View Full Version : uirt2 - everything works except WOL

July 11th, 2005, 10:47 AM
I have built a UIRT2 following the instructions at www.fukushima.us/UIRT2/. It programs OK, and is able to learn commands within Girder, but I cannot get the WOL function to work when I try to configure the PIC within girder (UIRT Driver->Settings->PicConfig...). That is, when the computer is off, pressing te button on the remote does not pulse the WOL pin. However, when I use girder to directly trigger RB2 (UIRT Driver->Settings->Action:Modify Pic Port Pin), the WOL pulses just fine.

Also, when I use the test program, SetGPIOCfg returns 21 <OK Command>, but then the GteGPIOCfg returns FF,FF,FF,FF,FF,FF,FF,FF,08 no matter what values I try to set.

I don't think it is related, but because I do not intend on transmitting any IR codes from the UIRT2, I have omitted the darlington array (UNL2003A) and have simply left these pins floating on the PIC

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.