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  1. Send a Girder Internet Event from Netremote called Lua
  2. Newbie: problem with saving in Tonto
  3. MP.Power Variable, Feature Request
  4. Help with a simple lua function please
  5. FEATURE REQUEST: PC Client Window
  6. Anyway to check for the number of Girder instances from lua
  7. How to get a variable to "run" like the news
  8. DebugView for ppc?
  9. Dell Axim: Using IR when wifi not on yet - avoid delay
  10. Dell Axim x50v -- New User -- Questions on IR Plugin & C
  11. Progress bar
  12. Help For A Newbie: Where is the documentation for JRMC...
  13. Proof of Concept - Wilhelm's GC hack
  14. Controlling JRMC on a PC from a Crestron panel...
  15. Help ???
  16. When do varible set action occur following a button press ?
  17. Plug-ins for use with Designer
  18. netremote and girder - what am i doing wrong?
  19. nr designer - beta eta?
  20. Uninstall not completed - how do I finish it
  21. NetRemote CCF for PPC that doesn't require a stylus
  22. Animations While a Macro is Running
  23. Net Remote to control J RiverTheater view
  24. Next Track
  25. Mediacenter, JRMC, Mediabridge configuration
  26. Screen redraw error
  27. I can't create an instance of the webbrowser plugin
  28. Touch Screens and Audio Library List
  29. Any Rhapsody support planned for Mediabridge / Netremote ?
  30. Not seeing all my albums in cache
  31. How do I update ratings in a MC library server setup ???
  32. Display of track name in NR not updated when using Web Media
  33. Power off PC with NR
  34. Large Music Collection and Slow NetRemote load?
  35. MasterTemplates, ect???
  36. Tie in Irfanview in NetRemote
  37. Toshiba PocketPC 805
  38. Reset Variable on Netremote startup
  39. Newbie Help: Multipe Instances of Girder and NetRemote
  40. Media bridge crashes on connect
  41. Library of IR commands that can be used in NR CCF & JRMC
  42. Excellent Screen Cleaner
  43. Newbie needing help getting started
  44. CarPC Concept Project for Netremote
  45. Request: Make tree view buttons optional
  46. Is there a way to search for track and then play its album?
  47. NR thinks it's talking to Girder 4
  48. NetRemote 1.0.27 posted (Music and Pro)
  49. Strange problem on running Netremote
  50. GAC Refresh / MC Smartlist Refresh - Help!
  51. NetRemote WOnt launch
  52. GAC crash issues
  53. Mediabridge Help
  54. ARRRG HELP!!!!
  55. Newbie - NetRemote crash on properties->Plugins
  56. Strange msg on close
  57. H2 to send a value from NR to girder?
  58. MC11 Views changes..... GAC problems
  59. What I never knew I would ask one day...
  60. GACs missing on one of my NR Clients
  61. LUA in one or several scripts?
  62. Media Bridge feature request
  63. Why is Media Bridge trying to access the Internet?
  64. Newest version of Remoteserver.dll?
  65. Media Bridge multi-zone problem with MC11
  66. Multiroom audio using NR - How?
  67. Is it possible to combine Avid's and Marcel's Utils?
  68. MediaBridge suggestion - MP.ViewScheme
  69. What do I need?
  70. I have Toshiba m30x-113 with smsc-ircc?
  71. Problem setting Library Root
  72. Playback of library by specifying criteria category/genre
  73. My First Try
  74. The dream...
  75. Do I need netremote for this?
  76. MB2 & Girder question
  77. Satellite Surfer Preview
  78. H2 refresh web panel on pnael load or timer driven?
  79. Use multiple date formats in one ccf
  80. Crash on Exit
  81. Weather icons - sometimes displayed, sometimes not...
  82. Is there a way to suppress pop-ups in the embedded browser?
  83. Have NR 1 talk (through girder) to NR 2
  84. JRMC vs. WMP: Has MB2 leveled the playing field?
  85. DRag and drop tracks in the Now Playing list
  86. Adding Bios data?
  87. H2 exit NetRemote from girder
  88. Sophisticated dynamical drop-down menu
  89. Changing / Setting Girder Variable from NR! How!
  90. mb2.19 & jrmc 11.269 -> canīt get it to work
  91. World Clock not starting
  92. Is this possible - altering a smartlist attribute using NR?
  93. Is there a MediaBridge action code for "reshuffle"
  94. After Dilbert: Read Alex Cartoon
  95. MediaBridge affecting XP MCE Remote Control??
  96. Weather (again): Converting mph to km/h and time to 24h
  97. Looking for a source of professionally looking icons...
  98. Blank Now Playing, Blank Playlist, Blank everything...
  99. STATE of a frame not refreshing.
  100. iPaq 3970
  101. Remote control of WMC and Amp
  102. MC11 sound drop-outs when PPC suspends
  103. Release candidate of NetRemote posted - 1.0.30 (revised)
  104. Any pocket PCs to avoid?
  105. Library Root of a specific Instance?
  106. NetRemote htpc control via girder
  107. The tree fetch did not begin with TN INIT???
  108. rah99lua - a collection of useful .lua modules
  109. Newbie needs help: How to jump back to previous device
  110. netRemote IR with Windows XP
  111. Artist library crash
  112. Feedback from girder to netremote??
  113. IR Code to restart a CD from Track 1
  114. Need Help Getting started
  115. NR Music library network probs
  116. Feedback from GIrder to NR breaks on suspend
  117. Looking for CCF with link connection "LED" (and mo
  118. Which IR code for LX command?
  119. Sliders
  120. Question on Designer
  121. Weird bug with progress bars
  122. basic questions comparing usabilitybetween PPC and Pronto
  123. Hard buttons stopped working
  124. Controlling Windows MCE with NetRemote
  125. Mediabridge crashing instantly when accessing playlists
  126. Problem/Question List
  127. NetRemote mentioned in norwegian home theater magazine!
  128. Port Forwarding
  129. Play a playlist button
  130. How to get track info from MC into Girder without NR?
  131. Upgrading to MC11 left my NR no9t working?
  132. Problem with Pro: All Buttons and Frames are blank
  133. PlayPick Server not working
  134. Creating buttons with Lua
  135. Problem with wireless connection in Netremote Music
  136. MB can't start JRMC
  137. Can't connect to MB from my PDA
  138. OT: Mastiff's in deep s**t - literally! US help needed!
  139. AMG info from girder
  140. OT - RealVNC
  141. eval keys
  142. Wierd Pronto font problem
  143. Sharing Data With Girder
  144. Netremote/PPC only partially working
  145. Ben - Quick win NR enhancement suggestion.
  146. NetRemote 1.1 Released
  147. Use of prerelease area - Please read
  148. Common problems with NetRemote - Please check here 1st
  149. Install problem - HELP!
  150. Updater?
  151. What about moving NR to the Promixis folder now?
  152. MediaBridge keeps reconnecting
  153. NR Interface lockup
  154. Netremote 1.1 Cant create CIR1 with WIFI enabled on X50V
  155. HELP! Losing connection to MediaBridge
  156. Why I will not be purchasing NetRemote
  157. GAC Problem with invalid view scheme
  158. Album Browser slow under MB
  159. Slow network under WinME or old hardware?
  160. Q about NR versions
  161. Problems with mediabridge 2.0 and WMP
  162. How to open IE from NetRemote
  163. Progress Bar, Disk Usage.
  164. iTunes cover art
  165. Girder.LinkActive not working with Girder 4 alpha
  166. Req: Device State / System State Awareness
  167. Problem with Mediabridge 2 and Chinese caracters
  168. Win32 NR LUA problem
  169. CCF with JRiver MC panels
  170. NetRemote Music available via Handango
  171. NetRemote Designer - beta soon?
  172. Just bought Siemens Simpad
  173. How are templates used??
  174. Fetch didn't start with TN INIT
  175. Loosing contact with MB2 when using EQ sliders
  176. Multiple commands with longer button press
  177. Crash calling NetRemote.GoDevice
  178. Req for Netremote to support Linux and MythTV
  179. EPG for NetRemote... without using Girder?
  180. WI-FI IR blaster?
  181. IR command frequency
  182. Archived posts?
  183. lua Format Questions
  184. Button press confirmation help needed
  185. Terminal Services
  186. Headless Servers
  187. NR Crash
  188. How to display the power remaining in NR
  189. Cannot see my library using Netremote with JRMC?
  190. Album Covers showing up incorrectly
  191. Problems getting IR to work (USB-UIRT)
  192. Not all albums open
  193. Diff between IR plugin ID's for NR basic and Media Bridge
  194. Problem with Media Bridge
  195. NetRemote and Windows Media Player Album Art
  196. NetRemote Release
  197. Is os.execute LUA command valid in NR .lua file?
  198. The media center show number 14 is now online
  199. PC reboots with NR and JRMC
  200. cir.dll missing error with dell x50v
  201. Frequent Freeze with Dell Axim
  202. Embedded Web Browser.
  203. Library and playlist loads at every conection
  204. Method to have NR generate client mouse right-click
  205. Seems so simple, but is it possible?
  206. IR extender support
  207. Displaying active link between girder and netremote
  208. Long text cutoff at carriage return / linefeed
  209. Net Remote with MCE and touch Screen
  210. MB Crashes new build of MC on closure
  211. Media bridge doesn't like unplugged network cables...
  212. GAI etc
  213. NR & Girder keyboard repeat
  214. Installer Request.
  215. Panel Jump - Using LUA
  216. album only ones in list and not for every artist
  217. OpusNR Updated (music only CCF)
  218. PCF files
  219. NetRemote + MS Voice Command
  220. NR goes to JRMC active zone with short network breaks
  221. Netremote and winamp
  222. Shutting down PC from NR music?
  223. several quick questions - PDA recommendations, IR strength..
  224. New here and need help re. MCE control
  225. help - multiple zone control
  226. netremote designer irman or uirt2 support
  227. Newbie...RF question...
  228. GAC lua object makes your interface design easier
  229. DLL errors after installation.
  230. best media player for NR given my needs?
  231. NR with J River MC multi-zone Audio volume bug
  232. Global Cache issues
  233. mediabridgde and winamp problem
  234. Isn't GAC using any pre-built thumbnails anymore?
  235. Netremote not sending buttons to IPAQ (or any other PC)
  236. Disable Shaped Windows in WIN32 NR
  237. How to extrac graphics from CCF?
  238. browse by album art - how to eliminate duplicate covers?
  239. XP shutdown problem - MediaBridge doesn't want to stop
  240. Executing LUA script on variable change
  241. track order wrong
  242. Netremote tweak...
  243. LUA's variables and images (newbie alert!)
  244. Suggestions for sources for artwork?
  245. "Determined User" - Yup, that's DEFINITELY me! Aaa
  246. embedded web browser problem with utf-8
  247. NetRemote.ExecuteAction vs. Girder Action Button Performance
  248. New AvidUtils feature - context menus
  249. Just got back
  250. CCF : how to jump to a particular Pannel on startup