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  4. Is the API suitable and available for this?
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  14. com support in new .995
  15. remote desktop from inside NR
  16. Timer calls in API
  17. Where can I download the plugin sdk
  18. Can I find the font specified for a button?
  19. How can I hide/show driver-painted buttons?
  20. Windows threading problems in drivers
  21. NR 1.0
  22. NetRemote Pro
  23. Search on Mediacenter
  24. Sports/News Ticker in NetRemote?
  25. How does NetRemote "work"?
  26. Who wants support for Meedio (POLL)
  27. Help getting started on a MediaBridge plugin
  28. How does MJB listbox works???
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  36. how to get a rating of any track in an album or a playlist??
  37. The New 480 x 640 Music Skin
  38. Catching power-off on PPC?
  39. Setting host and zone
  40. when using iTunes mjextman.exe error
  41. CCF Builder???
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  48. chart plugin, lua object support requested
  49. With use of NetRemote my PC take a shut down.
  50. Can LuaSQL be used with NetRemote
  51. Foobar2000 Plugin
  52. Proposal: speed performance on PPC by pre-copying MC library
  53. What software is required for writing plugins?
  54. controling IRTrans Ethernet with a PPC ?
  55. NetRemote Custom control
  56. "hide when false" on non-numeric values
  57. HP 6315 - NR GUI not working properly and no Winamp radio
  58. Can't create Infrared instance in NR crashes NR
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  60. how ot use IR commands in designer?
  61. how to insert G4 weather images in NR pages?
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  63. NR / JRMC 'genre' view not right- bug or incorrect setting?
  64. NR 1.9 PPC won't cleanly exit with my plug-ins
  65. mediabridge add / play search node command?
  66. remove item from GAC+ playlist?
  67. Net Remote and Girder V4
  68. feature request: bulk import / edit MB radio stations
  69. Still having regular NR crashes w/ G4
  70. GAC+ tech question on variables
  71. Is there a reference anywhere for playlist commands?
  72. Beta version
  73. SDK Abilities
  74. Communicating between Delphi and Netremote
  75. anyone look at SlimServer for media playback?
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  77. Unicode media metadata support?
  78. Interfacing to NetRemote
  79. ManagedCode Plugin possible?
  80. NetRemote 2.0 Plugin SDK
  81. No longer get NotifyAction calls
  82. auto-close JRMC warning/error popups
  83. attempt at a Mediaportal Plugin
  84. Rob, modified PanelWatch.lua
  85. Comm Plugin
  86. Trouble importing ccf files
  87. NetRemote Plugin IDs
  88. MediaBridge 2 SDK
  89. Suggestions
  90. flash and html page two way with netremote ?
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  92. NetRemote Executation how?
  93. NRD Text Turns to Gibberish
  94. CustomCommand number of parameters
  95. Calling Mediabridge Plugin writers
  96. CreateInstance
  97. Slim or SqueezeDevice Development
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  102. plug in for hr-20 directv hddvr
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