View Full Version : WiFi Range. How is yours and What do you use?

April 25th, 2005, 02:56 PM
Hi All.

Thought this may be a good place to get an idea.

I am have thoughts about wifi range, and signal quality.

What do you use?
What is the signal quality and strength like?
Do any of you use an additional or special antenna?

Any tips?


April 25th, 2005, 04:27 PM
Qtek 9090, D-Link 624 with external omnidirectional antenna: Around 30 meters, at the best. The Qtek (same as the O2 XDA IIs) has lousy reception.

April 25th, 2005, 05:08 PM
I have seen those antenna, so it looks like they are not that good.

Perhaps a directional antenna would be better

April 26th, 2005, 02:11 AM
Well, the same type of antenna connects three neigbours to my WLAN, one of them around 100 meters away, another one through a fourth neigbour's garage and house. And with my old Ipaq 5450 I had a much better range, so I think it's the Qtek...

And a directional antenna isn't any good since I move 360 degrees around my house when I'm outside.

April 26th, 2005, 08:57 PM
I've got a Microsoft MN-700 access point and internal 802.11b on my Toshiba laptop. My apartment is on the second floor, and the range goes from the ground floor to just above the 3rd floor no problem, anything further and you arnt getting adequate signal. Its not bad considering in my building, all floors and most walls are made of thick cement. My iPaq 6315 also has internal WiFi which seems to outrange my laptop by just a bit. My girlfriend uses the MN-720 PCMCIA adapter and her range is a little worse than my laptop.

I've also used this same setup in a two storey house, one storey was basement, and the range covered the entire house, backyard, and out front to my truck with ease, but I never tested it further than that.