View Full Version : Address Only codes for CM11A

May 31st, 2005, 10:19 PM
I had asked this question in the general forum and after looking around a bit I discovered that this question has been raised several times in the past. Has anyone developed a plug-in for the X10 CM11A which will allow Address only (no command) codes to be transmitted, allowing simultaneous module activity? Basically you send several address only codes to the modules, then you send a command (On, Off, or Dim XX, etc.) and all of the beckoned modules respond to the command simultaneously. One clever guy was using Girder to execute the CM11A command line interface to accomplish this, and this works for me as well, but you have to temporarily disable the CM11a plug-in, then run the CM11A command line (X10COM32.EXE) which is very slow, wait for X10COM32.EXE to finish, close it, then wait a bit to make sure it's really gone, then re-enable the Girder CM11A plug-in. What a pain in the ASS.

It would be really nice if someone would implement this highly desirable feature of the CM11A interface. If the code to the plug-in is available I'd even be willing to give it a stab, I've never written a plugin for Girder, but I am quite familiar with Borland's Delphi programming environment, and if I had the functioning code, I don't believe it would be that difficult to get this going.

I don't know who specifically to contact, not even sure if the original author is still a Girder guru.

By the way, I've tried the new version of Girder (Version 4.0 which looks promising), but the CM11A plugin still does not exploit this capability of the interface. I have everything else that I need already implemented in 3.39, and it will be a significant effort to convert it to Version 4.0. The base of gml's and plug-ins simply aren't available yet in 4.0. Based on the direction that 4.0 is taking, and how good it is looking, I will eventually switch, but just not yet.