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  1. max/restore toggle, and hold button = diff command?
  2. Threads
  3. con:SetBinaryImage()
  4. Threaded NetRemote Feedback.lua
  5. Why does this give me three outputs?
  6. Weather data format
  7. Plugin Conversion - Leg-up Please!
  8. Problem Launching Event From Command Line Shortcut in MCE
  9. Control codes in the script editor
  10. gir:CoInitialize()
  11. Interactive Lua Console
  12. yahoo search
  13. Paste bugs here please
  14. gml file type
  15. Bugs and One Request
  16. General warning: Mastiff loose on the premises
  17. Special keyboard commands, other than using legacy G3?
  18. When will the time limited alphas be gone?
  19. Serial Plugin: Especially for Mastiff
  20. Serial killer - Houston, we can't even leave the launch pad!
  21. Jon's USB-UIRT plug-in works out of the box
  22. Quick scheduler question
  23. Final Caller ID: Printing a history table
  24. print() is very slow
  25. Something weird with the Audio Mixer
  26. Scheduler question
  27. Hard crash with scheduler - should it even be possible?
  28. Bug or design?
  29. Weather forcasts clogging up my logger
  30. Problem when variable inspector opens on startup
  31. Why is G4 frozen for so long?
  32. Get a url as a string?
  33. I can't disable enhanced task switcher!
  34. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Data
  35. OnFileLoad - Appears to work, but not really!
  36. Handling of saving files
  37. key
  38. Old CM11A commands point to correct plugin, but...
  39. OSD and OSD menu howto?
  40. Lua - round?
  41. Today's total confusion - comserver receving, but is it?
  42. Small wrapping question
  43. DUI browse for directory
  44. Some problems with decimal point or comma
  45. Weather Display Suggestions
  46. Request for Comment (RFC) Change of Keyboard plugin Events
  47. Error Causing G4 to close
  48. Activating generic serial plugin
  49. Still error on OSD
  50. Upgrade with running Girder not handled gracefully
  51. Crisis alert - connection of comserver bombing Girder!!!!
  52. Socket don't work properly for me.
  53. Lxp.lom not parsing right!
  54. Girder 4 succcess story + more OSD questions
  55. Small international problem
  56. Isn't GirderOpen working?
  57. Programmers...
  58. CM11: Numbers on dimming and brighting?
  59. OSD Q & A
  60. I'm busy replacement - probably Lua, right?
  61. OK, now I'm annoyed! Access violation in girder.exe
  62. Strange one here ron
  63. missing delphi includes
  64. What's IP address
  65. mistakes in the new manual
  66. Calling lua functions from delphi/c
  67. Ahoy there, Anchor's adrift?
  68. 100 % CPU use bug
  69. The black hole...
  70. Danward, you ok there buddy?
  71. Tidal Data Grabber - International.
  72. Girder 4.0 Beta Goes Public!
  73. General Girder 4 Discussion
  74. Plugin Uploads
  75. It Seems on a script Reset LUA is not loaded
  76. Better choice for timing hours?
  77. Progress bar OSD class
  78. Can't get beta to work
  79. Weird main window position on new installs
  80. CommServer events
  81. Weather...
  82. Girder 4
  83. Problem on low resolution display
  84. Licensing policy for development machine vs production
  85. Help!
  86. SOS for simple LUA script (my appologies)
  87. MouserRemote and Generic Serial Support
  88. Saving file on close of main window - bug
  89. ActionFormDesigner only runs once every reinstallation
  90. Will SS FireFly be listed under Add Remote?
  91. Iterate through GirderTree
  92. Is the manual available as a separate download?
  93. getting an image from a plugin
  94. Weather osds not showing
  95. Girder Versions?
  96. dui listboxes
  97. Where is Rename...
  98. How do I acces USB-UIRT Actions?
  99. Lat and Lon not saved between versions
  100. Synchronize method
  101. Is it me or the USB-UIRT Plugin or Girder 4 itself???
  102. Enable/Disable node or command with LUA?
  103. Global Cache Plugin
  104. win.CreateFolderWatcher()
  105. Date and Time Variables in LUA 5
  106. Monitor Power Management
  107. Seeking feedback on the manual
  108. G4-B3 Application Crash - Bug Report
  109. Please, someone, give me direction!
  110. Zone control for USB-UIRT Transmit IR action does not work
  111. USB-UIRT Plugin for Girder 4
  112. On all events?
  113. Any plans for a mouse plugin?
  114. Best Approach for and after migration?
  115. CM11 Plugin - found command that doesn't work
  116. Imported GML Scheduler Event.
  117. Software Updates via MS Proxy
  118. DLPort IO Lua extension plugin
  119. Newbie help needed on sending IR via USB-UIRT
  120. Forum problem? Or topic corrupted? Or is it me?
  121. Updated Web Server Plugin
  122. win.GetSystemTime Errors
  123. How do I see what action/actions are triggered by something?
  124. Gyration MCE Remote
  125. Any use to anyone?
  126. Girder 3 plugins with G4
  127. Why is GlobalCache enabled by default?
  128. Upgrade from B2 to B3 and now B3 to B4 drops remote mappings
  129. SMS Com Object
  130. Why is this script giving me problems?
  131. How do I make a serial device file?
  132. alpha version of irtrans plugin available
  133. Setting the state for a command
  134. Serial Port setup for G4
  135. SageTV Popup Msgs
  136. Two Webserver Tabs in Settings!
  137. How can I send email with G4?
  138. Is it possible for girder to receive emails?
  139. lua_error
  140. Serial Plugin - General Discussion
  141. Conditionals are great, but..
  142. Daemon Tools and DLPortIO Plugin do not load (Beta 4)
  143. How to switch off the annoying 'half' menu's
  144. Event Mapping problems
  145. Seeking more advanced "OSD Menu" example
  146. Two small feature sugestions
  147. Missing init file in serial folder
  148. PowerLinc V2 Controller (INSTEON)
  149. Volume problems...
  150. Girder 3 Legacy Actions / Command problems....
  151. Emailing Script
  152. webserver plugin 1.1
  153. Comserver / Generic IP to G3 IES question
  154. WINDOWS hotkeys
  155. Support for extra mouse buttons - Logitech
  156. Unexpected crash
  157. Is it possible to make a settings tab for my lua scripts?
  158. Minor pain!
  159. Email Server... from settings
  160. scheduler... What am I doing wrong.
  161. Crashes when I use LuaCOM
  162. WM messages and events
  163. Girder 4 & Tira
  164. Can't resize columns
  165. Software Updates via proxy
  166. Position of action edit window does not save on pressing 'X'
  167. Directory Exists
  168. Denon 3805 serial command - G4.0
  169. TV Schedule Display using Girder4
  170. File Functions
  171. Enable/disable node links lost
  172. When is B5 or better yet a RC coming???
  173. Sunset Sunrise Events
  174. Serial Plugin not loading on startup?
  175. Request... Sunrise / Sunset addition
  176. Anti-flicker OSD?
  177. Unload of enhanced task switcher leads to G4 crashing
  178. Un-pinning of logger, variables, lua console
  179. 2 bugs in scripts
  180. Dude! Where's my modem?!
  181. Webserver is available in logger when it's not enabled
  182. MSVCR71.dll? We don't need no stinkin' MSVCR71.dll!
  183. How would one check for a valid internet connection.
  184. Off topic: Anyone seen the webserver pages?
  185. Lua console errors from comserver when client is offline
  186. G4b5-2 crashes with long script with lots of functions.
  187. G4b5 loses "timer" and "result" links
  188. Girder and Netremote; what to install?
  189. ATI multimedia TV display no longer working
  190. Disable rename by clicking; add to quick menu?
  191. Disabled actions difficult to recognize
  192. How to convert my G3 Serial PlugIns?
  193. What Girder Version do you use and why ?
  194. Do I Need Girder 4.0 Standard, Pro, or Whole Home Pro?
  195. Feature Request: Button or menuoption for System information
  196. GIP communication: bug report
  197. Font styles in OSD
  198. Serial cable to cable box?
  199. Trying to export single commands...
  200. EventHandlers from C - Broken?
  201. Capture volume slider???
  202. Is comserver 100 % reliable?
  203. How to write text to the top of a file?
  204. Webserver - Ajax not working on PPC?
  205. Crash
  206. CM1X plugin sending strange events using usb-to-serial
  207. Problwm with table script causing loop
  208. Crash disabling the USB-UIRT plug-in
  209. Serial PlugIn help needed for controling FUGA modules
  210. Webserver - help with the first button, please!
  211. Am I not understanding the concept of Macro Event?
  212. Webserver problem with Norton Personal Firewall - SOLVED
  213. Interactive Lua Console thoughts...
  214. string.gsub and string.gfind thoughts...
  215. default.map
  216. Girder Group for "Media Player Classic" is gone
  217. Focus problem when running programs
  218. Another way detecthing a long button press
  219. LinearGradientBrush does weird things
  220. Remove Weather from the logger, please!
  221. High CPU load when starting Girder from RDP connection
  222. connection:SetImage() problem
  223. Jens IMDB G4 version
  224. Helpfile slipup (win.PathExists)
  225. Can't get CM11 Plugin to work
  226. Three problems with B6
  227. My CID died with beta 6 - SOLVED
  228. New OSD model
  229. Request: Clipping for OSD objects
  230. LUA error after clean install
  231. Exporting map files does not work.
  232. Anyway to rename the buttons in mapping?
  233. X10 CM19A receiver LED not blinking...
  234. simple 1 line LUA4 to LUA5 with strfind. Help please?
  235. whitch frontend??
  236. osd mutexes
  237. Girder crashing on open!
  238. Questions about Home Automation and Netremote integration
  239. Ajax.lhtml
  240. (Perhaps) stupid Lua + menu's question
  241. Writing a serial plug-in
  242. NMEA (GPS) parser
  243. Lua Editor Bug?
  244. How to use weather features in G4 B6 - new user
  245. Webserver: Showing a variable the simplest way
  246. How to learn with HID plug-in?
  247. WoL would be sweet...
  248. Are we near yet? Are we near yet? Are we near yet? :-)
  249. USB-UIRT isn't reconize as plug-in please help
  250. Ocelot Plugin