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  1. x10 rf
  2. How to Communicate with Denon Receiver using Ethernet via Girder 5
  3. My TV "Power" button has 3 different UIR event codes!? *USB-UIRT*
  4. I'm missing something.
  5. Girder 5 compatible InfraRed Receiver.
  6. WMP 12 Full Screen target window?
  7. X10 CM15A not listed in Device Manager
  8. Decode USB data stream
  9. w800rf32x events?
  10. Issue getting GML working in new installation
  11. Are there any cheap and easy solution to control loose ovens in Europe?
  12. This might be a great way to interface any device to Girder
  13. Control Stereo Integrated Amplifier from PC master volume
  14. IR Profile Editor "Learn" locks USB-UIRT
  15. test
  16. GIRDERXLib.GirderClass after restart of girder
  17. IP Transport slow to receive client connection?
  18. Webserver Serial Example
  19. device manager conditionals
  20. C library sample code for multithreaded callbacks
  21. Remote Event Pump not working 5.1.0 589
  22. Send variable value to Girder
  23. Webpage device help.
  24. Defining Device number and/or Device ID
  25. IR Profile Wizard
  26. Girder to Girder FAIL
  27. event.exe problem
  28. Webserver and GAC
  29. Please help to see why Girder/USB-UIRT can't turn TV ON or OFF
  30. Is everything cool with Sunrise / Sunset?
  31. "s" continuously printed in Lua console?
  32. Will girder work for this type of set-up?
  33. Unified Remote
  34. How would I modify this XML code so that Girder would receive this message?
  35. Control Sony BDV-T58
  36. Problems with IP and Scheduler plugins??
  37. Can't use Serial device using ACM driver
  38. Activating Relay's using Serial Port.
  39. Using Modem Status Registers(DCD/DSR) as events to trigger actions
  40. io.popen supported? Trying to read messages of cmd-commands
  41. Not responding to events from serial script
  42. Is Girder Dead?
  43. Girder 6 closed alpha application list
  44. ajax_sendevent with an additional payload
  45. Simple Transport to send ASCII to an IP socket
  46. Find registration key
  47. help to simplify code please. concatenate dynamic variables
  48. Device Manager: Igor Plugin could not be installed?
  49. Volume OSD size-color
  50. RFID Hardware
  51. Serial only works oince after LUA reset
  52. Ajax sendevent syntax, i can't figure out
  53. Is it possible to enable a group in LUA?
  54. girder acting up after system reboot
  55. Log serial receive
  56. First Steps robosapien on Girder 5
  57. How can I get Girder to act based on email event ?
  58. "USB-UIRT Action" is not learning event
  59. MSI TV@nywhere remote control
  60. Problem with new versions of girder 5
  61. Error with "Ir profile wizzard"
  62. Macro event proiblem
  63. usb RF transmitter for projector screen
  64. LUA and OSD
  65. Website wizzard
  66. Windows 8 Pro support?
  67. Girder 5 RunScript error
  68. no sound from girder when xbmc running
  69. G 5 Output Events...
  70. OSC addon for Girder
  71. TriggerEvent from LUA Bug?
  72. problems sending CCF IR with PIR-1
  73. mobile forum access; tapatalk
  74. mediabridge Library in Webserver
  75. Simultaneous executin of X10 commands with CM11A
  76. Girder 5.1 crashes with Windows Media Center
  77. Girder 5 and USBUIRT
  78. xAP send message from Girder 5 to xAPSwitchboard
  79. MCE Plugin
  80. Is there a command to close Girder itself?
  81. Sunrise Sunset and ambient light...
  82. USB-UIRT or PIR-1 DOWN/REPEAT/UP Modifiers?
  83. Switch from serial card to global cache itach
  84. Does anybody use Windvd anymore?
  85. Serial plugin for Optoma projector
  86. Omnistat2 HVAC - Temp in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit?
  87. Will Girder 5 work in Windows 8?
  88. Lua skipt for checking routine doesn't work
  89. XBMC as a transport for JSON commands`
  90. How to use girder with"Tellstick Net" ?
  91. retrieve EDID information ?
  92. IIS instead of Girder Server
  93. Russoud kinda works but not sending data to keypad
  94. Lightwaverf
  95. Can't find webserver from wifi-extender
  96. Convert to Serial plugin to Transport
  97. OneWire plugin
  98. Spitfire III
  99. X10 interface?
  100. Duplicate Schedulers?
  101. Event Devices Component
  102. Minimum Required Items for Windows Personal Computer Automation
  103. Help with controlling SONOS volume from Girder 5
  104. Girder 5 Multiples
  105. Using Girder to test a STB software
  106. Girder and Industrial Automation
  107. Nutech AD2USB - Alarm Panel Integration
  108. Girder stops responding after running for a half a day.
  109. Divice container
  110. PIR-1 Learning Remote IR codes Issue
  111. serial send action
  112. running application?
  113. JSON info needed
  114. use lua to change device manager status
  115. Lost Leviton Level comand when using LM15Pro X10 Computer Interface
  116. How to connect to a USB relay board
  117. custom device help needed please
  118. "Wait" action locks up girder??
  119. Correct Girder version for Tira-2.1
  120. General Extraction error Location ES1?
  121. New to this and looking for information
  122. triggering events from phone
  123. X10 interface CM 15 not recognised by Girder
  124. remote girder devices
  125. Creating/finding interface to control basic entertainment center components…
  126. Lua Subsystem did not respond
  127. Switching to novice/expert user interface
  128. Successfully mapped TV remote functions, but NetRemote Still not Working for me
  129. I have created devices, but they still don't function On my device manager (localHost
  130. Still trying to get it right: ir profile Wizard "Progress indicator"
  131. talk to raspberrypi
  132. remote event or remote LUA
  133. getting ready to start XBMC plugin
  134. image osd
  135. OnPowerStatusChanged windows 7
  136. need lua code help please
  137. Gir.sendkeys
  138. IR Profile Editor Repeat Count
  139. g2g send event weird error
  140. cm19a and ati Remote wonder
  141. Girder and Windows 8.1 Cannot Save Settings Error
  142. Updating to Girder 5 from 3.3
  143. Simply gradually turn off a light Insteon / Girder
  144. send xml with LUA
  145. Are anybody controlling a Yamaha receiver over TCPIP?
  146. custom devices in scripting actions
  147. load webpage from girder event
  148. Hieroglyphs in Textbox 'IR Code' of 'IR Profile Editor'
  149. socket.http problem
  150. dual cm19a?
  151. How can I send Ctrl Cursor Right?
  152. OT: LUA question
  153. DM webpage changes
  154. Analyse and Reset transport connection from lua for connectionfailed
  155. Reference Lua Variable from within Object Super Subclass
  156. Best solution to control a power outlet with girder 5
  157. PIR-1 tranceiver not working with Netremote
  158. odd error in logger accompanied by girder freeze
  159. simplesendandrecieve tcp
  160. Girder 5.1 64-bit support?
  161. Can I make a temperature graph in webserver?
  162. How do I trigger events in EventGhost from Girder's GIP?
  163. cannot savesetting error
  164. DM plugin for Connected by TCP lighting gateway working on one.
  165. IP Communication Error - 501 Not Implemented: Only GET and POST supported
  166. Interface with buttons
  167. luasocket ssl or https?
  168. ANDROID - Terremote + Webserver HTTP commands - slider question
  169. Elk M1G Ethernet
  170. webserver and lhtml error dump?
  171. Suddenly getting List index out of bounds (0) on two computers!
  172. Communication Server protocol
  173. Problem with Geographical Location
  174. IIS instead of girder webserver or want to avoid directory listing
  175. Kodi / XBMC JSON RPC - sending basic transport commands from Girder. Paypal offered.
  176. Webserver - change a variable through a web page
  177. Is there an action to save the GML hidden somehwere?
  178. Girder crash with logging.lua
  179. Doesn't 5.1 save position of logger and LUA console windows in Windows 7 x64?
  180. Can Girder control a Nest thermostat?
  181. G5.1 on Win 7 - can't save GML
  182. Quick timer question
  183. recurring error in GeographicalLocation.lua
  184. Is the Girder console 'exposed'?
  185. How do I get a boolen from the registry or convert a string "false" to boolean false?
  186. Pushover or other app?
  187. Can't edit geographical location
  188. Simple Send and Receive for RS485?
  189. How do I check playing state info from the MediaBridge component?
  190. How do I separate out text between two search terms in a string?
  191. Script for Girder Event (F9) "reset" - run as a background task
  192. Is it possible to make webserver play nice with special characters in variables?
  193. Controlling Mini-split Air-conditioning unit. Problems learning codes?
  194. Can I only make one script wait when necessary, not all scripts?
  195. How do I use way to monitor a change in a window's child name?
  196. Isn't it possible to use payloads in LUA timers in any way?
  197. Error: Cannot SaveSettings
  198. Going crazy here - please help me getting some values from the Windows registry!
  199. LAV Filter / Decoder
  200. iterate through table in order
  201. weather script died!
  202. How do I account for a computer being offline in socket.http.request?
  203. DirecTV
  204. Powerlinc USB Responding
  205. TaskCreate excess [CREATE] and [CLOSE] events
  206. Does anybody know if it's possible to get http.request to read UTF-8?
  207. help with Toshiba HDMI control in laptop
  208. Failing To Load Plugins
  209. Is it possible to still buy a Girder 5 licence?
  210. Can somebody please help me getting virtual servers on webserver to work?