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  1. Using a very simple IR receiver/transmitter *now working*
  2. Realmagic remote and winamp 2.8
  3. OSDMenu : problem with version 1.64
  4. little help please
  5. Same buttong diff codes prob - SOLVED!!!!
  6. getting the same button to do 2 diff things in SAME program
  7. REQ:Get Volume extended
  8. HTMLOSD : html/java in outside file ?
  9. Forum rules and FAQ post in ALL forums?
  10. Buttonmode help please
  11. error: com error on com1=18 (hex)
  12. Feature request for OSD Settings
  13. Help File
  14. Please read and help if possible.
  15. LCD cursor blinking after return from standby
  16. Hmm.. I'm sure this is an easy one..
  17. Girder crash on resume from hibernate
  18. Any interest in DVDSpy support for MyHD?
  19. SHIFT + END / SHIFT+HOME doesn't work properly
  20. OSDMenu doesn't get messages from SendMessage
  21. PC Speaker now beeping on volume change
  22. Help with ir
  23. Is it possible to control Mpeg 1 Audio Decoder Setting?
  24. Possible to use Irman as IrDa device? for cell phone
  25. Problems with wait command
  26. Create a process a being notified when it stops
  27. CM11A X10 Without SlinkE
  28. GML Logic Structure
  29. Girder 3.1, redrat and generic serial control: Am I stuck?
  30. XP OSD New Release: Version 1.2
  31. Infinte timeout in OSDMenu plugin?
  32. Spacer color in OSDMenu
  33. CPU usage
  34. What causes the delay in hibernate?
  35. Girder---> Vplayer
  36. Display Question
  37. Problem with IRMan, tried everything..
  38. Using multiple key combinations from remote control?
  39. Controlling ATI File Player
  40. Solved: Open/close CD with one command
  41. Anyone have a DScaler group to export?
  42. Girder/Pronto and RC5 IR Codes
  43. Why does if command not in 3.2.6?
  44. Page with better description for Plugins
  45. Winamp standard command
  46. MSI TV@nywhere Remote Control?
  47. RonB, could you please explain how Girder handles RC5 codes?
  48. Load and Save reg
  49. LCD plug in causes crash on resume from hibernate
  50. Lua and IO file
  51. Streamzap Remote GML File
  52. Need to wait a for a program before next command, how?
  53. Where is the sleep timer plugin or file?
  54. Good Picture Album Viewer for Girder?
  55. Only control the zoomplayer when its the foreground appz
  56. Anybody interested in this HTPC-application?
  57. Trouble with Keyboard Action Keys
  58. Please help with APPCOMMAND
  59. Winamp3 toggle AVS and Video Windows
  60. help with pctv
  61. Use the IR port of my deskjet printer ?
  62. Keyboard Alt+f, 2
  63. Application changes its title depending on its current doc
  64. manipulating button in application window
  65. Problems with wireless keyboard and Girder/igor plug-in
  66. Found Philips RC6 and RC6a documentation
  67. Question About Remotes
  68. IR Receivers
  69. Winamp 2.8 Show/Hide
  70. A Little help...
  71. Windows xp is receiving mixed up signals,
  72. Showshifter commands
  73. Can Girder be a hotkey definition software?
  74. Volume change problem
  75. GML from last version?????
  76. How to create Girder Events
  77. Got RC6 working by using Igors more sensitive device
  78. dvdtitles.csv file to display actual DVD title info on a VFD
  79. GML/XML Identifier issue
  80. Mute the LineIn-Port?
  81. cannot find all required exports
  82. Girder stops responding IR commands after resume
  83. X10 CM11A Plugin Now Supports Receiving Events
  84. cancel a user event
  85. Girder Rocks!! Thanks Ron!!
  86. DVDSpy and WinDVD Platinum?
  87. Control RCA satellite receiver(newbie any help appreciated)
  88. electronic circuit(for IC timer 555)
  89. Not saving changes to GML files
  90. Question about keyboard input plugin
  91. Timer
  92. How do I set Primary Monitor?
  93. How to convert from the old TCP/IP plugin?
  94. Girder 4: Application Conditional Group extension
  95. Girder frequently freezes in XP [X10 plugin for ATI]
  96. Problem with SMAPI plugin
  97. Is there a "Foreground Window Change" Event?
  98. keyboard presses translated to transmit
  99. Using Girder with many different software...
  100. where can I find a ctinfra.dll version which works with 3.2
  101. MultiAction/App GML File
  102. Palmbutler Plugin?
  103. Does anybody use Girder with LCDC ??
  104. Can't get girder to work with Logitech MX700 mouse! help ;(
  105. USB IRda device (MA620 usb)
  106. Focus Issue
  107. Still not passing commands
  108. Getting frustrated
  109. interface Girder with Voice flux?
  110. Need help with closing an app if another app is lanuch.
  111. Keyboard <Control> + KEY question
  112. Generic Serial Support, parsing input events using script
  113. Girder control of NVDVD?
  114. Winfast TV
  115. Irman filter sensitivity???
  116. every button I press on remote acts the same!
  117. Help: creating a button to switch between applications??
  118. Sonique not accepting CTRL + F key combo (fullscreen mode)
  119. Girder, NetRemote, DVDSpy, OSD-Popup
  120. what is the best way to get a wireless keyboard to work?
  121. Hauppauge PVR IR Receiver with other Remote Controls
  122. Winfast TV2000 XP Problems
  123. managing dial up connexions
  124. Can't send "page up" or "page down" keys
  125. Media Center
  126. Remote Controlling via Bluetooth of SonyEricsson T68i
  127. IR Receiver in common external IR modules ??
  128. Wait couple sec before the next command in multigroup??
  129. Best way to check status serial device prior to action?
  130. WinLIRC plugin and Girder 3.2.6b
  131. Sleep Timer
  132. Open/Close program with one button
  133. what IR ic is the one with the yellow stripe ????
  134. AST Remote - Using the blue buttons as arrow keys
  135. T68i works with Girder via bluetooth
  136. Bafo V6102F USB Irda Receiver HELP !
  137. Sticky keys?
  138. Please help with very short text editing script
  139. Activate/Deactivate, One Button
  140. Media Center multi-zone - the second chapter
  141. TV-OUT with a ATI radeon with one keypress (using states)
  142. How do i create a simple WMP9 task ?
  143. OSD Menu Builder... way to associate a program?
  144. WMP9: not recognizing certain keyboard inputs
  145. Winamp 2.x Jump
  146. USB LCD Support
  147. GVMS Jump....how do I delete??
  148. Girder refuses to learn new events
  149. Is this possible??
  150. Low IR output power on uirt2, any ideas ?
  151. Any good Media Center Copycats
  152. Assigning Arrow-keys to IR Code fails!
  153. Windows/Wait in MultiGroup
  154. Girder WinAmp Serial control
  155. Abit MediaXP Infrared Port
  156. batch IR output problems !!
  157. generate unique events for "play" & "paus
  158. Function Calls between events?
  159. Ctrl & Alt no longer work
  160. Girder and Flash ??
  161. Zounds! Closing BSPlayer?
  163. HELP!!! the igor plugin showing random codes on Fast Media
  164. Serial control plugin -- "Bad command sent to serial pl
  165. USB IrDA device (MA620 usb)
  166. Check scroll lock state LUA
  167. Using event.exe
  168. Programing for different settings...
  169. scripting to girder.exe(gml) from VR software
  170. Dynamic Web UI
  171. Girder doesn't catch all of remote signals
  172. Trouble sending control keys to target window
  173. osdBuilder to add variable, queue file into playlist?
  174. Girder 3.2.7 Released
  175. Execute File with Parameter
  176. NetRemote, Girder, J.River Media Center 9 - multi-zone setup
  177. Question about the IRA and remote controls in general
  178. Simple help with pctv 41 remote, zoom player, and girder
  179. Scrolling whit a remote...
  180. Winamp3 set up with girder and the Creative Infra - HELP
  181. endless loop
  182. Setting targets dynamically?
  183. Help with Internet Event Server/Client
  184. Changing the title of song with LCD plug-in with WMP
  185. X10 Mouse Remote and plugin
  186. Slink-E driver
  187. Recommendations for which IR device to use?
  188. Events driven by multiple key sequence
  189. adding extra IR receivers to device, can it be done ?
  190. RS-232 Control of Anthem AVM-2 Processor
  191. My PC has an IR port...Help!
  192. Glitch loading a GML file with Escape codes in Eventstring
  193. Can I show OSD on to of Video overlay?
  194. really need help plz !!!
  195. Creative iNFRA yet again
  196. Mousremote working, - now what?
  197. Please help with another short script...
  198. How do i get my Creative Remota to work with girder?
  199. what is wrong here?
  200. Girder and Ocelot, please help
  201. how to disable keyboard n mouse event during a learn?
  202. paralell or serial plugin to drive external relays ???
  203. other remotes with creative infra receiver
  204. Slinke Plugin -- Adding Second Device
  205. need help with OSDMenu plz !
  206. Problems with "doubled?" signals.
  207. Keene Electronics IR Gizmo
  208. target do not works, why?
  209. Exit full screen, Close program, shutdown PC.
  210. Looking for a recommendation!
  211. lua - how to create a directory?
  212. go to a page in internet explorer
  213. Multicast Internet Events
  214. Newbie - Problem w/3.2.7 and IE
  215. Com Port Error When Starting Girder
  216. can we force a 2 digit display on a double variable?
  217. Palm control of Girder?
  218. Can a streamzap reciever be used by a sony remote control?
  219. Which wireless keyboard should I buy?
  220. Girder freezes when attempting to send serial command . . .
  221. Strange happening :(
  222. newbie question: variable from lua to girder?
  223. I can't figure this program out...and I searched too
  224. plenty of action
  225. LUA Libraries
  226. Keystroke to make all windows inactive?
  227. winamp 3, get current playlist
  228. How can I catch HID keyboard event?
  229. monitor off
  230. Hold a button = Hold a mouse button... How to ?
  231. How to use On Device Enable
  232. How to shut down Girder from remote?
  233. httpd, no go.
  234. Controlling my own app
  235. New guy with questions.
  236. Ira from Home electronics
  237. LIRC Device
  238. Need a little help here.
  239. Lost serial Comms after 3.2.7 upgrade??
  240. How to differ single and continuous button press on RC?
  241. Monitor on/off problem + flash question
  242. XP OSD Transparency
  243. Girder 3.2 and ATI MMC 6.2 DVD - help?
  244. Need a Plug-In for a New IR Device
  245. SendMessage Plugin Values
  246. ATI Zoomplayer plugins
  247. Cyberclick by ruwido
  248. Using a lookup table / file
  249. Spy on CDJ for VFD/LCD display
  250. Repeating timer-tick