View Full Version : can receive RAW codes, but not UIR - help needed

July 10th, 2005, 02:40 PM

Using the UIRT-test program I discovered that for some reason I cannot receive UIR codes, but when changing to RAW mode it receives them just fine. This rules out communication problems over the serial line, or IR detection problems. It must be a bug in the firmware (I'm using v1.8 - 4Mhz).

I've tested with another remote control unit, and it works in both RAW and UIR modes. Could it be a timing problem? I've posted some RAW codes for both the non-working, and the working remote below. Please fix :)

Now, please don't ask me to just use the remote that works - it doesn't have the features I need, and I am used to the one that doesn't work. The reason I'm trying this UIRT2 is because it has the WOL function, which my current setup does not have.

RAW code _not_ working with UIR:

84 81 24 81 15 1E 15 0D 25 2F 14 1F 14 0E 14 0E 25 FF

RAW code working with UIR:

D8 94 15 0E 28 0E 16 0F 15 0F 15 0F 15 10 15 10 15 10 14 22 14 10 14 10 14 10 14 FF