59. Difficulty teaching a code to my usb-uirt.
  60. Real Magic Hollywood ant Ati receiver
  61. UIRT2 without girder
  62. Different key, same IR code problem
  63. Vishay replacments
  64. Learn Event works OK, UIRT Plugin Learn does not
  65. UIRT2 DLL Interface?
  66. UIRT2 Recievs but dont transmits.
  67. How to transmit with UIR-Plugin (was: How to program UIRT?)
  68. UIRT, Dish 811, DSSTUNE, xlobby and SageTV
  69. Is it possible to connect the cellphone to pc using uirt2?
  70. specific IR code for girder command?
  71. Tosh CT-90159 remote learning input button
  72. buy a uirt2 or something like it ?
  73. UIRT & myHTPC Noobie Help
  74. Y.A. Programming the UIRT2 Question
  75. Metz Remote Learning
  76. no name USB-IRDA
  77. Girder License Doesn't Come With USB-UIRT?
  78. RCMM codes with the UIRT2
  79. Using simulated power-on from UIRT2B
  80. Xbox remote with UIRT2b
  81. Bang & Olufsen
  82. Looking for details on UIRT2 IR transmission function
  83. Receiver Volume Control
  84. UIRT2 schematic question
  85. Front End using Girder and UsbUirt
  86. laptop infrared reciever
  87. Teaching an MX-500
  88. What do I need for a simple setup?
  89. Angle of the UIRT
  90. Unable to program UIRT2
  91. Problem with Hughes HR10-250 HD Tivo Remote and USB-UIRT
  92. [urgent] RAW IR codes gt 50, limitations of UIRT2?
  93. No signal via the emitter plug.
  94. softwares who works with usb uirt?
  95. Learning mode question:UIRT2 seriell
  96. UIRT2 and DRD450RG
  97. USB UIRT: Difference between forcing RAW or not?
  98. help
  99. Abit IC-7G com port + uirt
  100. burst pair limitation with uirt2
  101. Emitters and Emitter Blocks
  102. Can I teach Girder the controls for my stereo receiver?
  103. Uirt help firmware!
  104. RedRat & Native Software vs. USB-UIRT & Girder
  105. Can you use multiple UIRT on same machine 4 different zones
  106. Transmit IR as lang as Key is pressed?
  107. I have Mod/Semplify the UIRT
  108. Girder to Tonto and IR with UIRT?
  109. need some help
  110. Problems Using UIRT - Cant transmit IR signals.
  111. Girder detecting different codes when learning - NEED HELP!
  112. learn a lirc config file with UIRT?
  113. kenwood receiver and cml/efc file
  114. Anyone have the ICSP software for UIRT2?
  115. Removed
  116. WOL doesn´t function with UIRT2 -> strange voltages?
  117. Resume from Standby with Laptop
  118. USBUIRT & GB PVR Setup
  119. Need some input/help on NetRemote/USB-UIRT and NRServer
  120. NRIR Startup Issue
  121. i am in desperation please help
  122. Girder, HTPC, USB-UIRT and controlling Digital Satellite
  123. Enclosure for home built uirt2
  124. Quick troubleshooting tip to test your IR led's.
  125. Wiring and install questions
  126. Was working, now...
  127. Learning IR code for fan stops after 4 notches
  128. UIRT2 kits still available ?
  129. how to send raw ir data
  130. IR distribution questions...
  131. Harmony + BTV + USBUIRT???
  132. Barcode scanner to UIRT
  133. UIRT and Girder to solve failing IR problem w/ win-tv 150
  134. USB-UIRT transmitting IR commands .. what am I missing?
  135. USB-UIRT - Girder - MainLobby - Help!!!
  136. got 0x88 0xFF 0xFF
  137. philips tv does not power on
  138. Problems learning NAD Receiver Volume
  139. NRIRserver problems
  140. decoding the IR signals
  141. UIRT (USB Version) - Setup Help!
  142. girder only reconizes 1st command from remote via UIRT2
  143. how to convert pronto codes to raw..
  144. 'sticky' buttons repeat infinitley
  145. seriell UIRT2 recieves ALL the time
  146. HELP A NEWBIE :) : UIRT2 + Girder + Media Portal
  147. IR Code burst to short
  148. HP PB6120 / BENQ 2240 Projector Power On Question ...
  149. USBUIRT/MCE software/Harmony remote
  150. Which do you suggest, the TIra or the USB-UiRT?Q.for users
  151. UIRT2 and Sony remote
  152. Transmit IR Code From PC Keyboard
  153. Where is UIRT2 plugin?
  154. UIRT2 On EPIA Motherboard
  155. Unattended batch capture from DVR w/ Girder + UIRT
  157. can receive RAW codes, but not UIR - help needed
  158. uirt2 - everything works except WOL
  159. Hi, Where Can I Buy A UIRT ? ( I'm in The UK )
  160. Files for Girder 4 ?
  161. UIRT2 plugin for g4
  162. Raw Mode: FF 01 02 FF 01 02 ... What gives?
  163. UIRT2 with SageTV. Question for Luc or Windtrader
  164. Appreciate needed help
  165. Installing Tira-1 on WinXP SP2
  166. Dump my Kameleon "one for all" remote for USB-UIRT
  167. uirt 2?
  168. Weird Behaviour Of USBUIRT In Learning Events
  169. Converting IR codes from one format to another
  170. have pronto and usbuirt, will girder control beyond tv
  171. How to add Hauppauge remote?
  172. UIRT for Personal Response System
  173. NOOB-Question: How to control AMP & Projector via PC?
  174. linux with or without lirc
  175. Query Internet usage
  176. Tira UIRT www.Home-Electro.Com
  177. Tira USB-UIRT and Robosapien
  178. New Tira install: Win2k Doesn't Detect VirtComPort
  179. 89c2051 based UIRT hardware and software
  181. Database of IR codes hex vs girder
  182. Programming the PIC with the driver
  183. Device and port settings
  184. Tira 2.1 vs. IRtrans vs USB-UIRT
  185. Windows xp x64 and windows vista
  186. Total noob needing some help
  187. UIRT transmitting is flaky and inconsistent - any ideas
  188. Notebook card version of uirt
  189. External IR Emitters
  190. How long does it take to get USB-UIRT delivered
  191. Temps problems with USB UIRT
  192. Inconsistent codes
  193. Receiving remote control signals with .net
  194. UIRT2 sending data after Standby
  195. UIRT2B Power Switch control
  196. a seperate programe to send a girder ir code
  197. USB-UIRT and MCE2005
  198. USB-UIRT and WMP10
  199. old UIRT
  200. Translate from WinLirc to USB-UIRT?
  201. UIRT or Tira?
  202. Multi-zone IR?
  203. UIRT and Girder 3.2
  204. USB-UIRT and Girder
  205. Upgraded to USBUIRT Drivers v1_4 now I'm hosed
  206. Problem in learning mode
  207. Please help!
  208. usbuirt.transmit
  209. HI guys
  210. difference between Irda protocol and IR protocol
  211. Seriell UIRT2 for Girder4
  212. Using TIVO to control Viewsat
  213. ONE IR code that will not work with UIRT!
  214. How do I become a VAR?
  215. Possbile to use Notebook IRDA with NetRemote?
  216. Controlling a PC with a Harmony 880.
  217. Buy lrg sidekick 3 Nokia n97 Dwade sidekick 3 Nikon D80 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera
  218. can I use this IrDA adapter to control Girder?
  219. USBIRT vs Global Cache
  220. usbuirt alternative?
  221. What has happened to the USB-UIRT?
  222. looking for a hardware to control IR and display...
  223. USB-UIRT Driver Gets Disabled on Resume from Standby
  224. RCV12.exe
  225. USBIRT Error on Resume from Standby
  226. IR protocol tolerance or noise
  227. Install USBUIRT on Vista?
  228. usb-uirt wont transmit IR from netremote, but will from Girder
  229. can't get UIRT2 working - help please!
  230. USB-UIRT availability?
  231. UIRT sending IR signals
  232. Multiple USBUIRTs. Possible?
  233. USB-UIRT and power on of PC
  234. device manager red highlight for driver
  235. Too Much Input?
  236. Delays when sending IR?
  237. Girder
  238. remote extender
  239. Using Girder with DVBLink
  240. What's Different with PIR-1?
  241. where to buy?
  242. usb-uirt
  243. SKY remote problem
  244. Send Alpha Key Via USB-UIRT
  245. Questions on testing the PIR-1 .
  246. Any change to CLI if using Emitter cable?
  247. USB-UIRT.dll upgrade issue & Learn not working
  248. USB-UIRT: Basic Infra-Red learning and transmitting help