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  1. A new skin for Now Playing
  2. Need a Netremote Programmer to Build a PDA and Tablet system
  3. Wall Mountable Touchpad PC Recommendations?
  4. cant get wifi working......
  5. Sending an image to Netremote using girder and cmd line
  6. Delayed or very slow connection to MediaBridge??
  7. NR seems to loose connection to MB
  8. Netremote does not connect
  9. How to set up button to play a specific album
  10. Slink-E for multiple IR zones
  11. Windows Mobile 5.0
  12. Line Wrap at 480x640
  13. MediaBridge and MCE
  14. Opus for Windows Media Player?
  15. huge log file in Netremote!
  16. Configuring Multi Zones in Media Center
  17. Mouse mode demo
  18. Element Animation
  19. Wish List: A Better Multi-zone System
  20. Play All Tracks
  21. Customize library tree to display artists/tracks
  22. Basics - Netremote Music
  23. Having problems connecting your Pocket PC to MediaBridge?
  24. Netremote becoming annoying and painful
  25. IR code for Sony DVD
  26. PN error using WM5
  27. Inconsistent results with IR pass through
  28. NR on NT
  29. Where can i get the Latest MediaBridge from?
  30. Controlling MediaBridge from LUA
  31. Multiroom NR questions
  32. NetRemote Early Beta (Updated 22-Feb-2006)
  33. NetRemote has been dethroned as the ultimate remote!
  34. mediaportal?
  35. iPAQ 3955 ir range question....
  36. 3 Small Issues w/MediaBridge
  37. Lost connection between NR and MB
  38. Code for Previous Screen?
  39. MediaBridge and random playlists
  40. NetRemote and ReplayTV
  41. Ready to purchase NetRemote but first a couple of questions
  42. OT - DOS Question
  43. Connecting to server
  44. Multiple instances of NR
  45. IR Passthrough
  46. How to change the order of tracks in the Queue
  47. Can NetRemote adjust bass/treble?
  48. Connectivity Issues w/ NR Music
  49. Long PC to AMP wire versus long speaker wires
  50. Muliple sound boards - how to select?
  51. nr demo 1024x768
  52. Still cannot get MediaBridge to work remotely.
  53. Pronto Font Symbol Display Problem
  54. Blank screen like screensaver for Netremote
  55. NR Pro Zone display (lack of) from Main tab
  56. Confused - can MediaBridge control Musicmatch?
  57. How many NR panels are allowed?
  58. Is there a way to send a text to Girder from NetRemote?
  59. Filtering and sorting the album cover view
  60. PN error on WM5
  61. How to detect once the current playlist has finished palying
  62. Can't configure NetRemote--Can't connect to server
  63. 'All' category in MC11 View Schemes
  64. Error Message: "The fetch tree did not begin with TN IN
  65. Error loading drv_marcelutils.dll
  66. Cannot connect using Pocket PC
  67. Referencing GAC+ results without using <LoopIndex>
  68. Could MB optionally select a default audio devive
  69. Newbie Questions before I purchase the software
  70. Same sound all zones or different sound discrete zones
  71. Please help - Girder 4 no netRemote events
  72. Possible to get this version NetRemote-SH3-0.975 ??
  73. Can I push a button in the emebedded webbrowser?
  74. Controlling TCP/IP enabled devices via NR
  75. the ir port on my ppc is on the side instead of the front
  76. MediaBridge on nVidia nForce Ultra
  77. Sliders
  78. Hello I do not speak English
  79. Newbie with AXIM X51v
  80. Can i use Netremote to control WIN MCE 2005 ? What i need ?
  81. Zone Persistence
  82. Font Sizes Bigger than 18pt shrink to smaller size
  83. change netremote pages from girder
  84. Screenshots of Tim's Obsidian CCF
  85. Hard buttons not working in NR
  86. String from window to command
  87. Toggle function gets out of sync when LUA changes var.
  88. m00j's multi zone setup (lots of pictures warning)
  89. PRONTO.TTF misbehaviour in WM5
  90. NetRemote Music + Wake On LAN?
  91. Not all Date formats work
  92. overall recommendation for universal remote
  93. HAL2000 with Netremote and JRMC
  94. Slider Problem
  95. MP.AI.Album Artist (auto) and MP.Album Artist (auto)
  96. How to embed LUA code in frame or button?
  97. IR not working on PPC with latest 1.5 build?
  98. Dumb question but I haven't seen it explicitly...
  99. Problem with download
  100. Purchase of Netremote includes updates?
  101. pocket pc connection
  102. volume control not working
  103. Can't create Comsumer IR device CIR1:
  104. Forum suggestion: A PPC version
  105. Live streaming
  106. Control two players on one pc with mediabridge
  107. GIP problem
  108. "Restart NetRemote automatically..." Bug/Feature
  109. Problem with install
  110. Eliminating Can't transmit IR messages
  111. Help - Trouble getting NetRemote to work on a Neta 980
  112. netremote doesnt install on roomvue device
  113. NetRemote Media Bridge locking up shortly after it starts.
  114. How to set LUA variable from Girder
  115. Working on a new skin for Now Playing
  116. Music Playing, but not from selected plugin?
  117. Adding Commands to the MCE plugin
  118. Advice sought - how to keep CCF footprint small
  119. Change skin ??
  120. Is there a way to round in Netremote LUA?
  121. Girder Event Payload Character Limit
  122. Netremote IR Server and MCE
  123. Please help...questions from a noobie
  124. How to create a two dimensional array (table)
  125. Weird crashes in NR, NRD flakey, etc.
  126. JRMC 11.1
  127. Newbie to Girder4 question
  128. Runtime Error
  129. Is Netremote also for DVD's?
  130. Very annoying "Expiration" problems
  131. NR: Register Variable For Feedback
  132. NetRemote / MediaBridge problem
  133. Snapstream - BeyondTV
  134. How to show a button 'pushed' from Girder
  135. MDA Vario fails to connect to Media Bridge
  136. Error saving ccf in Netdesigner
  137. Serious Slider problem
  138. Run MediaBridge as a system service
  139. Advice appreicated
  140. Netremote 1.5
  141. Position bar wont work
  142. Disable automatic buttondown event repeating?
  143. Cannot expand some items in Library
  144. NetRemote and Winamp Controls
  145. Question: NR + G4 + IR + Volume
  146. Weird Problem NR > G4
  147. Controlling Dreambox
  148. Brodcasting NR Variables
  149. NR Feedback "Existing Client"
  150. Weather CCF
  151. IR Questions, IR Server, Girder, Passthrough.
  152. How to use WebBrowser
  153. Lua Threads
  154. NetRemote v1.1.0.4 crasches when trying to create a playlist
  155. Netremote and Salling clicker
  156. Newest version of 1.1?
  157. Defaul New PRo Net Remote and Radio
  158. Vacation
  159. Set Library Root
  160. any CCFs with more functionality on Playing Now interface?
  161. Lua - select statement?
  162. Update the medialibrary from client?
  163. NetRemote Pro demo not working with iTunes
  164. OT - Software for PPC
  165. iTunes search results truncated
  166. Intercom / Paging plugin for Girder/NetRemote??
  167. "specified module could not be found" error marcel
  168. Display problems
  169. Structure of Updates and comment
  170. Playing WAV from LUA does not work.
  171. FR: Swallow first press when backlight is off
  172. NetRemote.lua
  173. Hardkey bindings not being stored
  174. MCE, Microsoft IR, TabletPC and PDA
  175. Running NetRemote from a Windows MediaCenter 2005 box??
  176. When is 'MP.GenresRoot' variable set
  177. Purchasing question
  178. Does anyone from Promixis read the posts here?
  179. Instance of JRMC started by MB won't play songs via win expl
  180. Netremote ZoomPlayer problem
  181. NR won't start on Win98SE on a CF-01??
  182. Display of embedded cover art
  183. Just bought router how do I get it to talk to my ppc and pc?
  184. XM radio Control
  185. Issues
  186. Odd behavior using [Gac]:GoSearch([search])
  187. Adobe Exchange - for graphic widgets
  188. How to sync medialibraries when you have 2 mediaservers?
  189. Netremote PPC Client does not save plugin instance sortiment
  190. Netremote & USB-UIRT
  191. Updating JRMC library in NR
  192. NR Media Bridge slow to JRiver
  193. Bug in GAC GoSearch ?
  194. NetRemote.exe crashes on PPC (IPAQ 3670, Pocket PC 2002)
  195. Multizone Winamp
  196. Problem with Marcel Battery Image
  197. NetRemote and NRCCF/NRSKIN folders in Built-in Storage
  198. IR Plugin Won't work on my HP 3715
  199. No Fonts in NR Designer
  200. Send a table from Girder
  201. Media Bridge CPU Usage.
  202. NetRemote Early Beta (Updated 31-Mar-2006)
  203. NetRemote Early Beta (Updated 31-Mar-2006)
  204. Can Scheme be specified for GoSearch?
  205. Easy setup path to browsing / playing DVD's from NetRemote?
  206. Wake On Lan
  207. Can NR update a screen while a button is held down?
  208. Generic Plugin UDP Support
  209. Using the sync cable instead of WLAN connection
  210. Possible to upgrade from Music to PRO?
  211. Jump back from Lua
  212. Keeping track of state across multiple remotes
  213. Font size in Playlist Tree view
  214. LUA State issues
  215. Net Remote so unreliable- can't use
  216. Mutihead PC
  217. MediaBridge window size
  218. iTunes and Multizone w/ AirTunes
  219. Loading pcf files?
  220. A couple of MediaBridge questions
  221. Volum controll now changes all zones at once
  222. toggle on state
  223. Playing a vew scheme from Lua
  224. How to change pushed/not pushed automatically
  225. NetRemote 2.0 Release Information
  226. how to add 'artist' to loopindex for playlist view
  227. Upgrade for existing users
  228. Ho to display different pictures depending on variable
  229. Pocket PCs [Local Retailer]
  230. Bug: Playing from Search List, March 31 Beta
  231. Price to high for upgrade !!
  232. SoniocStage
  233. Audio Server - advice needed
  234. v2 Win-98 Support???
  235. Now that only v2 is going to support MCE
  236. JRMC11.1.169 -> Anyone else having problems
  237. saving a playlist
  238. Webbroser loading speed
  239. Key for 2.0 beta?
  240. Foobar2000 (aka Foobar2k2)
  241. Media Bridge versions
  242. Possible to make NetRemote respect task bar in windows?
  243. NetRemote beta
  244. Pocket PC Version Poll
  245. Media Center - Cannot play a playlist with pics from NR
  246. netremote movie
  247. videolan experiments
  248. No covers appearing in new-pro_640x480 ccf
  249. Newbie trying IR TV control from PC NR (not PPC) through GC
  250. Cant install Net Remote 2