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  1. Sirius Radio rs232 control
  2. DIY IR Transmitter
  3. Just getting started - how to do what I need?
  4. RCS X-10 Tstat
  5. Long Delay between Event and action
  6. Lua Mixer Library and Get/SetChannelValue Badness
  7. Windows 7 Pro 64bit
  8. Emergency help nedded:
  9. Girder 5 and PIR-1
  10. PIR-1 Issues
  11. LGTV Serial plugin
  12. RCA Lyra Universal Remote
  13. Events only triggers sometimes
  14. USB-UIRT not detected correctly in Win 7
  15. girder shutting down
  16. Sending HTTP commands to webserver
  17. Is Promixis Dead?
  18. tivo hd & grider 5( standard )
  19. sony bluray BDP-S350 & pir-1
  20. Girder 5 and Winamp 5
  21. Gigabyte U7300 Remote
  22. Calculator Example and PIR-1 Confusion
  23. X10-CM1X device will only send x-10 command only if I do this...
  24. Configure Playback Sound Device
  25. New Girder Install Crashes with Error 0xc0150002
  26. One Event, Multiple Actions Triggered?
  27. totally new - just wanna do something simple
  28. please help email error
  29. any way to tell if ip is on to trigger event?
  30. Anyway to script a mDNS packet via lua?
  31. Looking to hire Grider 5 programmer
  32. Adding program functions to girder tree (or how to open a file with VLC player)
  33. New 31 Dec - PIR-1 prob
  34. New User, need some quick help with VERY basic question
  35. RSS feed for ^DJI that works?
  36. Why no simple solution that will Pause/Wait for a single macro/script?
  37. Sending serial commands to a GlobalCache
  38. PIR-1 and Event String
  39. X10-CM1X interface is broken... need a replacement
  40. Question regarding G5 Main Window
  41. IgorUSB.dll not work on Girder 5 ??
  42. Eventghost to Girder
  43. Speech recognition not loading (log inside)
  44. PIR-1 --> Girder 5 Shutdown
  45. Pre order question
  46. Disable and Enable Plugins - Plugin ID?
  47. Tutorial - IR Codes on Webpage
  48. lighting scenes
  49. C++ Runtime error R6030 CRT not initialized
  50. Motion detection smart event
  51. Toggle light on or off from event
  52. Calling all "Girder Masters"
  53. cm19a - x10 security devices
  54. Disable native HID
  55. JRMC or Mediabridge GML for Girder?
  56. lua alphanumeric script and WMC 7
  57. Play a Playlist with JRMC?
  58. Is this possible?
  59. PEAC - Online Demo
  60. Mixer
  61. New To Girder: Streamzap & XML Profiles
  62. Corrupted Configuration File?
  63. ClearQueue of a transport device from a girder action??
  64. xPLGirder
  65. lua sqlite missing prepare method
  66. win.GetIPInfo()
  67. Girder locking up all the time
  68. License Signature Invalid
  69. Corrupted install - 5.0.14
  70. Some words for promixis
  71. Conditionals in Girder
  72. Transport for HomeVison
  73. transport questions
  74. Best non subcription weather solution for Girder 5
  75. Media Center Core Commands in JRMC 15
  76. Playing Videos
  77. iPhone Web Remote
  78. New MCE Remote driver and plugin for Girder 5
  79. Detect if SpeedFan is running
  80. Invoke a webservice ising LUA 5.1
  81. Fit-PC2
  82. Component Manager Dialog
  83. Different IR learning granularity in input remote wizard and output IR wizard
  84. Detect when PowerDVD is running in win7 MCE
  85. Tables xApweather
  86. Using the webserver default DM sliders on android
  87. Deleting devices from device manager
  88. PIR-1 ship to UK
  89. PIR-1: Does it support UP, DOWN, and REPEAT Modifiers?
  90. need help
  91. Example Insteon GML files?
  92. Problem with voice.lua file
  93. Monoprice HDMI switcher transport
  94. Serial control of Marantz SR7300
  95. Please help with Speech Recognition
  96. Grace Digital Audio API
  97. PowerDVD in WMC and X10
  98. Who uses Girder?
  99. Girder 5 crashes when trying to "learn" from remote using PIR-1
  100. UPnP and Girder
  101. win.PingEX Not Working on Win7
  102. Looking for TCP/IP Keyboard
  103. How to open COM port of external modem and wait for calls?
  104. Bug in G2G Setup
  105. how to create a component config page?
  106. Serial IR receiver + remote help.
  107. Girder 5 trial limitations?
  108. Girder 5.1 beta
  109. Grunt (Girder runtime) won't start with Windows 7 64
  110. Issue with Denon serial plugin.
  111. Help simplifying volume script
  112. Events for Zone changes with the Elk plugin
  113. OnResumeSuspend issue
  114. Lua Audio Device Change win 7
  115. "S" every 10 sec. in Lua console?
  116. Write time stamp to a file
  117. Girder 5 and 5.1 serious lag only after resume from suspend
  118. SendKeys.Send for VB.net??
  119. Command Capture button release problem
  120. Speech Plugin
  121. Unique pronto codes for the harmony
  122. Album list load time
  123. RS-232 control
  124. Task switching/event problem
  125. Global Cache?
  126. web server; sending events and polling lua variables
  127. DenonAVReceiver and Volume Control
  128. Girder5 and PIR-1 development version
  129. IIS and Girder Web server
  130. Elk Plug-in not responsive at times
  131. SpotiAmp
  132. UPB support
  133. USB UIRT plugin fail to load on resume under WINDOWS 7 **** Fixed *****
  134. Web Layout tool?
  135. Issuing Girder commands via Android Device
  136. CRC-CCITT FFFF calculation for heatmiser thermostat - not expected result
  137. USB-UIRT linking with Girder 5
  138. Stop Processing Event Action from NetRemote 2
  139. Microsoft UI Automation Framework
  140. DUI ComboBox Control - Changed at Girder5??
  141. RFXCOM receiver and transmitter support in Girder
  142. stop WebServer log entries
  143. Can we upgrade to the latest 5.x version
  144. duplicate codes
  145. read water tempature
  146. Get variable values from serial plugin
  147. Wanted: Oppo BDP-83 RS-232 GML/LUA
  148. Generic Serial IR transmitter
  149. Directv SHEF control
  150. Yamaha IP Control
  151. Cambridge 840 serial plugin
  152. Event log settings for audio not working properly
  153. Logger invisible...??
  154. Send ISCP Cmds to Onkyo-> Commands over network?
  155. PIR-1 driver update
  156. Any chance for a 4th of July sale?
  157. Posting -> Imbedding code on this forum
  158. Girder stealing focus
  159. How to cause an event with Visual Basic 2010
  160. Girder + Browser on an Android Tablet
  161. Lua: Difference between "end" and "end,"
  162. LGTV component, how to get it going?
  163. Newbie to Home Automation - Equipment Questions
  164. Opening an Edit Action window via an event
  165. dimmer level degration over time
  166. Transfer Girder License?
  167. Is Girder right for me?
  168. Send new value from Volume slider in NetRemote
  169. How to send a left mouse double-click on a Windows System Tray Icon?
  170. Setting up secure webserver
  171. Help sending callerid to XBMC
  172. How do you get webserver to send a command or text
  173. Request Lua Variable from Webserver
  174. Need help using Girder 5 to control EZRain/Flora sprinkler controller
  175. emulate keyboard
  176. JRMC control zone
  177. J.river Media Center GML
  178. Adjusting Gamma on the video card through Girder
  179. need server buffer/repeater/proxy for GC iTach WiFi to Serial
  180. How to detect low battery status for DS10A
  181. Has anyone designed a full function alarm clock for Girder?
  182. script not executing on reset with scriptenable event
  183. USBUIRT not responding at windows startup
  184. sensors
  185. Location not working on Girder 5.0.11
  186. Repeating with PIR-1
  187. Has anybody ever seen smallish IR pads to pin on the wall in some way?
  188. Is it possible to remap HID multimedia keyboard special keys?
  189. All I need is the TV to turn on and off once in XP or Win7
  190. I just switched to Windows 7 64bit from Windows Vista 32bit.
  191. Global Cache Send ASCII Action
  192. Global Cache HEX to Serial
  193. DM and iOS5
  194. Pio1 question
  195. Integrate serial input with girder tree
  196. Scheduling Events
  197. how can I solve that transport problem??
  198. send notifications to smartphones
  199. Need help with Lua, RS232, Hex, checksum, recieve values
  200. Disable plugin action doesn't work
  201. Best Platform for running Girder 5.0
  202. Trim extension in lua string for Dvdspy-speech generator
  203. Controlling sliders in specific software with Harmony 900 and girder
  204. SHIFT+UP error
  205. Crazy simple serial config - can`t get it
  206. Rusty and need syntax help
  207. Output the console to my web interface
  208. How to Create Devices in Device manager
  209. upgrading from x10 looking for some insight
  210. Problems with PIR-1 learning IR codes.
  211. Moving to a new server?
  212. Triggering event payloads from DM webservice?
  213. sending keyboard shortcuts to program running in background
  214. Can anybody help me convert a few RC5x codes so they work in Girder?
  215. concatenate (build up) variable table names
  216. Stuck on win.ShellExecuteEx
  217. Girder/Netremote right for me?
  218. Z wave
  219. Girder does not receive input from PIR-1
  220. USB Uirt Issue
  221. Caller ID Modem - "Error [ConnetionFailed]" - any ideas?
  222. Help with socket.http when authentication is required
  223. So lost! (DM Providers devices oh my!)
  224. Idiot simple webserver question
  225. Voice control using iPhone 4S, Siri with Girder
  226. Add remote Device to Device Manager
  227. SAA716x TV Card Driver Remote Plugin Help !
  228. Open Zwave and Girder 5
  229. Global Cache WF2IR
  230. WebGizmo
  231. X10 Light turns on every morning then off 2 hours later
  232. Implementing comet long polling...
  233. Are Phidgets boards still the norm for controlling relays with 12V?
  234. Showcasing / Sharing of Girder Website code
  235. Remote with Windows Media Center?
  236. Girder cause Blue Screen and Crash
  237. Generic Serial plugin
  238. Girder not triggering Lua script
  239. Girder to control network devices (TVs, BD players etc)
  240. DemoPad Ipad tcp control to Girder - Calling the Guru's!
  241. Task Create Plugin does not work with ehshell.exe on Win7 x64?
  242. Very new to this...need help/advice.
  243. Command Capture not working in Windows 7 x64
  244. Howto - DemoPad to Girder
  245. Leap Year Issue
  246. Flatstyle CCF - DM.Lighting.Devices vs system\InsteonC\XX.XX.XX\Level variables?
  247. IR Profile Editor screens do not have all the information displayed
  248. Russound MCA-C5
  249. newbie needs help getting started with Girder-5 and PIR-1
  250. use of luacom not possible from within webserver pages ?