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  1. AverMedia TV Hybrid cardbus (PCMCIA)
  2. do I need a remote signal receiver to use girder?
  3. 4.0.3a crashing:access violation. [caused by TIRA PLUGIN]
  4. G4-Newbie: Individual Output Events?
  5. Who has the most useful/nice photo/picture -viewing ?
  6. LuaSQL with G4?
  7. control BTV and BM
  8. Controlling Serial Port and Recieving Window Messages
  9. How do i split-window my editor?
  10. [text] = ClipboardGetText() - does not work..
  11. Nokia Phones F-bus plugin
  12. Is UIRT - serial supported in G4 via Serial plugin?
  13. Using synergy with one monitor
  14. http command with out explorer!
  15. Forced windows standby after no disk activity? Help...
  16. 50% of the time, Girder hangs when rebooting or exiting?
  17. MCE-IR Beta plugin not listed under Girder 4 downloads... ?
  18. Luacom causing crashes - is it LC or is it the object?
  19. osd timeouts
  20. mixer.SetDefaultWaveOutDevice
  21. Reset state not working
  22. Execute on startup if the time is between this and that...
  23. Internet event server - cinemar DVD Lobby
  24. girder 4.0.3 access violation with TIRA plugin
  25. IR learing using USB UIRT
  26. Change Balance does not work on either of my sound devices
  27. Transmitting variable content to netremote fails
  28. Experiences with Windows x64 and Girder 4.0
  29. Problem with Simple Timer - in relation with CM11 Plugin
  30. Remote Wonder II & USB-UIRT
  31. Eventstring from an external program
  32. disable osd
  33. Fancy OSD Displays
  34. JPG to BMP ?
  35. Need help with MCE plugin
  36. Interface with Logitech Dual Action Game Controller
  37. Hex to Binary
  38. Deamon Tools Plugin.
  39. Talking Clock
  40. Scripting scheduler.. it simply does not work for me.
  41. Using mouse with girder
  42. Using mouse with girder
  43. Just a problem with my use of OSD input :)
  44. Number>String / String->Number conversion in LUA
  45. ATI/TUL Powercolor Theater 550 pro tuner
  46. hapuppauge 45-buttons remote and MCE
  47. SendMessage not working for me
  48. How do you make a GML file start with Girder?
  49. More on my luacom prob, i don't think it's the object, ntdll
  50. USB-UIRT and macros
  51. One of my weather scripts no longer functions.
  52. G4 and Win98
  53. Table variable name form function parameter?
  54. Cannot find window Message
  55. Scheduler accessibility
  56. Getting Girder GIP working with Denon 4306 over TCP/IP
  57. bad webserver update procedure/ -and improvement sugestion:
  58. How to stop "recurring" timers ?
  59. How to get the Calc example working?
  60. Please Help With my Pinnacle Onboard Remote
  61. [OK]plugin enable/disable action
  62. Enable Group/Action from lua?
  63. Please help a newbie!
  64. switching netremote with girder from wifi to bluetooth-easy?
  65. Controlling Powerpoint
  66. Advice on programming a new HT setup with Girder
  67. Newbie comment on the manual
  68. Schedule a task
  69. How to use Serial Lua to Decode those code?
  70. Access violation at 4DA1EC on startup. V4.0.3.304
  71. MCEIR error with live tv
  72. Lost RW mapping on reinstallation
  73. Monitor question - Is monitor on check possible?
  74. What am I forgetting?
  75. a question about girder 4.0 focusing.
  76. Lua function to execute a named action
  77. How to manage states....
  78. Girder 4.0 HID plugin does not work!
  79. Help with making an alarm
  80. ini file manipulation with lua
  81. Help, Mike! 4.0.3b messes with my Phidgets!
  82. girder-to-girder-communication via Internet?
  83. Navigate OSD menu without mouse
  84. Access Violation on Plugin Unload?
  85. Communication Server fails to start
  86. Custom Weather Images - Are there any other choices!
  87. Girder featured in Norwegian HTPC article
  88. Insteon Beta Plugin - B0.9
  89. CreateFolderWatcher lua script not executing action
  90. Whole-House Audio/Video distribution software for Girder??
  91. Key has multiple codes?
  92. Something strange with scheduler...
  93. Using Girder4.0 to monitor Russound CAV6.6
  94. Girder freezing on startupat ScriptEnable
  95. New User - Good Stuff So Far! (Pretty Front Ends?)
  96. DSC Security Systems PC5401
  97. Thermostats. HAI, DSC, AprilAire, EnerStat
  98. Block a command
  99. Logger - Aux Timer?
  100. Ati Wonder AUX buttons
  101. Speech / Voice recognition tips?
  102. "zoned" infrared (And Roomba)
  103. onscreen display, of data from dvdspy
  104. Windows XP MCE 2005 with remote control
  105. Image from WebSite- What am I doing Wrong?
  106. A New T9 Plugin...
  107. Beginner's Guide?
  108. supported apps?
  109. need some advice for graphical OSD menues
  110. french version ???
  111. Variable-based 'TriggerNode' and conditional treescript
  112. Possible to map remote to keyboard for access anywhere?
  113. Lua Editor bug? Lua code disappeared
  114. Context menu button from keyboard
  115. Scheduler Issue
  116. TIP: Closer Integration with Meedio and G4
  117. Menu front-end for Girder
  118. mixer.SetDefaultWaveOutDevice - How do I do this??
  119. scripting to run action
  120. Using IRTrans as a defined remote
  121. ADS Tech Instant TV Remote Control and IR Blaster
  122. Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 - how to start EPG?
  123. Changing the assigned remote
  124. My problem using G4 "Variable Display"
  125. Girder 4 or 3.3 with PowerCinema
  126. can I use OSD to show a picture. ? (at specified position?)
  127. Weather displays all too small
  128. Userdata Files, Backup.
  129. Updated Web Server (v2.0)
  130. Software updates won't connect always times out
  131. Arrow Keys to "browse for Drive" in Zoomplayer
  132. Meedio Event to Girder or Parsing 3 digits to 1
  133. xAP Support
  134. Please help me with "buttonmode" in Girder 4
  135. Modifying existing .gml for other application not working?
  136. Extron Crosspoint
  137. Does Girder work with Hauppauge WinTV Nova-s PCI?
  138. Newbee questions
  139. Enablling HID devices on girder startup.
  140. Simple timer - am I getting old, or is this illogical?
  141. G4 prevents my computer from going into standby
  142. Trying to get nokia style alphabet to work in Girder 4
  143. Logger Missing Events - Actions still being triggered!
  144. Where has the SWITCH action gone?
  145. Need replacement for (*w) in io.read function
  146. Mute / Unmute reversed
  147. Send strings using GIP to MCE
  148. winamp playlist help needed
  149. Aux: timer - Timer failed to aquire mutex after 20 tries
  150. Can I trigger an action without using an event?
  151. What do I use for a control panel
  152. Anyone familiar with Compose PLC from lightolier controls?
  153. GetElapsedSeconds vs GetTickCount vs GetElapsedMilliseconds
  154. What remote do I use to look for the data sent by "even
  155. Quickest way to re-read serial device LUA
  156. Serial Plugin: Differences in manual and examples
  157. SERIAL: Where is the "Strip terminator" checkbox g
  158. Very basic question but elementary for me about triggering
  159. Forumsearch question
  160. Serial: How to enable/disable single device on serial
  161. Girder 4 + USB UIRT = 100% CPU Usage
  162. Serial: Why can't I send?
  163. microsoft remote
  164. keyboard action with shift does not work reliable; any idea?
  165. Action/Monitor/Power management Problem
  166. Isn't the forum painfully slow these days?
  167. Slowdown Netremote connection after starting Girder
  168. Lua Succes (Nothing Triggered) what does it mean?
  169. event.exe not working properly
  170. BiDirectional Comms with Lighting Control System
  171. Tvedia .gml file
  172. Girder does not receive Netremote events
  173. How to manually add event (custom Device Numbers)
  174. MCE and Extron
  175. How to always make caller id OSD to use automatic timeout?
  176. Variable in Serial Send? (DSC related)
  177. G4 does NOT detect my serial remote sensor...
  178. Will I be able to use my UPS to generate events?
  179. How to separate string using patterns?
  180. New webserver - error on attempts
  181. Lua Mouse movement
  182. Detecting Windows power saving features / monitor shutoff
  183. Scheduler (LUA) suggestion
  184. Lights on when movement is detected and its dark outside.
  185. Logger and Lua console stucked in main window ?
  186. What's the proper way of deleting objects?
  187. enumerating drive paths in lua
  188. aquire Mutex error due to missing check NRFEEDBACK.LUA?
  189. X10 crashes
  190. XML Parser
  191. new MCE IR plugin for Girder4 and iTunes+OSD GML
  192. G4 equivalent to Command -> Plugins tab -> Settings bu
  193. Need example of G2G
  194. I get totally lost in the GUI; heeelp.
  195. Store booleans in the registry.
  196. noob - example sending IR command
  197. Unble to send URL to Netremote
  198. Automenu
  199. Push content from girder to html page?
  200. X10 Question
  201. Viewsonic VA1912wb Changing Inputs
  202. speak current winamp title
  203. Noob question about IrDA devices
  204. Setting up Media Player Definition
  205. Events from MainLobby (MLServer)
  206. Netremote displays info only after few minutes
  207. New OSD GUI
  208. girdervariable out of a string?
  209. Does Girder support Technotrend DVB-C 1500 + remote?
  210. How to start Girder 'minimal'
  211. Odd usb uirt behavior
  212. xAP News Group Post
  213. Girder 4.0.4 Pre X
  214. Girder USB Infrared Device
  215. Scheduling USB UIRT transmit IR to change channel
  216. Serial: Which receiveterminator to enter?
  217. Help with lua strings
  218. Logger and Console Output, send to another instance of G4?
  219. Arrow keys move two steps
  220. ATI Remote Wonder x10/ATI Remote plugin NOT WORKING
  221. Anyone get the Slink plugin to work?
  222. Focusing issues or not??
  223. lua source code editor - line number issue
  224. xAP troubles?
  225. Hercules Smart TV 2 stereo: Probleme mit girder
  226. Add remote wizard online update
  227. Insteon Plugin Beta
  228. iMON Plugin
  229. Multiple Monitors and Screensaver
  230. DVDSpy and foobar2000 v0.9
  231. disable shortcuts (hotkeys)
  232. Welcome to our newly hosted promixis.com
  233. Where to find the latest Girder 4 release?
  234. Streamzap with Girder
  235. Smooth mouse movement
  236. GlobalCache Wows - advice sought
  237. Girder event associated with a NR client connecting?
  238. Where to find uirt2 plugin for G4?
  239. JDS Infrared Expander (serial plugin)
  240. Problem with girder 4.0.2 and winfast tv2000xp expert remote
  241. Scheduler UI Beta Release
  242. Cant find IR commands
  243. X10 Device Change Time
  244. Assign excel cells to variables
  245. LUA Error during startup.
  246. Help needed for FCS16 conversion from C to LUA
  247. Alarm clock schedule problems with even handling
  248. Can't push same button twice in a row
  249. ASUS notebook (ITE chipset)
  250. G4.0.4