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  1. Lock Workstation ( CTRL-ALT-DELETE)
  2. Smart Play in Winamp
  3. How use one button for Next track and forward
  4. Link to OSD Builder program.
  5. Hide that ugly DOS window that flashes up when running a cmd
  6. Work around for BT8X8 TV Card Remote Support
  7. Weather
  8. Voice recognition and Girder.
  9. Sharing My overall Girder configuration
  10. TCP/IP howto
  11. Numerical Volume OSD
  12. Front end interface for HTPC
  13. Winamp playlist OSD menu
  14. PowerStrip
  15. Get winamp's currently playing title
  16. Get Igors Plugin to work after Wakup from Standby-Mode (W98)
  17. Trick (Workaround) to use Hauppauge WinTV remote with Girder
  18. Example of Capturing a window event - toggle Screen Saver
  19. Read this message before posting in this forum.
  20. PCTV Pro (41-key remote) solution!
  21. Scrolling Message on a LCD
  22. MilkDrop Numeric Song Selector (HTPC people check this out)
  23. New Simple MAPI plugin
  24. Create a loop.
  25. One For All Remotes
  26. Sbox menu system....
  27. Alternative keys on your remote
  28. Setting up Girder for Media Jukebox v7
  29. NEC LT150 Support
  30. Advantages to a dual boot system....
  31. Can I make targeted OSD popup?
  32. Load CD solution
  33. 2 Quick Solutions.........
  34. Supplying agruments when executing a program
  35. Change Resolution
  36. PB Fast Media - Multiple Controls
  37. Toggle mute button with register
  38. WinXP and Girder, Windows are too small
  39. Whoaaa this is complicated where do I start
  40. Can we publish directly?
  41. Will my onboard (motherboard) IR module work with Girder ? A
  42. What language to use when sending Ron email an you expect an
  43. DVD and LCD controll
  44. PowerDVD & DVDSpy scripts
  45. shutdown in windows XP - resolved :) :)
  46. How to create a nice menu with HTMLosd
  47. Expand your remote with a "shift" button
  48. Girder 3.2 or Girder 3.0 ATI AIW MMC (TV Version 7.1)
  49. Smooth mouse emulation using girder (including acceleration)
  50. MultiShift in two different flavors
  51. X10 Girder Control
  52. An example using lots of LUA, DVDspy and LCD
  53. simple girder example with tvtool,winlirc,seti,some players
  54. Minimize all through commands...
  55. CD Eject and OSD
  56. MM Keyboards
  57. Windows Media Player 9.0 Window messages
  58. Sharing a Serial Port
  59. How to learn UP event
  60. Show/Hide Logger plugin window
  61. Creative CIMR100 Working remote
  62. Girder is great for games...
  63. Winamp 3 controls
  64. Controlling Girder via e-mail
  66. TriggerEvent is asyncronous, queuing for later triggering...
  67. Winamp 2.95b Media Libary Window Message
  68. WinTV and Girder. I can't take it anymore...
  69. Girder layout file for ATI remote wonder and musicmatch
  70. Successfully Using the KeyboardEx Plugin
  71. About "EXECUTE" command in OS tab.
  72. Infrared help, plasma help, and infrared distribution help
  73. Windows Media Player Command Codes
  74. Sony TA-E9000ES Slink-e CDE file
  75. Creative Remote Shift
  76. Access to Windows Media Player 9's playlists
  77. How to make Girder and BSPlayer work
  78. Protected Calls in LUA - an example of error handling
  79. Yet Another Sleep Timer (YAST)
  80. Netremote + Girder + SageTV FAQ
  81. XP focus problem workaround
  82. Make an OSD from the Playlists in Winamp 5.0 and play it! v2
  83. Combobox Handling
  84. Pinnacle PCTV - Working 100%
  85. tip for Extracting Track info from WMP
  86. Manipulating Checkboxes from Girder
  87. Putting an end to AlphaNumric Input requests ...
  88. Detect a long button press
  89. PLaying a wave file from lua
  90. Speech Plugin Tips and Tricks (thread, perhaps?)