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  1. WIFI connecting indicator
  2. Handling of bad WLAN connection on IR pass-through
  3. Zoom plug-in - bug fix
  4. Lua syntax for 'not equal'
  5. GAC help for newbie
  6. NR Launcher a solution to the is my server on question.
  7. Button text on NR from Gireder feedback is blank
  8. Netremote freezes entire PPC if left idle.
  9. New Documentation - NR Designer, Grider 4 integration, etc.
  10. Sample CCF+GML please?
  11. Netremote for Smartphone 2003/2005
  12. Configure MediaBridge for default location of Media Library?
  13. Relative new comer - Needs help with Net remote - Opus
  14. Force Reconnect To Girder() using LUA?
  15. EventString naming conventions (quick question)
  16. Pressing a button from LUA
  17. Acronyms and Jargon
  18. Question about executing Girder Action in Lua
  19. Can a NetRemote button execute a Pocket PC app?
  20. NR Designer feedback
  21. experiments with alpha-blended animations (animated weather)
  22. Unreliable WIFI connection
  23. Hanging on Win32 at fullscreen!
  24. feature request: NR GlobalCache plugin to streamline usage
  25. My NR designer questions
  26. Meedio plugin for MediaBridge
  27. MediaBridge won't load on Win2K
  28. Hard buttons behavior question
  29. Feature Request: Display Compilation Albums Correctly
  30. Feature Request: Remote Control iTunes Visualisations
  31. Bug: Host name in Control dialog doesn't update after change
  32. Difference between PRO and PRO+IR
  33. Problem sending long NR variable to Girder via Lua action
  34. 2 questions re: macros & IR Passthrough
  35. IR Question
  36. MyHD IR receiver
  37. Girder.LinkActive
  38. Go back (mouse mode) in lua?
  39. MediaBridge crashes JRMC
  40. Automatic Horizontol Scrolling Text In Buttons
  41. Why isn't my drop-down URL list working now?
  42. Feature request: Store NR variables in Registry
  43. mjextman (MC11.exe) and MediaBridge
  44. Wi-fi reconnection
  45. lua file location
  46. ActiveX methode
  47. NetRemote Music doesn't work with Media Center 11
  48. Netremote and Queue with Winamp
  49. How to remove unused icons from CCF library?
  50. Marcel Utils Plugin Startup Problem
  51. Problem initialising Lua file with build 1.0.38
  52. Passing search results to a loop frame of buttons
  53. Can't get NetRemote on PPC to talk to MediaBridge
  54. NetRemote Pro Release
  55. Default Double Click actions for MediaBridge List Components
  56. drag/drop with NR >= (WIN32 only)
  57. Bug: Limit number of playing now items sent
  58. NR plugin id's
  59. How to open a file or URL from Netremote
  60. Use Girder to activae MediaBridge Refresh Library command.
  61. MSN radio through Windows Media Player
  62. NetRemote Music - Bluetooth/Auto-connect
  63. Feature Request: IR Code Import/Export
  64. Way to speed up netremote
  65. IS there a benefit to using MediaBridge with JRMC
  66. Apostrophe is changed to a Question Mark
  67. Designer: Question about templates
  68. Slider volume control for Denon AVR-3803
  69. MediaBridge support for Meedio???? Ever??
  70. Can i set the IR transmit time?
  71. Netremote Music, MediaBridge & Windows Media Player 10 I
  72. button press effect without a lot of photoshopping :-)
  73. Bringing back the screen without clicking any random button?
  74. Problem with transparent frames & buttons
  75. animated panel meter
  76. New JIMDB with G4 support available
  77. animated battery level indicator
  78. Can't install netremote ir after netremote music
  79. Netremote very slow with Dell x50v except with old versions
  80. Visualizations in Netremote
  81. Jump question
  82. Would people mind trying someting for me
  83. multiple netremes on windows server
  84. Winamp shoutcast radio info over NetRemote
  85. NR doesn't support unicode?
  86. Font Size
  87. Template frame on top?
  88. WMCE 2005
  89. PPC *HARD* lock up (NR Pro+IR
  90. Spurious error and lockup on Win2K if network initializing
  91. NR Directory structure possible ?
  92. Another network weirdness issue with Media Bridge
  93. Problem with the ZoomPlayer Plugin
  94. Media center 11.0.309 wont work with netremote...
  95. Netremote winamp and playlists
  96. Netremote install hangs
  97. NetRemote + Windows CE 3.0
  98. NR + JRMC : display filenames instead of track titles
  99. CCF button feedback.
  100. Repeat ir commands while button held pressed
  101. Learning IR codes, some don't
  102. Converting RC5 IR codes
  103. The end of summer
  104. One Button - Two Commands
  105. PC suspend problem
  106. Wake on Lan through a wireless router
  107. Netremote weather
  108. OT - It's unusually quiet round here!
  109. Can't create Consumer IR device CIR1: File CIR.DLL is missin
  110. Netremote And IPAQ 3130 Problems
  111. GC port and repeat
  112. File load and RegisterVariableWatch/OnVariableChange problem
  113. File Load and NetRemote.SetTimer problem
  114. Found which option causes unicode problem
  115. Minor Zoom plug-in update
  116. MediaBridge won't install plugin on dell axim 3i
  117. NR, iTunes & Airport Express - change speakers option?
  118. how to toggle full screen mode
  119. Help, reliable link status indication needed?
  120. Help: Trying to combine pocket itunes and lua jukebox ccfs
  121. Has anybody tried NetRemote on a Windows Mobile 5 unit?
  122. Remotely Triggering Backlight
  123. OK, somebody's tried NetRemote on WM5 - Windows Mobile 5
  124. Wrong album cover for similar albums
  125. Media Center control
  126. Ben, have I been patient long enough now?
  127. Web browser forward and backward buttons not working on PPC
  128. Modifying IrDA to use CIR? Any electrical Engineers here?
  129. tree fetch ?
  130. Questions re: NR via WIFI
  131. Anyone have a Windows CE 4.2 tablet?
  132. NetRemote stopped working after JRiver update..:(
  133. A couple of questions regarding NR
  134. Video Library
  135. Cue sheet Single APE structure and Add to Playlist problem.
  136. How to send keystrokes to iTunes via NR/MB?
  137. How to change slider icon based on independent variable?
  138. MediaBridge beta with MCE Support (and iTunes Compilations)
  139. How to load media file in Zoom Player?
  140. How do I Copy Image Variables
  141. cannot load windows media player plugin
  142. Music Search
  143. PDA/NetRemote Startup Problems
  144. NetRemote stopped working, only works on same host. SOLVED
  145. No Connection between MB and NR
  146. NetRemote Frame State question
  147. Newbie CCF question for iTunes....
  148. "Please ensure that no other program is using... *solve
  149. With Dell X5, what range ?
  150. How to control when Pocket PC turns off
  151. Possible bug in NetRemote.SendLabel
  152. sony dvp-cx985v, lua dvd jukebox
  153. Netremote (christmas :-)) wish
  154. a pocket pc phone that works with netremote?
  155. I dont see how to start zoomplayer in the PPC client
  156. Anyone using ipaq's 6500 series with infra red?
  157. Problem with NR on Axim
  158. Will NetRemote work on O2 XDA Mini S?
  159. OT - Sending data round your house electrical wiring
  160. Norton Personal Firewall
  161. shutdown problem
  162. Shared Music (itunes)
  163. Pricing
  164. NerRemote - LAN & Bluetooth!?
  165. ACER N35 => Distance of IR
  166. OT - Problem mapping network drive at startup
  167. Netremote works only at close distance - Newbie Help!
  168. Media Bridge - Foobar Plugin
  169. NetRemote music on Mac
  170. Download problems w/ trial version of NetRemote Music
  171. NetRemote kills my WiFi Connection
  172. Execution Order
  173. Restrict playlist download to client
  174. Netremote and MediaBridge
  175. Netremote & MCE
  176. mediabridge
  177. Latest version of netremote not working on windows 98!!!
  178. Will Netremote workon Eten PDA Phone (Windows Mobile 5.0 OS)
  179. Pioneer DV-3701 DVD IR Problem (solved)
  180. Memory Leak, GC Stuck again, bluetooth problem (all on PPC)
  181. 1 sound card - multiple zones
  182. Help! NetRemote / Mediabridge Connects, but is dead.
  183. NetRemote.SetTimer()
  184. NetRemote.SetElementPosition()
  185. netremote gui for girder
  186. Dell Axim PPC's On Sale (20% off)
  187. Recommended Pocket PC's for NetRemote
  188. Controlling mp3s on PC with IR
  189. How to enable auto-repeat on volume button press? (solved)
  190. How to enable PPC D-pad and hardware keys? (solved)
  191. need a couple definitions please
  192. Newbie - bought IPAQ RX3715 NR??
  193. Best way to control ir devices via a PC?
  194. Remove case sensitivity from GAC (JRMC)
  195. WIFI connection status in Netremote (Ipaq 5550)?
  196. netremote and netremote designer?
  197. mb43 and mce2005 rollup2= no go
  198. Mediabridge not responding
  199. Does It Do All This?
  200. mce.ccf -> where does "CX.MCE...." come from?
  201. New user questions while evaluating
  202. mediabridge startup sloooow - what can I do ?
  203. Axim 51v vs. HX4705 for remote use
  204. generic plugin not working on PPC?
  205. iTunes 6 Full Screen Videos
  206. How to change default action for GAC request on pro ccf
  207. New skin on pocket pc
  208. How to controll my software sage tv with my PDA over WLAN ?
  209. plugin for girder4
  210. Online Radio Stream withing WMP makes Netremote useless..
  211. Problem with advanced searching
  212. Newbie needs help.
  213. Mewbie needs even MORE help...
  214. MCE Plug, Hard Buttons, etc.
  215. Will this one work?
  216. Prevent suspending connection.
  217. Programmically move frame position?
  218. Scaling graphics on PPC
  219. Problems with OpusNRv2.0
  220. Determining CCF name or size from LUA
  221. NR Pro Multi Zone GML Problem
  222. AvidUtils Dropdown LUA table question/bug
  223. NOOB needs help programing
  224. Internet Radio - Winamp
  225. Generate a random number with Lua
  226. Opus NRv2.0 - add to playlist issue
  227. TVGuide Plugin
  228. no library view on netremote + jrmc 10
  229. Help with string.find or string.sub.
  230. Performance on PPC
  231. Newbie help (AVI/PDA control)
  232. Learned IR keeps going and going....
  233. Lucky dip music selection
  234. Advice Need on Possible Multiroom System
  235. MediaBridge won't start automatically
  236. Library List disappears
  237. Net Remote Music - No WiFi Connection On WM2005/HTC Universa
  238. Which skin to use with ZoomPlayer?
  239. Help with managing a DVD changer
  240. os.execute() doesn't work with spaces in path?
  241. Can Girder and Netremote communicate internally
  242. Should Media Bridge go on my server or on my HTPC?
  243. Please help, PPC cannot connect!
  244. Can anybody help me?
  245. Embedded browser on PPC
  246. WM5 and missing cir.dll
  247. Problems showing music info on PPC.
  248. Just wondering: Who actually has a stable NR system?
  249. Bug found in Equalizer for MP.Band10
  250. Netremote unviewable on PPC - real huge