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  1. Somebody come up with a reliable remote-power-on solution?
  2. Could someone please confirm IR receiver?
  3. Command works in TEST but not normal mode
  4. Uirt2a Functions
  5. Need help with UIRT2 and IR codes
  6. UIRT2 worked for 20 minutes, and then....
  7. UIRT on laptop?
  8. Need PowerStrip and corresponding Pronto GML files..
  9. Why won't Girder recognize the UIRT2 plugin?
  10. Will UIRT work under XP Pro ???
  11. UIRT2 programmed fine - girder error: Cannot find 1st char
  12. WOL connectors and cables
  13. Hard wired input switch
  14. Cannot get RECEIVE to work...
  15. UIRT2 help need again
  16. "!Cannot read 1st char"-problem
  17. UIRT1 with external IR-Receiver ?
  18. WOL - how's it supposed to work?
  19. Big problem with UIRT2 (again)
  20. Development of a stand alone aplication for UIRT2
  21. Programming of UIRT doesn't work
  22. UIRT2 -Start Girder error - can not find all req. exports
  23. Eventstring from UIRT / IRMan Plugin
  24. Help with UIRT2
  25. UIRT2 with RTC
  26. place to find PCB supplies...?
  27. Is UIRT2 for the non-techie?
  28. Help please can't set comport speed
  29. help can't get IR to work
  30. UIRT2 and Linux/LIRC
  31. How can i send IR-codes with UIART2
  32. Ok, the picky things, power-on not discrete
  33. IR Transmit not working... but it was!
  34. UIRT plug-in cannot learn or control Denon amps?
  35. Announcing Complete Guide to UIRT2
  36. Help: Error Received from UIRT!
  37. UIRT2 IR frquency range
  38. Cable Length
  39. Help Please ... External AC/DC Power Source for UIRT2 ?
  40. UIRT2 IR Splitter
  41. Integrating UIRT2, Girder & NetRemote
  42. UIRT2 - girder: "cannot set com port speed"
  43. UIRT2 with IR Distribution?
  44. UIRT2 from LUC - Device hangs after a view events / Win98/SE
  45. UIRT2 Testing Program - "ERROR - no 'OG' UIRT reply&quo
  46. UIRT2 won't program, won't work, HELP!
  47. Resistor value for one IR LED?
  48. UIRT2 Plugin Feature Request
  49. UIRT2 Plugin "Import Pronto Code" feedback
  50. UIRT2 Carrier Frequency Issues
  51. UIRT2 and X10 IR Commands
  52. UIRT2 and Logitech AST Remote???
  53. UIRT to Xantech Distribution
  54. UIRT
  55. UIRT and Wake On Lan - No Connecter on MB
  56. UIRT2 and WOL
  57. UIRT & other emitters: Possible?
  58. question
  59. question for luc
  60. Programming UIRT2-Error or not?
  61. Universal InfraRed Transceiver support
  62. PS2, UIRT2.. Ready to rumble? Still testing?
  63. Anywhere to purchase compete UIRT?
  64. UIRT building questions
  65. little problem with my irda transreceiver
  66. NEW UIRTdp Girder plugin 5.01 BETA
  67. PS2 UIRT status ?
  68. Wich IR receiver to use?
  69. Anyone wanting to help?
  70. Info on UIRT2?
  71. UIRT2 Protocol for Jon Rhees v.1.6 firmware
  72. UIRT: Slow response
  73. newbie questions
  74. Trouble with 1.6 firmware
  75. Using UIRT to record IR codes directly from remote
  76. Is there JUST a transceiver if you already have IRMan??
  77. UIRT
  78. UIRT summary needed
  79. UIRT 2.0 layout/PCB request
  80. PS2 UIR schematic
  81. UIRT help please
  82. New UIRT2 hardware ready
  83. Problem programming
  84. I need a primer on UIRT
  85. IRDA & PIC source code info
  86. Girder 3.1? and UIRT
  87. Is IR2PC another avatar of UIR?
  88. Occasional "no 'OT' 1UIRT reply" error.
  89. Questions about UIRT protocol
  90. How to program "offline" codes into UIRT2?
  91. Clarify wiring for power on pc through power button
  92. UIRT from Luc doesn't work - please help me diagnose it
  93. UIRT plugins and girder3.2 API
  94. How to use WOL?
  95. RFC: UIRT3 supporting a LCD and 6 buttons
  96. Offline codes for power up
  97. Uir External Power?
  98. Which PCB layout software?
  99. Error programming GPIO
  100. OT?: My HTPiC prototype is complete
  101. What exactly does the UIRT do, and how can it help me?
  102. MAX232
  103. UIRT2b / girder generating different codes for IR commands
  104. Problems with UIRT2
  105. UIRT with LCD?
  106. Hello The plugins UIRT DP for girder 3.2 ?
  107. UIRT2 PCBs, kits and assembled versions available
  108. Trouble with UIRT2
  109. UIRT2: "power on" function
  110. Question for Daniel
  111. GPO relay circuits?
  112. UIRT problems?
  113. Error programming UIRT2:
  114. Firmware detection?
  115. It works :P - Was: Grrr almost ready :(
  116. Clocking data with TxD during programming? (hardcore)
  117. UIRT and UIRT2 test app
  118. So it is the hardware....my UIRT transceives only 10cm.
  119. Getting my UIRT to send with Girder.
  120. Food for thought!
  121. Consumption requirements for UIRT power supply
  122. UIRT error:"Incorrect 1 st. char."-where the probl
  123. UIRT2a just receives a few commands-
  124. How to power UIRT2B from A7N-266VM motherboard?
  125. DirectTv Receiver
  126. UIRT methodology (JP1?)
  127. Two IR values per button?
  128. Anyone successful with pronto codes for expressvu/dishnet?
  129. Any one can help with a USB IR Port ?
  130. Fried my UIRT2 - how to repair?
  131. Intermittently receiving ERR No ACK from UIRT
  132. Where to get parts??
  133. UIRT now supports Denon
  134. Connecting IR Emitters
  135. How to flash new version?
  136. request for 58kHz Transmit version of firmware
  137. Request for 58kHz TX firmware
  138. pic programming can be more easy
  139. Luc on Holiday?
  140. More information
  141. "Cannot read 1st char" - UIRT.dll v2.1 28.10.02
  142. Sony Receiver Soundfield function codes
  143. UIRT not response on any command
  144. Please HELP !!! I am always getting "Cannot read 1st c
  145. Can someone help with flashing and emitters
  146. Can I use remote control with integrated IrRe?
  147. Need help with a new motherboard and recently acquired UIRT2
  148. Somebody through me a liferaft
  149. Housing for receiver and emitters?
  150. Pronto IR Library for most AV devices
  151. Strange uirt2 behavior
  152. Who's interested in a USB version of UIRT?
  153. UIRT and visual basic
  154. UIR algorithm?
  155. UIRT2A power
  156. firmware asm sourcecode
  157. New User: Need to understand
  158. Cannot set comport speed error
  159. UIRT2 IR repeat
  160. PIC config for Power button
  161. Anybody get UIRT2 to control DTC-100 directv sat. receiver?
  162. Distribution block and ir emitters
  163. Pic programming: ok - everything else: nada
  164. Can someone please help with mobo connection?
  165. Learning Sky Digital codes
  166. Creating or finding discrete codes - Wanted: How-To
  167. Serial interface of the UIRT
  168. pic confusion...
  169. Ferrite core
  170. PowerUP with UIRT and WOL
  171. Same button has 2 codes ?
  172. What is UIRT2 ?
  173. My experience with the test program
  174. Broken CDWriter after bad connecting power !
  175. Plugin Code 2?
  176. ir port on my notebook
  177. Got a question ? Read this post ( forum Rules and FAQ )
  178. Indication led when receiving a HOWTO
  179. How many resistors?
  180. Second emitter jack
  181. Different buttons same code
  182. Learn Pronto to UIRT / Support RC6a
  183. Girder - v3.2.6b, plugin - v3.2, PIC - v1.8: PIC = Y: RT = N
  184. UIRT2 Fried
  185. what is UIRT2
  186. Problem with WOL after PowerOff without +5VSB
  187. Problem sending events from scripts to UIRT2
  188. UIRT2 RC5 and codegen codes make same event in girder
  189. Laptop IRDA
  191. will a N2004 work in place of a N2003A ???
  192. low IR output power on uirt2, any ideas ???
  193. Medley of UIRT2B problems
  194. Problem X10 IR codes
  195. A couple questions about emitters
  196. Need help with Power Up PC with UIRT2 please
  197. Message "Error received from UIRT"!
  198. If somebody can help me!
  199. Ruud's page down?
  200. UIRT2 is receiving rubbish! FIXED!
  201. Jon - Another Problem Code. Any advice?
  202. What happened to Anit-repeat?
  203. Now taking orders for USB-UIRT.
  204. Is there a tutorial to help me to build my own reciver?
  205. is there a more inexpensive ready to use reciver out there?
  206. How far will UIRT2 cables extend?
  207. UIRT2B probably damaged !?
  208. Ou trouver les schemas du UIRT2
  209. UIRT 2B - Can't get it to Work
  210. HELP! Some Marantz IR codes work, some don't
  211. Help: Trouble with Scientific Atlanta Explorer Cable Box
  212. Finally found why emitting wasn't working
  213. serial UIRT frequency range upgrade
  214. Feature Request Toggle Anti-repeat On/Off
  215. Problem with 3M MP8610 IR codes
  216. problem w/new UIRT2
  217. Independent Channels or Multiple UIRT2's
  218. UIRT2B : How much current during STANDBY ?
  219. Build the Uirt :o) Please help me!
  220. UIRT 1 - Incorrect charx?!?!?
  221. 2 Questions
  222. Wake on Modem Question
  223. Page Up and Page Down Keys???
  224. Considdering Getting (Making) an UIRT2..
  225. Wake Up with UIRT
  226. USB UIRT?
  227. receive x10 signals
  228. Transmit IR-Code for several seconds with UIRT2 ?
  229. In add. to UIRT: What is the best RF keyboard for HTPC
  230. USB-UIRT learning IR codes
  231. Need the UIRT2 schematic. Lucs site is down.
  232. Problem using serial control of device and UIRT2
  233. Stupid newbie question
  234. USB-UIRT available in Netherlands/Europe?
  235. Programm multiple actions on same IR-Command in PIC
  236. Ron, John, anybody, what is "Incorrect charx" in U
  237. Uses for UIRT. Specifics on the emitters and distances.
  238. No kit from Luc after ordering
  239. Can UIRT2 and NIC share a WOL connection?
  240. UIRT1 help
  241. Will these parts work?
  242. Trouble Learning IR Codes for RCA SAT Receiver
  243. Still cant get it to work
  244. Newbie help needed
  245. Necessary "Horse"-Power ???
  246. Trouble with two receviers
  247. Experience with USB-UIRT delivered/manufactured by jon_rhees
  248. UIRT Plugin- GPO Settings Help
  249. Uirt2a - WOL problems
  250. wierd ir debounce problem with uirt (w/56k version)