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  1. Mainlobby-Dvdlobby navigation
  2. 0.99rc7 Finally Available
  3. Interface Gallery Added
  4. Hi all
  5. Zoomplayer default for playback
  6. Netremote - Girder - Zoomplayer - DVDSpy
  7. Getting started with USB-UIRT pass-through
  8. Criteria for selection of Pocket PC
  9. Great looking CCF for Media Center
  10. Hi all
  11. Maybe I am missing the boat here on Girder/NR.
  12. Newbie Here
  13. Time and Progress Bar
  14. removing skins
  15. IR Diect from Toshiba e755
  16. function question
  17. Problems with USB-UIRT passthrough
  18. Pocket PC 2003
  19. Problem with NRIRServ and SlinkE on startup
  20. How do you set NR's size to 800x600 for a pad?
  21. Using Girder to Send IR via Slink-e
  22. Bluetooth 101 (I have mastered it!!!)
  23. Help! RC8 - IR pass-through is broken!
  24. PPC 2003 - stupid long connection times!
  25. Screen feature
  26. NetRemote on HTPC in Full Screen Mode
  27. 30 Day Evaluation of Media Center
  28. Low quality of cover display in NR .99 RC8
  29. X10 Support
  30. Multiple Computers; Multiple USB-UIRT or similar devices
  31. Multiple PCs controlled by one PDA?
  32. Browse by album cover - how to sort?
  33. Upgraded phpbb -> Forum Hiccups?
  34. Tonto frame text spread across two lines?
  35. Volume control
  36. 0.99 Available for General Download
  37. MC 9.1 Views
  38. setting up girder and net remote via internet event service
  39. {MP.Composer} field doesn't work
  40. XLarge image problem
  41. Is remoteserver.dll available as separate download?
  42. Transparency
  43. NR freezes when computer in network is disconnected
  44. Cant get NR to load library
  45. Removing files from user upload area
  46. If this is possible...
  47. Some Newbie Questions?
  48. What am I dooing wrong?
  49. Cut off screens?
  50. Quick feature Question
  51. New look for MC/NR Interface for easy navigation
  52. Is this the same as the USB-UIRT I am reading about?
  53. media center and play order using net remote
  54. Creating Toggle Buttons in Tonto
  55. Media Center crashing....
  56. More newbie questions.
  57. TheaterTek
  58. CCF doesn't show tree...
  59. X10 (Firecracer) Remote CCF
  60. NetRemote for Windows CE 4
  61. Setup troubles
  62. Direct IR support
  63. Volume Control Problem with Ver .99
  64. Keiths CCF feature request
  65. NR will not start on ipaq h2210
  66. DVD's on hard drive?
  67. BiDirectional? HA!
  68. Fighting with volume sliders...and loosing!
  69. Why can't I copy the web browser panel into my own ccf?
  70. Wireless networking???
  71. IR Strength INPORTANT FIND!!!!
  72. CAB file
  73. Terk IR - RF Extender Review for you
  74. Mastiff's CCF - international version - uploaded
  75. Jens first attempt on HTPC CCF/GML Combo
  76. CCF nifty little things question
  77. Hardbuttons give me headache
  78. Net Remote v.99 hangs every time on my Toshiba e755 PPC
  79. David Hicks' Home Theater CCF... release date?
  80. Noob needs help PLZ
  81. Media Center refresh directory
  82. Toolbar on top in full screen mode
  83. Creating .ccf's without a pronto?
  84. PPC2003 web browsing
  85. Of interest to UK users (Dell Axim FS)
  86. File Browsing/Launcher
  87. Does Wake up on LAN work with NetRemote?
  88. QTips Cable -Tv CCF
  89. Am I barking up the wrong tree lol
  90. Can I use NetRemote to control Windows Media Player?
  91. UUIRTDRV.DLL error messages
  92. WiFi CF recommendations
  93. Quick Girder Question
  94. TV on netremote
  95. Where can I find nice button templates for ccfs?
  96. Where to go next?
  97. Problem with Philips TV
  98. When is the next build? A.K.A. cold turkey
  99. Ben - why is your MC tree view different from mine?
  100. What am I doing wrong?
  101. A bad case of Metoo-itis
  102. Phone Java client?
  103. NetRemote development snapshot - very beta
  104. I think my eyes just fell out :)
  105. Streaming audio from Media Center
  106. newbie needs help setting up netremote
  107. Fixed fonts or not ....
  108. Multiple clients question
  109. How to change genre in NR/MC?
  110. Control of MC
  111. Where do you configure the IP address in the lates version?
  112. run multiple incidences of Media Center
  113. Bug in WebBrowser for PPC
  114. What files does NR install in Windows CE/PPC?
  115. Binding socket failed! Error:10048
  116. A question from the Unwashed
  117. X10 CM11A CCFs?
  118. New MC causes tracks to list in funny order
  119. Dunno if anyone else has tried this but want some info
  120. Where is the zip version of 0.99? PPC installer is failing
  121. Buffer overrun error
  122. Screen power off feature?
  123. Need help with buttons in Tonto/NetRemote
  124. No fullscreen with MC9.0 + Netremote????
  125. Problems downloading netremote-demo.gml
  126. Cover art broken
  128. Performance issues (loading up a large collection of music)
  129. album display wrong
  130. disk location i tree wrong
  131. minimum tracks per album
  132. Two line text in buttons, like + logo change, dude
  133. I want my track posichiwoikn schlidder back, you...
  134. artist bios and lyrics
  135. Newbie Questions
  136. Interesting Problem
  137. Girder Questions...
  138. Converting feedback from .999 back to .982
  139. Stopping special keys in NetRemote
  140. Fatal Error, couldn't find CEAPPMGR
  141. Thanks
  142. double click in tree
  143. Post or PM of NRIR_USBSUIR.DLL NetRemote USB-UIRT plug-in
  144. Just upgraded to 99rc8 and I have a few questions
  145. Beta withdrawal setting in again...
  146. Alternative way of using Netremote
  147. Long Strings
  148. connection trouble with Girder over Wifi
  149. Problems with FullScreen and Multimonitors
  150. possible slider problem ?
  151. setting TrackPositionPercentage doesn't work ???
  152. name with multiple mp commands and constant text ?
  153. balance doesn't work ???
  154. NetRemote screen shots
  155. RS232
  156. LUA Script question
  157. stuck in full screen mode!
  158. LDJ Installation Problem
  159. I dont think im mad, i am mad! (monitor question)
  160. Girder - Find existing application
  161. How to control playlists/smartlists through NetRemote?
  162. How to get out of fullscreen on PPC
  163. Who has a 800x600 72dpi brushed aluminium picture?
  164. WiFi and Battery Life
  165. Netremote + Girder + SageTV FAQ
  166. embedded web server problem
  167. Major Embedded Browser problem...
  168. H2 just display Media Library in MC dialog?
  169. Where to buy USB UIRT in UK
  170. Some new config problems/questions/observations
  171. Device list question
  172. New pre-release available (very early beta)
  173. Interesting thread on MC9 multizone at MC forum
  174. Rhapsody player for a newbie
  175. Dave, NRIRserver problems
  176. Where to start??
  177. Have a nice holiday, Ben!
  178. Bugs? Feature requests?
  179. TiVo & NetRemote - discussion
  180. MC9.1 ... raaaaaarrrr
  181. More {MP.} Feedback Codes?
  182. Missing component in user32.dll with Win95
  183. Server client
  184. Initial setup
  185. comments about the generic plugin in alpha .993 (150k img's)
  186. Stopping MC9.1 from playing slide show
  187. Server interface
  188. Wake on LAN problem
  189. Media Libray Refreshing Problem
  190. can it control modded xbox running xbox media player
  191. Newbie question: Can netremote power off with confirmation?
  192. Control problems
  193. Switching servers in MC 9.1 / NR0.99
  194. How do I control my HTPC and MC9 on the same PPC?
  195. Is it this weekend that the Master will return...
  196. How to start a specific playlist straight from NR?
  197. Netremote and Housebot - suggestions please
  198. A summary of some futures features...
  199. Simple Explanation of using Girder demo
  200. Strange problem with randomness and smartlists
  201. hotkeys
  202. Problem with Gavin's ZoomPlayer
  203. Cannot get MC to work.
  204. Ben... browser functionality... what is your plan?
  205. This is all new to me... any explanations?
  206. Hard buttons
  207. Support for web based commands...
  208. Drawing bugs (may be skin related) on PPC2003
  209. Dual Network Configurations.
  210. Cannot remove driver?
  211. CCF crashes on Win32 -- works on CE! any help?
  212. Help with Netremote
  213. System Stats (Drive Usage, CPU Usage) How To
  214. IR Control of MP with Girder
  215. Possible bugs: changing IP port for IR server in config
  216. Please help me fish out them IR codes :)
  217. Sequence in album play messed up
  218. Bell Expressvu Control with PC
  219. Help with NR and IRMAN
  220. Ben... you around?
  221. NetRemote Wiki
  222. New version of MC with independent zone volume control!
  223. Anyone try Bitween's Remote Control? Awesome.
  224. NetRemote startup options (opacity not saving/loading)?
  225. Newbie help with communications - NRIRServ bug?
  226. PPC Install failed, where are the .zip files
  227. SimPad: Turn screen off, keep system running?
  228. Quiet before the storm (again)?
  229. Does anyone have a CCF for winamp?
  230. Only one track in playlist in MC 9.1.305
  231. NRIRServer bug with multiple accounts on XP machine?
  232. HouseBot2Girder Plugin
  233. Cover art when selecting in Medai Library
  234. Need help with dev of linux backend
  235. NetRemote doesn't install on iPAQ h5555
  236. net remote on a laptop
  237. deleting unused icons?
  238. Can't Load Netremote Suite 0.99
  239. Exiting Full Screen in Win32.exe
  240. QNX Version ?
  241. A matter of extreme importance to the NetRemote community
  242. Can I Run External Application in NetRemote Frame?
  243. I finished my very first CCF
  244. new beta soon???
  245. OT: You call that snow?!
  246. 0.994 Available (where do I get these version numbers?)
  247. Sharing one library on two PC's
  248. Configuration protection
  249. password protection
  250. Looking at an IPaq 3635 for use with Netremote and MC9