View Full Version : WinDVD and exported files Question.

October 13th, 2002, 04:55 PM
Don't worry about the newbie question that why the forum is here.

Yes the only thing you should have to do is teach the event-strings ( the keys that you press on the remote )

And version 2.3 might work with the 2.1 export, if not, you could try to update it and share with us. If you can't get it to work then by all means ask here :)

October 13th, 2002, 04:55 PM
Hello I am very excited about stumbling on to this program. I just ordered my Irman tonight and I should have it by Thursday. Here is my question. I am wanting to run WinDVD with the Girder and Irman, I saw on this website that it offers exported file from WinDVD, does this mean all i have to do is download this export file and use it with my Girder program and somebody has did all of the hard work for me? All I have to do then is teach it the IR codes right? Wow this sounds like such a great program. Also does it matter that I have WinDVD 2.3 and not 2.1 and will it make much of a difference? Thank you very much.
Sorry for all of the newbie questions.

Kevin C.