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  1. Having GIRDER start other applications automatically?
  2. Can I command PC with Nokia 6230 via Bluetooth?
  3. Girder stops when Mytheatre loads
  4. Is it possible to save a Table to the registry?
  5. script (nederlands)
  6. LUA and VBScript
  7. Downloaded Group, but not sure what to do with it now?
  8. More Caller ID Help
  9. One out of a hundred serial commands not working Help!!!!
  10. TV listings in XML (XMLTV)
  11. Check Out The New Promixis Software Store
  12. Grider + NetRemote = No need for IR?
  13. Internal modem and caller ID - unable to test even with HT!
  14. Generating new codes for Leadtek CoolCommand
  15. Controlling girder with the Logitech MX 500
  16. litle script, help me plss
  17. Questions about the Mozilla version of HTMLOSD...?
  18. 3145 - Computer Temperature Data Logger
  19. Using Grider in my HTPC rig...need a little help
  20. Can Girder work with this remote?
  21. Getting LCD Master to work with IrTrans LCD/VFD displays
  22. How can i select items in context menu?
  23. OSD display of text file.
  24. Problem with (medion) remote x10 and wmp9.
  25. Unable to Download Mobile SMS Plugin
  26. Girder with USB-UIRT and Microsoft Windows MCE 2005
  27. ShellExecute questions
  28. Newbie: How to send a Girder IR command to Global Cache ?
  29. Problem With monitor power saving
  30. SendMessage Command with MC10 stopped working
  31. LUA function for network utilization
  32. H2 wake on Lan with girder?
  33. girder closes when generic x10 is activated/selected.
  34. How do I use Mike C's Coolmon stuff?
  35. CoolMon discussion thread
  36. If server online then execute a program
  37. How to find Application file path use LUA or other way?
  38. LCDMaster - zoomplayer, failed to install event handler
  39. how to read string from registry use Lua?
  40. Display Serial feedback
  41. Please Help - Where to Start girder/PB Remote
  42. Config type pop-up screen or ???
  43. Send message to XP pop-up window et al.
  44. Jump from within LUA to group or command
  45. internetexplorer.application - radio buttons
  46. Problem with WinTV Plugin
  47. Vertical blinds with IR device (button must be held down)
  48. Cycle Status with a time out
  49. series of signals and constant signal, possible?
  50. HTMLOSD Screenshots II
  51. Do you need Meedio if you have Girder?
  52. EventString for checking all the time
  53. WinLuaEx: Multiple Timers?
  54. Updated Generic X10 Plugin.
  55. Marmitek Mouse only moves once
  56. Group enable/disable not working
  57. Can someone upload the GML File for X10 UR81A Remote?
  58. mimic the 0-9 key behaviour of MCE remotes with Niveus remot
  59. ATI Remote Wonder 2
  60. Girder 3.3.6
  61. Error 0xc0000005 using X10
  62. Variable Display behaves very strange
  63. How to shutdown and restart Girder reliable
  64. toggle conditions in girder with MC11?
  65. Girder 3.3.5 + ati aiw remote 2 + generic x10 plugin
  66. externally editing gml files?
  67. switching between apps?
  68. Cannot Get Internet Event Server (IES) To Work
  69. Closing an application...
  70. To MarkF: WinLuaEx Plugin
  71. German Talking Clock
  72. Barbone Jetway MiniQ 868 AV
  73. Winfast 2000 XP remote doesn't function when recording
  74. Communicating between two instances of Girder
  75. Lua standard libraries
  76. Need help on Dign VFD/ird USB module
  77. Any wireless thermometers out there that I can hook up?
  78. Ocelot Plugin does not work with FF or X10 plugins loaded???
  79. Foobar remote control - scripts and variables
  80. Sending Direct Dim Commands to Lights with PowerLinc USB?
  81. editing the mouseremote.ini file?
  82. Help! Having trouble with Buttonmode plugin
  83. How can girder respond to an external program
  84. Girder 3.3.7 - Guitar Pro, cannot target menus
  85. ATI Remote , xp user switching
  86. does DVDspy work with TTek 2.05?
  87. Volume change does not work
  88. Xp OSD & Lua
  89. MX 500 remote, IRMan, girder and Theatertek
  90. uir & irserver
  91. Open a file from LUA that isn't an executable?
  92. Lua Windows Functions 1.4 gives wrong version in Settings
  93. Howto: Automate FXP:ed rar-files (unrar,mount,copy)
  94. Microsoft Remote Codes/USB-UIRT/MX-1000
  95. Bug report? Command doesn't trigger for some reason?
  96. 2 buttons same code in Girder, different functions on VCR...
  97. Focus example not working
  98. Mastiff's play list selecter - LUA
  99. Ctrl keys wont work girder theatertek irman mx500
  100. can't use redrat2 and irman at the same time?
  101. Do any remote input devices work on usb serial?
  102. Reuse button with states. Please help.
  103. Problem Setting Focus to TheaterTek
  104. Problem with Mouse Postion, click, Wait...wrk wth Main Lobby
  105. TTL Remote Control
  106. VolumeOSD Plugin Not working
  107. Girder, IrDA as a comport, HP48....?
  108. Remote not working in Girder? :-\
  109. Gireder unstable with theartek via pronto
  110. Lua question
  111. mp3 playlist project
  112. switch the secondary monitor between 15" LCD and TV
  113. How do I send a message to Internet Event Server from LUA?
  114. What did Santa buy you?
  115. G4 System Minimum Requirements
  116. Why can't a variable be sendt as the event string in IEC?
  117. Weirdest f...ing LUA script thing I've ever seen!
  118. Gremlins in the system - a nice, little Christmas story
  119. Get Caption questions
  120. COM error message
  121. volume changing not working
  122. Isolating parts of a string in LUA
  123. Alarm Clock, Got any ideas?
  124. Cannot get Girder to work with Packard Bell Fast Media
  125. How does girder get out of the learning mode
  126. how to make girder remember last selected video IR input ?
  127. Generic Serial Support plugin and remote control
  128. newbie needing guidance
  129. Status of DVD Drive Eject?
  130. Audio default devices and balance with LUA
  131. Girder Crashes when loading plugins
  132. XPOSD Plugin
  133. Alphanumbers problem
  134. Where can I find register_examples.gir?
  135. Getting Weather info into Ocelot variable?
  136. Girder 4 suggestion
  137. New Developer
  138. Targeting windows, only using controls in active window
  139. Can I use the remote control of my CLEVO 888ES with PowerDVD
  140. Is this possible ?
  141. Internet event server and Mainlobby server setup help ?
  142. kmplayer : how to make it work ?
  143. JACKPOT! :D
  144. Medion Home Entertainment
  145. mike c come in please
  146. noob having trouble with girder/serial plugin/usb-uirt
  147. cpu usage
  148. Using X10 Remote to send Keyboard key stroke
  149. Question of creation gml files for Girder
  150. Mouse Weel up
  151. Finally, SageTV Status Plugin, But how on earth can I use it
  152. GIRDER and my X10 (MEDION)
  153. 4th mouse button shouldn't be handled as middle button
  154. Looking for the dreaded IrDA plugin.
  155. how to transmit codes
  156. How do I set an absolute mute status?
  157. Keyboard Ex problem
  158. FTP access
  159. A/V Device support -> any specific place?
  160. Sendmessage, major headache. please help.
  161. does girder support windvd remote?
  162. Girder Support Where is it
  163. Min to Tray
  164. Help! CallerID working!!!!
  165. Parsing caller ID number to webpage and getting back name
  166. Forum Problems? Unable to add attachment to PM
  167. OSDmenu
  168. Anyone using the IgorPlug USB and Girder?
  169. How to Power on use remote?
  170. Using the modem as a dialer - how to make it release line?
  171. PCTV capabilities
  172. How does one send girder commands to theartek 2.0?
  173. Simple LUA Questions
  174. Somebody, please help me
  175. Can LUA tables be used for this?
  176. What infrared transmitters work with Girder?
  177. HELP wirh commands!
  178. osdmenu problem
  179. OSD and Secondary Display?
  180. Do you know how to repeat the commands?
  181. girder startup problem
  182. Advantages of using LUA Files and the rules for use...
  183. Frustrated: Unable to upload new plugin version...
  184. Going x10
  185. Support for Logitech Harmony remotes?
  186. XP OSD 1.4 Released
  187. Multimedia Complete Suite V3.0 !! Link Broken
  188. GKIR-XP blocks hibernation
  189. Serial command and response help needed
  190. Anybody controlling input and output volume on kX drivers?
  191. How to trigger event with keyboard?
  192. Igor plugin under Windows XP SP2 Not Working
  193. Save Now Playing to Playlist from NR via Girder?
  194. Problem with Creative SB Audigy Platinum Z2
  195. Girder and Mytheatre
  196. How do I set Line-in mute with LUA? Problems with the dash!
  197. register set to: -101
  198. Palmbutler
  199. Mozilla GML Posted -- Firefox is Cool ;-)
  200. Unpack error when installing Girder 3.3.7
  201. double up/down/left/right codes send only on first press
  202. LUA volume library - sending a mute to a device *name*
  203. girlder doesn't respond to my windvd5
  204. Setting output sound volume
  205. X10 and "on * event"
  206. Soundm file
  207. Lua help - 2 things!
  208. Insteon - a new standard in X10 devices due Q1 of 2005
  209. Girder sending HTTP request
  210. Entering ASCII codes in the Girder
  211. Beta Generic TCP/IP plugin & Global Cache
  212. LUA Idioms
  213. Winfast2000 XP Deluxe - Remote stops working
  214. Any keyboard plug-ins with hardware ID coming up?
  215. Help controlling serial device!!
  216. AlarmTimer Plugin
  217. Broadcast information from server to clients
  218. Serial Receive script assistance
  219. Ocelot plugin
  220. Mike?
  221. TV tuner card based on Philips SAA713x chip
  222. Help, Mark! Caller ID modem takes up 100 % CPU!
  223. Get Stock market closing values
  225. Fast blinking green/yellow lamp
  226. TXB16 X10 Thermostat
  227. ATI Remote Wonder 2 and Girder
  228. Help me please?
  229. Need a couple plugins, download page needs help!
  230. LCD Master and Date/Time Refresh issues
  231. Heres what i want to do step by step:
  232. OSD on SS1 device
  233. Run RF screen with IR remote and Girder?
  234. Could not load XP_OSD
  235. Looking for documentation or pointers...
  236. Getting the Hauppauge 45 key extended remote working??
  237. How to stop Girder from trying to send to Netremote?
  238. OSDmenu - calling variables in the [visual]. Possible? how?
  239. problem using remote
  240. My first Girder try... not what is expected...
  241. Pinnacle remote again ... & using a sony remote
  242. GetDirectory() inconsistency
  243. X10 remote and generic X10 plugin
  244. Keyboard Events Won't Work
  245. Newbie question regarding keypads
  246. OT - Help with DOS command for 'net use'
  247. Refreshing Active Desktop content
  248. Question regarding automated testing
  249. XMLDOM, Delete Node.
  250. APM/ACPI monitor plugin - where to find?