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  1. Media Center plug in
  2. Button not releasing with Girder?
  3. Anyone going to try Media Center 10?
  4. Where can I download the latest remoteserver.dll separately?
  5. Cover art will not always update in XL mode in 994
  6. Direct control of smartlists not fixed in 994
  7. Using sliders
  8. Media Center is garbage, fair warning!!
  9. Ipaq 2215 and Direct IR
  10. RedRat3
  11. Changing zones in CCF?
  12. A few bugs with the 3rd version of .994
  13. Can I Get More than just song name in Playing Now list?
  14. RCA A/V source selector
  15. Do NR .994 and NRIRServ work together?
  16. Ben... how's the fixes coming?
  17. Left Align of multi-line buttons is centered
  18. Tonto Code for Track number
  19. Merry Christmas or not?
  20. Tonto a dead platform?
  21. Application initialization error
  22. Dear Wicked Father Christmas
  23. Any way to use another font in NR?
  24. Been away for a while, can I get authoritative answers
  25. What are you using NR for?
  26. click sound
  27. more NR.ClockDate and NR.ClockTime options
  28. neat trick (well I think so anyway :-) )
  29. here's some media center feature requests...
  30. Current Outstanding Bug List
  31. Windows CE
  32. Selecting songs from NetRemote
  33. possibility to hide/disable button at certain variable state
  34. Has anyone seen brockgr (AKA Gavin)?
  35. Please try before you vote: Playlists sorted by artist?
  36. HELP!!!! With ImageMagick Studio's Convert, Please
  37. Win32 Version - image refresh
  38. Who plays video through MediaCenter using NetRemote?
  39. allow web browser refresh through girder and generic plugin
  40. 'I am busy' variable
  41. gacscheme performance observation
  42. yep.. YAFR
  43. H2 show the length of the playlist in minutes?
  44. IR -Breakthrough-!
  45. Happy New Year!!!
  46. Windows Media Player 9 driver - beta testers wanted
  47. Ben... New release soon?
  48. Scrollbars & WORDWRAP Buttons
  49. gacscheme trick
  50. httpd plugin now updated to show girder variable
  51. Filtering in LDJ 0.24?
  52. Automatically Return to Fullscreen Mode
  53. 10.000 hits can't be wrong!
  54. variable with the total number of albums
  55. Configuring Net Remote after Windows Re-install
  56. Documentation
  57. Got a Fujitsu Point 1600!!
  58. Which Remote Device
  59. Albums with multiple artists
  60. JRMC Performance
  61. Forum update
  62. OT: Has anybody tried iRider? I love it!
  63. Need some help with mouse mode
  64. Possible problem with slider orientation
  65. problem with up/down/left/right buttons as hot keys
  66. wifi and girder
  67. Can you move the mouse to an X,Y coordinate?
  68. Color of Playlist Window (Transparency Issue?)
  69. Feedback Questions
  70. Show covers by Artist
  71. Netremote fails to get playlist in ppc2003
  72. Trying to configure my ccf to control pc's L/R balance
  73. Help with sound on a PDA.
  74. Check out my new CCF
  75. Error messages/log for connection problems
  76. What else does Netremote Control
  77. Passing values to Girder
  78. Help with Lyrics
  79. H2 toggle between cross-fade and no-fade?
  80. Voice Activation
  81. Couple of newbie Tonto questions...
  82. Can somebody help me getting my ZoomPlayer working again?
  83. New to netremote, introducing myself
  84. multiple Libraries
  85. New release close
  86. Volume issues
  87. Font problem
  88. Please help. New winluaex breaks netremote.
  89. Win32 crash bug
  90. I can't seem to locate the Getting Started/FAQ section
  91. Supernudelist anyone?
  92. Pages with multiple covers not working
  93. Should over-long fields be clipped only on the right?
  94. Ok, I've tried, now I need some help.
  95. NetRemote vs. MusicLobbyPPC
  96. Need some UIRT2 advice
  97. Dual Buttons? Pause/Play in Zoomplayer HELP
  98. What Hardware?
  99. Netremote Feedback problem
  100. Bluetooth - Nearly there
  101. NetRemote as front-end to PC based DVD jukebox?
  102. Atlanta Area Home Theater & Automation Users Group
  103. How can i remove netremote from pocket pc?
  104. NetRemote 0.995 Available
  105. Girder + Netremote + Internet Event Server help!
  106. Feedback Test
  107. HomeSeer integration
  108. Make buttons out of the right-click menu?
  109. Another sorting of cover view question
  110. Can I make arrows in GAC that stays within the library view?
  111. can i do 480x640 on PPC?
  112. solution to GACSCheme slowness...
  113. I must be missing something...
  114. Total remote SDK status
  115. non-repeating buttons
  116. IR extender support
  117. support up/down key on tablet pc's
  118. new netremote hardware (warning lots of pictures!!!)
  119. No direct IR with latest client (rc2) on t-sinus pad
  120. color palettes and Pocket PC (Ipaq)
  121. Install problems... now what?
  122. Install failed... now what?
  123. DVD Profiler
  124. Problems with versions since 0.99
  125. Media Engine... looks pretty cool
  126. gacscheme trick to sort albums by year
  127. Home Electronics Tira ?
  128. Who uses HomeSeer?
  129. Newbie - but studied
  130. signature in forum
  131. Buffer overrun in 0.995
  132. Very nice redesign of website
  133. Where to find the good stuff!!!???
  134. Globalcache expansion modules?
  135. trick for cool new search screen
  136. beep doesn't work properly
  137. add MP.Complete Album to gacscheme
  138. additions to new playing now track list
  139. first line in playing now track list screwed up...
  140. New drivers CCF and GML (WMP9, DigiTV and Zoom)
  141. Possible solution for Homeseer users...
  142. Can this be done?
  143. question for those who know Girder best...
  144. Simple Math in a Frame...
  145. Remote Control
  146. Event String from Netremote
  147. zones
  148. Incompatible CCF
  149. web radios
  150. What happened to this page?
  151. New Questions - Features needed?
  153. gacscheme bug
  154. Help with LDJ
  155. keyboard problems
  156. Album covers in Ben's example 800X600 V3 CCF
  157. Can anyone help, using LDJ with a Megachanger?
  158. Jump to Last Page
  159. Problem with install
  160. Manual for GAC schemes
  161. Need Help passing internet event commands
  162. Smartlists not random when called through NetRemote
  163. allow setting of web browser URL before jumping to a panel
  164. Newbie PPC communication problem
  165. use vertical align : center for text
  166. Can album cover be grabbed through Girder instead NR?
  167. Error creating control
  168. Can we have variable support for custom 1-3
  169. embedded web browser problem
  170. OT: Mastiff's got a mastiff again - finally!
  171. OT: How does Lord of the Rings fans sleep?
  172. Girder actions stop working after PPC suspend - 0.995 RC6
  173. Can I get a USB-UIRT in the UK?
  174. Tablet questions
  175. CCF development on one machine
  176. Support for MediaJukebox 8.0?
  177. Immediately playing m4a album crashes JRMC
  178. Global Cache question
  179. Help me understand...
  180. How do I add the PDA to existing home network?
  181. Help! Which downloads do i need to get started
  182. New NetRemote guide available
  183. HomeSeer / NetRemote Girder plugin questoin
  184. Netremote without JRMC?
  185. Colors in Tonto
  186. NetRemote (Win32) crashes when started.
  187. Does anyone have the last freeware version of girder?
  188. How to find IR Codes for use with NRIRServ
  189. No programming skill - Need help with script
  190. Ben - Driver ref link broken
  191. Insert function in Library?
  192. NR does not stay on top
  193. Quick way to copy CCF to PDA
  194. Couldn't Create Webremote
  195. usb-uirt option missing from ir device options?
  196. GlobalCache & Emmitters
  197. GAC Schemes - Wow!
  198. Send IR command at initial client load
  199. Using girder to jump pages in NR?
  200. Girder Netremote: Feedbackproblem with Zoomplayer
  201. Girder flashes but does not execute
  202. Generic Plugin loses IP address
  203. NR crashes at startup if Active Sync active
  204. Where is Gavin Brock???
  205. Can I put user name and password for a website in the URL?
  206. Contolling multiple computers with a single NR client?
  207. MC10 released... anyone using it?
  209. Hi-Resolution cover art
  210. Playlist is empty and other Messages
  211. Logitech iTouch Keyboard
  212. Netremote dissapeared
  213. What about just windowing MC within NR?
  214. Problem Saving CCF's
  215. How do i lunch a program usin netremote and girder
  216. iPAQ 4150 & Battery life
  217. Resume PPC from suspend and reconnect.
  218. This forum seems quiet as of late
  219. Theory: smaller CCF's with button backgrounds
  220. MC 10 -- NR integration thoughts...
  221. NetRemote.JumpDevice from girder crashes netremote ???
  222. Free X10 stuff
  223. any way to change font(size) on search edit box ?
  224. Newbie with mouse movement question
  225. Interface NR to MisterHouse
  226. Time & Date display - how?
  227. Bug with About screen?
  228. What device should I get?
  229. Library Root not working?
  230. Here's my first CCF/GML combo **Updated**
  231. Trying to configure PPC for Wake on LAN
  232. Trying to get multiple hosts button to work
  233. newbie ir learning
  234. question - what is scroll up/down?
  235. Send NetRemote status to server creates extreme lag
  236. Everything installed; however, PPC client not connecting
  237. Remote size TOO big to full display in TONTO
  238. Requirement for Girder?
  239. NEWBIES - links and helpful - consolidated information here!
  240. PPC 2002 host file
  241. Tonto Help
  242. Turn off the genre in mjb list
  243. PPC add menu
  244. Problem with Girder plugin
  245. Ungrouping loses backgound - help
  246. Setting up the View
  247. mjextman.exe & URL
  248. Another NetRemote App
  249. More cover art woes...
  250. Latest Version of PPC2K2 still only 240X320 on Simpad