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  1. Global Cache Home Network Adapter
  2. RS232 over ethernet TCP/IP
  3. Flasher for Global Caché
  4. GlobalCaché, where to buy in Germany
  5. IP-to-IR bridges
  6. How to respond to GlobalCaché RS232 inputs in NetRemote?
  7. Global Cache and NR 0.995rc7 doesn't work
  8. X10 Primer
  9. Logitech cordless keyboard maping without iTouch
  10. Global Cache Serial Instructions
  11. Problem installing the Slinke plugin
  12. what specific girder plugin do i need
  13. Plugin for MCE ehome usb ir receiver?
  14. IR Signal send with USB or Serial Irda
  15. Disable "Up" event from Firefly?
  16. Scientific Atlantic Explorer 3200
  17. x10 and feedback
  18. USB to serial cable????
  19. Which PC X10 Device?
  20. Prolink remote?
  21. Window Blind Control for Cheap
  22. new mouse
  23. RF remote, Wireless keyb and mouse, need wide reception area
  24. CM11 and CM11 Plugin... Slow.........
  25. Medion Aldi PC Funk USB Fernbedienung
  26. PC to IR device
  27. Polar USB interface
  28. Anyone interested in a Streamzap USB Reciever
  29. Global Cache RS232 and Control-s Question
  30. Powerlinc USB 'Not Found' status
  31. Pronto CCF to Global Cache
  32. Global cache Relays and Sensors Information ?
  33. Girder doesn't receive PowerOff Signal
  34. Any Slink-e guru's here?
  35. Global Cache + USB UIRT
  36. Generic USB IrDA plugin
  37. [aborted :( ] need PCTV IR receiver pin datasheet
  38. A little X10 advice for a newcomer. . .
  39. Girder - Pronto - RF-Receiver - big problem?
  40. about LIS2 from VLSystem and LCD driver plugin.
  41. ATI Remote Wonder II
  42. Gerneric Remote To Work With Laptop IR
  43. Looking for IR receiver/transmitter
  44. EL-LINK-IR based universal remote controller
  45. Control of Slinke & Media Center 10
  46. GlobalCache IR not working - driver problem?
  47. Any way to use a Palm as an IR transceiver with Girder
  48. For Quixote
  49. Simple IR transmitter...
  50. Attention Slink-e & Homeseer users!!!
  51. Cannot get X10 to work
  52. Help with GlobalCaché 100 and Pioneer Plasma -- RS232
  53. Compact Flash RF Card for PPC
  54. Cheap USB IR Receiver
  55. Controll Windows-Mixer with IR-Mouse???
  56. UIRT2 problem
  57. how to send ir-cmds to reciever or tv etc.?
  58. GlobalCache Guru's, I Need Your Advice
  59. WiFi Range. How is yours and What do you use?
  60. Firecracker,X-10, and serial ports
  61. IR Conversion
  62. Switch on a PC with a remote controller
  63. Cheap IR device to turn on and off appliacnes?
  64. Leadtek TV2000XP RM
  65. Cheapest computer controlling x10 hardware/software
  66. Wireless client for streaming WAV files???
  67. Pinnacle IR receiver without Pinnacle Remote Control ?
  68. light barrier
  69. zigbee IR distribution
  70. Useful Device for everyone.
  71. Girder Addressable IR Bus - Which product can I use?
  72. Slimserver/Squeezebox2 integration?
  73. I've a remote of my tv-card, there's any way i can use Girde
  74. Convert IR Dongel to serial
  75. Trust NB-5100p Multimedia Remote
  76. a beginner question
  77. Global Cache
  78. serial button interface
  79. Where to buy
  80. RE: Soundblater AUdigy 2 ZS External box
  81. Can Girder use IR Blaster that comes with Hauppauge WinTV?
  82. USB device problem, help me!!!
  83. MSI FX 5600 vtdr
  84. Help getting USB IR to work with Girder
  85. PDA Remote
  86. Kameleon "One For All" Remote Control or NOT?
  87. Raw Streamzap commands
  88. Cheap European X10 products???
  89. Griffin Technology - AIRCLICK remote control unit PC version
  90. Cant learn codes from a DISH network remote??? why
  91. Midon Design - Temp08
  92. Could this be used from Girder using lua...
  93. IRTrans remote control database files anyone?
  94. Sony RM-SR8
  95. Creative Audigy PC Card w/ IR control
  96. TWAIN camera support??
  97. power mate pluggin
  98. DM2 plug-in request...please help
  99. Send 434 MHz with the USB UIRT !
  100. where to begin with a FireDTV-S???
  101. Soundblaster X-Fi Platinum Remote
  102. SigmaTel USB IrDA Dongle and Girder 4
  103. Logitech MX5000 remote?
  104. Can Ocelot be controlled via GlobalCache?
  105. Recomment Tuner Card
  106. Help getting a Hauppauge ir plugin to work...
  107. Logitech Harmony 675 - multiple IR commands
  108. Newbie needs some help
  109. HP media centre remote
  110. Audigy 4 with RM-1500 How do i get it to work
  111. HP Pavilion ZD8320 laptop - where is the IrDA ??
  112. Control X10 and other devices on girder4 from netrmote
  113. Creative Peronal cinema Remote control ??
  114. Linksys media bridge with JRMC and Netremote
  115. Options to send commands to DISH 811 receiver via uhf rf
  116. Sanyo Z2 RS-232C connection - please help
  117. HP nx9010
  118. IR control of distribution amp
  119. onDigital RS232 iR reciever
  120. USB IR Port And girder (any version)
  121. GlobalCache Canada
  122. Interesting CM11 Info...
  123. LCD plug in for Windows media player
  124. Net Remote and USB-UIRT
  125. blasters for HP eHome ir dont work..
  127. Where can I find Insteon devices for 200v (european)
  128. Z Wave CE Approval - UK
  129. Enosh IR Receiver (9-Pin Serial) comments
  130. Information on RIC05 (found in Sony Remote Control
  131. Light Level Sensors
  132. serial IR reciever. how does xp recognize?
  133. This looks cool.
  134. IR sender for Globalcache
  135. Girder4, IgorPlug and Pronto - Help please!
  136. Slink-e IR adpater
  137. where can i get rs232 serial command
  138. Global Cache GC-100
  139. IR emitters on Globalcache
  140. IR extender over IP LAN
  141. Interesting addition to Home Automation System
  142. Ever Lost your Keys, this is a cool idea
  143. Global Cache to Girder to JRMC
  144. Can't install MCE-IR5 for my MCE receiver
  145. Vellemann relay card with girder?
  146. Just made another Girder compatible input device.
  147. Hi Powered Blaster Recommendation - Any?
  148. Virtual Sound Card
  149. Does anyone know a good RF remote???
  150. Using Media Centre IR receiver
  151. sending out signals to the Dvd Tivo C able etc
  152. lloking for the best rf ir transmitter
  153. ue codes or codes for remotes
  154. conversion utility
  155. wifi to ir via rf
  156. USB Irda Infrared adapter
  157. Need Philips TSU(7000 or others) help
  158. video intercom
  159. slinke error in NRIRServer
  160. Convert IR (from USBUIRT) to RF to control X-10 devices
  161. UIR combinations :)
  162. Assigning Comm Port to Actions
  163. Tira or UIRT
  164. Russound CAV 6.6 sound cross-over
  165. Libra-Q11 ione Remote
  166. USB IR receivers
  167. One Wire Devices - How to...
  168. Interesting Input Device / Display - Optimus
  169. New RFXCom Stuff
  170. USB-UIRT(0056IN) and Microsoft Remote Keyboard
  171. Switching to Global Cache
  172. NR + Globalcache works - some of the time
  173. DIGN HV5 with sasem usb IR-VFD module
  174. IRTrans tips
  175. Relay for 24V
  176. Switches and button for Girder
  177. Compact Flash to IDE adapter for Solid State NetRemote Stations
  178. Global cache GC-100-06 in Australia
  179. Multiple Microsoft MCE IR Remotes/Blasters?
  180. Pertalian 2040 LCD
  181. Ethernet connected RF receivers and RF transmitters
  182. Microsoft Surface - Interactive Tabletop
  183. HID supplier
  184. Consumer IR dongle details
  185. Serial Devices.
  186. WMC ir blaster compatability with XP pro
  187. Where is the MCE Remote Plugin?
  188. what happened to hauppauge plugin?
  189. Need some help
  190. Suggestions for a new receiver
  191. need help
  192. Serial protocol for Yamaha YSP-1000
  193. Looking for eHome USB IR Drivers
  194. Plugin for Speedlink SL-6399 (USB->HID)
  195. ADS Kinamax USBX-707 IR Blaster setup
  196. Sony IR codes to Pronto or Slink-e?
  197. Slink-e available!
  198. control using voip phone
  199. Insteon Powerlinc and DirectX
  200. nabaztag
  201. Global Caché GC-100 or IRTrans Ethernet
  202. CM15 pro
  203. protocol and devices
  204. For Sale Nokia N95...8GB....$300
  205. For Sale:Powerlinc 1132U USB
  206. Paul TTS voice
  207. Pressure Mat or Motion Sensor to wipe IE cache?
  208. Olevia (Syntax-Brillian) 265TFHD RS232 Control
  209. Need help on setting up a Harmony 555 with an Acer Aspire 5670...
  210. advice on RF controls devices for garage door et al
  211. Eib/Knx controller needed
  212. Brultech ECM-1220.H
  213. Hardware View
  214. Common Hardware Information
  215. Multi zone IR transiever (is this possible?)
  216. Anyone use the RFXPulse?
  217. Questions about infrared ports and USB infrared dongles
  218. eHome IR transceiver
  219. eHome USBCIR device
  220. Global Caché GC-100
  221. z-wave usb adapter
  222. Upscaling 25fps to 30fps
  223. Girder with Mobile Edge MEAP03 PC Media Remote?
  224. My IR-Receiver is recognized as keyboard (HID)
  225. MCE - infrared
  226. serial remote control
  227. X10(g2) Range and Reliability ?
  228. X10 Marmitek Safeguard Security Alarm System SC9000
  229. JRMC Volumes
  230. Using USB-UIRT to learn IR commands for Global Cache
  231. What PC to build...
  232. RFXCOM or W800RF32A
  233. IDRATEK and G5/NR2
  234. Server or PC?
  235. Looking to use Global Cache' GC-100
  236. Slink-e IR expansion module
  237. Remote Wonder II & WinXp 64 Bit
  238. [FOR SALE] New in box ELK-M1XSP
  239. [FOR SALE] Edgeport/8 USB to Serial & cable
  240. RiverMote & MediaBridge
  241. RF receiver for RF remotes?
  242. arduino interfacing ?
  243. HELP rs232 mac and sanyo projector
  244. Pronto tsu 9600 and seven Media center
  245. Buffalo items for sale
  246. Oregon Scientific THN132N Temperature Sensors
  247. Foreign Buyer
  248. Is it possible to use NI DIO PCI-6518 with Grider
  249. Driver for RFXmitter by RFXCOM released
  250. "Formosa RC102 USB Remot"