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  1. Bug coming out of standby?
  2. Sleep Timer
  3. Can I edit the configuration for a new remote?
  4. HAI & NetRemote
  5. GMl, that works with Girder, but no Grunt!
  6. Logger Blank Variable Inspector Says "Node"
  7. Tira 2 does does not wake up PC
  8. Ghost in the machine? Timers going berzerk!
  9. Plugin for Hauppauge Nexus Remote Control
  10. Stop getting disk insert events from DVDSPY
  11. Serial Devices not initialising on startup
  12. script to say winamp's currently playing song
  13. Using Girder with Com/Ole
  14. Which Child Control has Focus?
  15. Can't Get Denon Plugin to Show Up in Girder
  16. Best way to add multiple actions?
  17. Print messages on the Log
  18. Does not work when playing music or movies
  19. Speech recognition plugin woes
  20. How to Evaluate Girder Pro
  21. Girder 4.0 with SageTV
  22. Issue with windows - system variable
  23. Stanby Problem
  24. Remotec Remote Control, problem with girder
  25. USBIR6 From Cinemar
  26. Weirdest behavior after upgrading to IE 7 (and using send message 1258 0 79)
  27. plug in question
  28. Receiving Payload variables in event
  29. Re-initialize USB devices?
  30. Calling control events for TheaterTek.
  31. 3 digit input from remote
  32. Do I need drivers or anything to X-10 CM11?
  33. Weather: Disable logging doesn't work
  34. Girder 4 logs events but doesn't act
  35. Event map and remote x'ed out
  36. Help needed to reliably press "Add" button for Netflix.com movie (Firefox browser)
  37. Check Internet Connection
  38. Serial IR
  39. Controlling irrigation system via Girder
  40. Calling Girder events using Com/Ole
  41. Close Girder through sendmessage
  42. Girder & Vista
  43. Problem with repeat and Meridian Serial Script
  44. On device plug-in/plug out events
  45. Scheduler saving problem.
  46. Problem with Vista
  47. Help With Visual Basic Script
  48. JRMC commands
  49. Synchronizing Christmas Lights to Music
  50. UPS battery monitoring
  51. Strange USBUIRT Issue
  52. Pseudo MCE discrete power code (girder/MceIr)
  53. Girder 4.0.14 Trail Download Not Working
  54. PCTV remote and Girder software.A specific funtionality.
  55. Creating a girder startup event
  56. Girder Receiving X10 Signals
  57. Support for AverTV A16A hybrid?
  58. Accelerate event
  59. problems with MCE
  60. girder for mediaportal
  61. What do i wrong
  62. OSD menu and Actions
  63. Shutdown PC problem
  64. have a problem selecting items in ODS menu
  65. 4.0 and 3 .gml file standard ?
  66. Creative remote HELP!!!
  67. global cache for 6 ir zones?
  68. disable weather
  69. J River Media Center
  70. Unstable mouse plugin
  71. Girder, Logitech 720, USB-UIRT, and Snapstream
  72. IR Linc - connecting the USBUIRT to an IR Distribution System
  73. Is this the way it's supposed to work?
  74. Girder/GlobalCache/Netremote2 NEC Plasma Control via Serial
  75. Help, Mike! Phidgets create a ghost Girder process!
  76. Run a Action when logon
  77. DHCP-Event?
  78. PowerCinema, *p *r do not work, other single commands do?!
  79. DVR cards for security cameras
  80. Insteon Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3...
  81. What mast I do?
  82. LCD plugin with nonstandard LPT port address - how?
  83. Macro Event selective termination
  84. Help with Lua needed?
  85. Help needed with LuaCom & VBscript!
  86. New to 4.0..Internet even server/client hybrid
  87. Default Action
  88. latest beta G4 download links?
  89. Simple amp volume control setup help
  90. Girder 4.0.14, MediaPortal and Hauppauge HVR-1300 remote
  91. Girder and Orb do not work together.
  92. HAI Plugin with UPB
  93. Latest Girder-Documentation of "Enabled"
  94. Passing numerical variables as a payload with G2G
  95. How do I do word wrap in an OSD?
  96. Parsing Apple Trailers Website - Help
  97. Can't start Girder
  98. IR on HP Pavilion notebook using Girder
  99. Image OSD and weather
  100. Help with GIP
  101. Voice recognition/Dragon/Batch files
  102. Action identification
  103. Nokia SMS Send / Receive Plugin
  104. How to email alarm status?
  105. switching to J River Media Center
  106. Sending tables to NR
  107. New with Girder 4, so some newbie questions :)
  108. Ati remote wonder II HELP!?
  109. Next time I'd..... (seeking advice)
  110. software advice
  111. How to set WinDVD8 to work with Girder!?
  112. Russound cav Plugin
  113. Can't get a remote detected entirely
  114. WinDVD8 GML file!!!
  115. Using G4 on two PCs
  116. output events naming for a remote
  117. Shut down timer.
  118. Fished in...
  119. Help a new user add a remote properly!
  120. All the Best!
  121. Promixis Girder 5 BETA soon!!
  122. Beginner Help...
  123. Windows Live! Messenger
  124. Interaction between JScript and Lua?
  125. OSD and Submenu
  126. OSD Font Styles
  127. BeyondTV, Sharp Aquos and G4
  128. IR blaster on Sony XL201
  129. Girder, MCE configuration
  130. Girder keyboard key strokes
  131. MCE - No MCE Remote, How?
  132. Tira - No plugin at all.
  133. Global cache zones?
  134. keyboard ASCII
  135. X10 CM11 Woes
  136. Wireless Keyboard Issue
  137. IR connection
  138. Ademco Vista-128BP
  139. Hack Attempt
  140. Two recurring problems - any solutions?
  141. Shouldn't preregistering of G2G clients stick?
  142. Is it possible to create a scrolling OSD that stays within one specific monitor?
  143. Anthem PreAmp 2 way?
  144. Mouse movement with repeat
  145. thinking of buying, but can I do this...
  146. Is anybody else using Generic X-10 Remote and having closing problems with Girder?
  147. German Homeautomation system ELV FS-20
  148. Is my DHCP server killing Girder or vice versa?
  149. Samsung lcd tv remote with girder
  150. DigiTV and Girder 'not talking' via Netremote
  151. CallerID Problems
  152. Serial Help (crossed cable?)
  153. Volume control within Vista
  154. HID works in 4.0.1 but fails in 4.0.14
  155. Why I can't run osd.StatusMessage lua function
  156. Learning commands from remote..
  157. Multiple events from plugin
  158. print() does not work in HidRead?
  159. Please Help.. Controlling tv with pc
  160. RNET Tuner...
  161. Girder and use with distributed audio systems
  162. IR over copper?
  163. Multi-Zone Audio + Home Automation + Vista Media Center
  164. Schedule Encoding
  165. Execute LUA Code at Midnight
  166. Interface to standard HTTP web server
  167. Modal window stops Girder?
  168. Modal window stops Girder?
  169. Log Global Cache Status via TCP/IP
  170. Help with serial command in lua
  171. Serial control of Xantech ZPR68-10
  172. Small problem with OSD Menu
  173. MCE as IR passthrough device
  174. USB-UIRT Transmit
  175. Lost my PLC Model Number
  176. optimus mini 3 plugin
  177. Newbie problem
  178. Girder 4 - serial devices supported?
  179. IR > Serial Input Problem
  180. INSTEON Input/Output Controller supported?
  181. Slow (very) start - shut down problems too
  182. OSD not showing over Zoom Player
  183. Voice Recognition Software
  184. Task switch, voice announcement
  185. Can someone recommend a RF/IR remote?
  186. Help desperatly needed - my Server's unstable and I don't know what to do!
  187. what plugin to i need for a winfast remote and a serial receiver ?
  188. Slingbox IR commands
  189. error loading plugin for USB-UIRT
  190. Can I hide a network card for comserver?
  191. Using Girder to activate a DVI-connected monitor?
  192. Denon CD player Serial Control Help
  193. Russound plugin for CAA systems. No volume level variables
  194. Cyberlink PowerCinema gml? I need tips
  195. How can I run Girder commands on a computer that's still on the login screen?
  196. Best way to check if one of several windows is foreground
  197. Can Girder help me?
  198. Is there a text entry by remote group somewhere?
  199. What's the easiest way to check if a client is online in a script?
  200. Multiple audio mixer events
  201. MCE Remote V1 & Girder
  202. Struggling to control several apps
  203. Can I ppc remotely end Girder process and restart it?
  204. prevent Windows from entering standby/hibernate
  205. HAI with UPB Lighting & HVAC HELP
  206. WakeOnLAN from Girder
  207. table.equal Question
  208. How to detect JRMC play state??
  209. Global Cache Ascii help
  210. DirecTV HR20 Ethernet control?
  211. Why isn't this sendmessage working for me?
  212. Can Zoom Player tell Girder when it stops?
  213. multiple mice inputs?
  214. Insteon KeyPadLincs
  215. Harmony remote sends triple commands - pls help
  216. One more remote strangeness.. Sony - same code for RW and FF
  217. Caller ID Broadcast
  218. Frequent Connections Closing
  219. Want to move to NR 2/Girder 4 from NR 1.1/Girder 3.3
  220. Missing Remotes
  221. Using Girder with MCEIR on Vista
  222. Beginning with it, need a bit of help
  223. Logger view won't open
  224. Serial Control of qip2500 with Girder
  225. Some serial help, please!
  226. Is Girder what I'm looking for?
  227. making a multi level menu system in girder?
  228. Script on a network share
  229. Can girder comunicate with girder on on another computer?
  230. JRMC 11 media core commands help please
  231. Can Girder Do This?
  232. Syntax Help
  233. xAP Help
  234. wake up my PC with my remote, how to do it?
  235. Several newbie questions on Girder
  236. Optimal Girder4/NetRemote2 settings
  237. Missing Lua Variables
  238. girder 4 help needed!!!
  239. Firefly plugin bug found?
  240. OSD - where it's documented?
  241. setting the shutdown-query priority of Girder
  242. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
  243. sending a windows key with girder
  244. Passing variables by reference
  245. Keyboard special function....
  246. cannot find plugins
  247. Help, I'm new!
  248. Netremote (TV.??????) variable listings
  249. Translating IR code to Pronto/Hex?
  250. TCMP plugin