View Full Version : Ahhh I tried everything

June 10th, 2005, 12:13 AM
Ok i just got my Irman and im trying to configure it with Girder 3.3.4. Well When i go to settings and plugins i click IRMAN and then its set on Com1. Says Plugin is loaded in Memory but Hardware Initialisation failed. SO i read a couple threds on the forum. I 1st disabled Irserver (worked with irserver) then i uninstalled Irserver. Even disabled my modem to see if there were any conflicts. Changed the baud rate to 38,000. Restarted the computer and all that. But when i connected the IRMAn to the comp and booted up it didnt ask to install any hardware (is it supposed to). I have tried everything. Im just thinking if its a conflict with devices. Can someone please help me out...