View Full Version : HELP A NEWBIE :) : UIRT2 + Girder + Media Portal

March 25th, 2005, 06:39 PM
I really, really need some help here. I have been driving myself
crazy. I am new to Girder, UIRT2, and MediaPortal... so PLEASE be
patient if I ask any stupid questions...

My setup
-- JP1 remote, programmed w/ MCE remote codes
-- UIRT2 HW built by me
-- Girder v3.3.7
-- Media Portal (v0.0.0.10)

Okay, I have Girder setup, w/ targeting to "MediaPortal-Home". Event
setup for navigation, etc. Now I learn my IR code, but I see not action
when I press the appropriate up/down/... button on my remote. When
I run "Test Comman" in Girder it seems to move the selection up/down.
But this would not work in say, "My TV", etc.

-- When I press "learn event" followed by the remote key, would the code
be 100% same everytime I repeat this learning?
-- Do you think there is something wrong w/ UIRT2? that the command
is not received? But the code seems to be learnt.
-- Now for MediaPortal... Do I need to target the command for every
window of MP? That sounds crazy
-- Now this is just the starters. How do I set up my girder etc, to
transmit code to switch my satellite box?

Thanx. I REALLY would like some help here. I have also attached my .gml file
for your reference.


May 18th, 2005, 07:03 PM
Using the same stuff you do, except for an usbuirt instead of the serial one. It does seem like there's some sort of hardware problem. Just keep MP closed and if you don't see any response in girder (command line should get highlighted when pressing the corresponding remote button) something's wrong.

If you get the hardware working: as long as MP has focus it will continue working. Is there any special reason to use Girder though? I thought you could use MP's plugins?