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  1. newbie seeks guidance
  2. Developing for Girder with VB6 or VB.NET
  3. VB.Net assembly to send event through TCPIP... what's wrong?
  4. bug , i think =d
  5. Lumagen Serial Control
  6. using Java api?
  7. VIOM Input/Output Module Files
  8. ActiveX Control Question
  9. Looking for a Denon 3805 gml/ini for serial control
  10. Multimedia Keyboard and global media controls
  11. LUADTools
  12. Generic serial port fails but Hyperterminal works
  13. event allways recievd
  14. ati RW II + girder plugin = locked on girder
  15. API Issue
  16. some Girder questions: keyboard input
  17. Delphi plugin examples
  18. Mouse Plugin Download Fixed & Site Bug
  19. Graphics plugin
  20. Where to find sources for Pixelview Pro plugin
  21. Audigy 2 NX Plugin Created
  22. iTunes script and XP OSD issue
  23. Excellent cheap IRDA device but IRDA plugin?
  24. Can someone break down the IR code string for me?
  25. Leadtek WinFast PVR 2000
  26. official plugin number
  27. Problem reading remote control buttons with Igor plugin
  28. Visual Basic & Girder
  29. Visual Basic - Sample Project (1) for Igor Plugin
  30. Mark F! - Logger Feature Request...
  31. Girder COM Get Question
  32. Hauppauge Irremote Plugin
  33. Plugin Examples incl. DUI example
  34. I need plugin for Leadtek WinFast TV2000XP RM edition
  35. Can't hibernate with the MCE plugin under WinXP Pro
  36. Creative audigy ir reciever and universal remote??
  37. Girder with PixelView PlayTV PRo 2 (bt878)
  38. Keyboard EX
  39. Serial plugin parity
  40. Plugin Request: Uknown/Known Remote?
  41. ip control
  42. what plug choose ?
  43. anyone have incoming events countdown plug-in with OSD ?
  44. Keyboard errors with Gyration
  45. Usb X10 Receiver - Generic X10 Plugin - no device code
  46. Girder Vb.net Program
  47. Plugin for Creative RM-1500
  48. Strange logger plugin problem
  49. Problems sending codes with MCEIr plugin
  50. "Time Server" plugin upgrade or alternative?
  51. Any plugins support more than 5 mouse buttons?
  52. Help! Can't replace my MCE reciver driver!
  53. saa713x plugin
  54. Can't send IR codes with MCE plugin - I'm very confused!
  55. What happened to "Generic Serial IR 1.5" plugin?
  56. Address Only codes for CM11A
  57. Keyspan Express Remote
  58. MCE Remote - not learning IR correctly?
  59. RS232 control of Harman Kardon AVR635
  60. Leadtek WinFast TV USB 2
  61. Apparent conflict between MCE plugin and MCE use of blaster?
  62. leadtek TV2000 Expert (any one with example input file)
  63. Amateur and nonspeak english
  64. Ahhh I tried everything
  65. DVDSpy Suggestion / Request
  66. How to get wMsg ? SendMessage (hwnd, wMsg, wParam, lParam)
  67. Mouse plugin question.....
  68. download broken :(
  69. Parallel Plugin
  70. Pioneer cd-sr77 and pinnacle serial receiver IR
  71. Plugin PixelView PlayTV MPEG2 (PV-M4800/M4900)
  72. Lose Girder from system tray
  73. My plugin doesn't work
  74. Read out and manipulate control tree for SAPI Plugin
  75. eventstring vs payload
  76. MCE IR Plugin and Beyond TV
  77. Suddenly No-Repeat
  78. sudden reboot after loading the "SAA-713x" plugin
  79. gir_event problems
  80. Girder with Hauppauge plug in CRASH :s
  81. Sony 777 ES G3 plugin
  82. girder
  83. how do I get a plugin id for my plugin?
  84. MCE Devcon Restart only works with IR button press
  85. win.IsWindowVisible() bug report
  86. Wait for a script/program to finish?
  87. problem with prolink playtv pro bt878P+ (REV.9D)
  88. HidePopup author
  89. Scythe LCD Master and LCD Master Plugin help please...
  90. Plugin for Saa7135 USB
  91. AverMedia GO 007 plugin
  92. Unable to inicialize USB DLL libary! What can I do about it?
  93. Error Windows control lua help?
  94. Wanted: Coder to capture/parse web page data - will pay $
  95. I need plug in for Expert TV PVR
  96. problem
  97. Extron Plugin
  98. TV@nywhere sensor + other remote?
  99. MCE Remote Plugin Strange behavior....
  100. VisionPlus TV card (twinhan vp-1020a) usbdll plugin?
  101. VisionPlus TV card (twinhan vp-1020a) usbdll plugin?
  102. Displaced input string in the Generic Serial plug in
  103. help
  104. not work
  105. Debugging plugins
  106. btwincap plugin?
  107. 2 Mark Fiechtner PopupOSD flicked
  108. Trigger Girder Events with VisualBasic 5/6
  109. Girder Ocelot Plugin Enhancement Request
  110. FYI: NvInfo plugin for Girder 3.3 on sourceforge-
  111. Help needed writing Girder plugin!...
  112. Ginder DM2 Plug-in request---*Mixman dj dm2* PLEASE LOOK***
  113. plugin for mv2player
  114. plugin for buzztime remote
  115. Anyone working on a voice command plugin for Girder 4?
  116. Lifeview Flydvb trio
  117. BenQ joybook remote controller
  118. MceIrRec / MCEPlugIn problem
  119. Girder 3.x vs 4.x plugin differences
  120. Bluetooth/cellphone Plugin
  121. Any Labview users here?
  122. i need plugins for Pinnacle pctv pro of Girder 4.0
  123. Mouse Plugin
  124. Snapshot Button - Logitech Camera
  125. Audigy2nx error on initialisation.
  126. Need help writting plugin!!
  127. girder osd
  128. girder osd Text class bug
  129. very odd- girder 4 will not launch, any help?
  130. how to use keyboard action
  131. Ocelot PLugin Update to V4 - Help?
  132. I need IBM Notebook IR plugin
  133. Initializing ComboBox controls using DUI API
  134. Girder trial, Firefly remote and Modifiers
  135. Onkyo AV receiver rs232 control for G4
  136. Adding an EditComboBox in Form Designer produces exception
  137. Marantz SR-8500 and Samsung HL-R7178W serial plugins
  138. Sony VPH-12XX projector serial protocol
  139. Leadtek Winfast TV 2000 XP Deluxe
  140. Best way to report errors in forms.
  141. Use of OK, Apply and Cancel in plugin settings
  142. IR Device Manager
  143. Retreive Internet content
  144. Arcam AVP700 serial control question
  145. Plugin for the glidepoint touch pad
  146. Best option for single bit input ???
  147. Draft for LUA Expression Conditional Plugin
  148. Change the Logger icons?
  149. date calculation bug (or me?:-)
  150. I think I'm breaking voice plugin output
  151. Should I copy action/event args in gir_xxx critical section
  152. Pinnacle PCTV Stereo HELP!!!
  153. Home Automation using Girder / Net Remote and C-Bus
  154. simple "Round" function
  155. Newest Girder beta - a few issues
  156. String passed to GirderError
  157. Error numbering conventions?
  158. How To: Access serial device once it is defined?
  159. How to bring uploaded file into download section?
  160. AverTv Studio 303
  161. Flushing the queue on a serial driver
  162. Speech Recognition Plugin v1.0 beta release
  163. Creating a C-Bus Plugin
  164. lost in the G4 OSD jungle
  165. G4 OSD Bug
  166. Home Control Assistant plugin
  167. Ocelot Plugin Beta Release
  168. Cannot open COM1 while x10nets.exe running
  169. Girder serial plugin for B&K CT600
  170. Reporting some errors after installing 4.0.6
  171. 4.0.7 startup bug
  172. Event in the COM-Interface?
  173. variable conditional string bug
  174. Problem with Scheduler LUA Library
  175. Checksum and Denon 3910
  176. Simple Ocelot Device Manager
  177. Best version of VC++?
  178. MSI VOX USB2.0 TV-Box plugin v1.0
  179. girder 3.3 plugin sdk?
  180. WMI and Unread mail LUA scripts
  181. using Eclipse and GCC compiler to develop plugin? - compiler error...
  182. Bug report
  183. Making GML For PowerCinema.
  184. Leadtek Winfast TV2000xp EXPERT plugin for G4
  185. Microsoft eHome : compatible with consumer IR?
  186. Girder 4.0 Plugin HELP
  187. png stuff missing in gd library
  188. Integrated InfraRed Receiver (notebook)
  189. d.i.y. x10 universal module
  190. PCTV USB and event mapping problem
  191. how to write this coding
  192. is anybody interested!!
  193. Mouse Plugin V4.2
  194. Source of Generic bt8x8 driver
  195. IR reciever device connected to PS/2, plugin?
  196. hush pc vfd display serial plugin
  197. Buy lrg sidekick 3 Nokia n99 Dwade sidekick3 Canon Digital Rebel XTi 10.1MP Digital
  198. Event Mapping
  199. how does ir plugin work?
  200. MOD X64 Driver for IgorUSB Release
  201. code to get Lyrics from lyricswiki
  202. through glass touch button
  203. girder controlled door opener
  204. ActiveX won't work unless Girder started first
  205. How to get map->eventstring to variable ?
  206. Simple Question about Lua
  207. Get States from MCE to trigger action
  208. Girder 5 pro for Test IPTV
  209. AverTV A16D Hybrid TV Tuner
  210. DVBViewer plugin problems
  211. Camtasia Studio 3.1 for free, Desktop recording software
  212. DMX lighting controlled via Girder using lanbox
  213. girder based ftp server for use with ip camera motion detector
  214. Template for creating plugins using treescript & lua
  215. Girder Backup - Girder 5 Plug-In
  216. Wake On LAN
  217. minor glitch in SunRiseSet.lua + copyright question
  218. comserver.h
  219. girder API
  220. using cm11 commands from web interface
  221. States in Girder
  222. example lua code to convert string to/from utf8 in girder
  223. example code to submit track to last.fm
  224. VB lua comparison
  225. Webserver - weird behaviour
  226. Overriding SaveSettings
  227. CW memory leak
  228. Device Manager Device Retype
  229. Device Manager Events
  230. Databases Queries and NR
  231. Debugging Plugin with Delphi 2007
  232. Help with Stock retrieval?
  233. Elk Plug-In Enhancements
  234. toshiba qosmio f50-111
  235. Girder 5 ComponentManager and Plugin interaction
  236. Elk Plug-In Release
  237. DUI Designer Color Picker
  238. 3rd Party Contributed Code Licensing
  239. 1-Wire Device Wrapper
  240. where to begin with a hardware plugin?
  241. I get 'Clock' Error message from Girder 5???? Why
  242. Girder plugin development and API Manual
  243. Help with a bit of Lua code
  244. Help with a bit of Lua code
  245. Plugin does not start
  246. Regarding the problem of plugin thatdo not start
  247. Serial device development; getting 'self' in a callback
  248. load order; serial plugin vs treescript plugin
  249. device manager documentation/samples